Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on entry-level signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    -Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their contract, unless they turn 19 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    -Players aged 18 or 19 are considered to have completed a year of professional experience when they have played 10 or more NHL games in that season. Players aged 20 or older have completed a year of professional experience when they have played 10 games in a professional league, while under an SPC.

2018 Restricted Free Agents (369)

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Aaltonen, MiroToronto Maple Leafs-2410
Agostino, KennyBoston Bruins-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Alt, MarkPhiladelphia Flyers-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Anas, SamMinnesota Wild-2321
Antipin, VictorBuffalo Sabres-2410
Appleby, KenNew Jersey Devils-2042
Armia, JoelWinnipeg Jets-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Auger, JustinLos Angeles Kings-2043
Baertschi, SvenVancouver Canucks-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Bailey, JustinBuffalo Sabres-1942
Balisy, ChaseFlorida Panthers-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Baptiste, NicholasBuffalo Sabres-1942
Barber, RileyWashington Capitals-2132
Baun, KyleMontreal Canadiens-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Bengtsson, LukasPittsburgh Penguins-2221
Bennett, BeauSt. Louis Blues-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Benning, MatthewEdmonton Oilers-2221
Bertschy, ChristophMinnesota Wild-2132
Bertuzzi, TylerDetroit Red Wings-1942
Betker, BenEdmonton Oilers-2042
Bibeau, AntoineSan Jose Sharks-2043
Bigras, ChrisColorado Avalanche-1842
Binnington, JordanSt. Louis Blues-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Bjorkstrand, OliverColumbus Blue Jackets-1842
Blidh, AntonBoston Bruins-2042
Blueger, TeddyPittsburgh Penguins-2221
Boucher, ReidVancouver Canucks-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Bournival, MichaelTampa Bay Lightning-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Bowey, MadisonWashington Capitals-1942
Boyd, TravisWashington Capitals-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Boyle, KevinAnaheim Ducks-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Brickley, ConnorFlorida Panthers-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Broadhurst, AlexColumbus Blue Jackets-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Brossoit, LaurentEdmonton Oilers-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Brown, PatrickCarolina Hurricanes-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Brown, JoshuaFlorida Panthers-2132
Bunting, MichaelArizona Coyotes-2042
Burmistrov, AlexanderVancouver Canucks-184Required years completed in 2013-14
Burroughs, KyleNew York Islanders-2042
Byström, LudwigDallas Stars-1843
Caggiula, DrakeEdmonton Oilers-2221
Campbell, JackLos Angeles Kings-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Carlson, AdamWashington Capitals-2221
Carr, DanielMontreal Canadiens-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Carrick, TrevorCarolina Hurricanes-1943
Carrick, ConnorToronto Maple Leafs-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Carrier, WilliamVegas Golden Knights-1842
Carroll, AustinCalgary Flames-2132
Cassels, ColeVancouver Canucks-1842
Casto, ChrisVegas Golden Knights-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Catenacci, DanielNew York Rangers-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Cave, ColbyBoston Bruins-2042
Ceci, CodyOttawa Senators-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Cederholm, AntonVancouver Canucks-1941
Chapie, AdamNew York Rangers-1Required years completed in 2016-17
Chaput, MichaelVancouver Canucks-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Chase, GregoryEdmonton Oilers-1942
Christoffer, BradenEdmonton Oilers-2132
Claesson, FredrikOttawa Senators-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Clendening, AdamArizona Coyotes-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Coleman, BlakeNew Jersey Devils-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Comrie, EricWinnipeg Jets-1842
Coreau, JaredDetroit Red Wings-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Corrado, FrankPittsburgh Penguins-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Crescenzi, AndrewLos Angeles Kings-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Czarnik, AustinBoston Bruins-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Dahlbeck, KlasCarolina Hurricanes-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Danault, PhillipMontreal Canadiens-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Dano, MarkoWinnipeg Jets-2043
Dansk, OscarVegas Golden Knights-2043
Dauphin, LaurentChicago Blackhawks-1942
Davidson, BrandonMontreal Canadiens-213Required years completed in 2015-16
De La Rose, JacobMontreal Canadiens-1943
De Leo, ChaseWinnipeg Jets-2042
Dea, Jean-SebastienPittsburgh Penguins-1943
DeMelo, DylanSan Jose Sharks-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Desrosiers, PhilippeDallas Stars-1942
Di Giuseppe, PhillipCarolina Hurricanes-2043
Dickinson, JasonDallas Stars-1942
DiPauli, ThomasPittsburgh Penguins-2221
Domi, MaxArizona Coyotes-1842
Domingue, LouisArizona Coyotes-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Downing, GraysonEdmonton Oilers-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Driedger, ChrisOttawa Senators-2043
Duclair, AnthonyArizona Coyotes-1943
Dumba, MattMinnesota Wild-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Dunn, VincentOttawa Senators-1942
Edmundson, JoelSt. Louis Blues-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Ehlers, NikolajWinnipeg JetsOct 4, 20171842
Eichel, JackBuffalo SabresOct 3, 20171842
Eisenschmid, MarkusMontreal Canadiens-2221
Elie, RemiDallas Stars-1942
Ellis, NickEdmonton Oilers-2221
Elson, TurnerDetroit Red Wings-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Erne, AdamTampa Bay Lightning-1942
Etem, EmersonArizona Coyotes-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Fabbri, RobbySt. Louis Blues-1842
Fantenberg, OscarLos Angeles Kings-2510
Fasching, HudsonBuffalo Sabres-2131
Ferlin, BrianEdmonton Oilers-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Fogarty, StevenNew York Rangers-2321
Forbort, DerekLos Angeles KingsOct 19, 2017213Required years completed in 2015-16
Frk, MartinDetroit Red Wings-1843
Fucale, ZacharyMontreal Canadiens-1842
Gabriel, KurtisMinnesota Wild-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Gallant, AlexTampa Bay Lightning-2410
Ganly, TylerCarolina Hurricanes-2042
Gaudet, TylerArizona Coyotes-2043
Gauthier, FrederikToronto Maple Leafs-1842
Geertsen, MasonColorado Avalanche-2042
Gibson, ChristopherNew York Islanders-2043
Gillies, JonCalgary Flames-2131
Gilmour, AdamMinnesota Wild-2221
Gilmour, JohnNew York Rangers-2321
Girard, FélixColorado Avalanche-2043
Goulbourne, TyrellPhiladelphia Flyers-2132
Graham, JesseColorado Avalanche-2043
Granberg, PetterNashville Predators-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Granlund, MarkusVancouver Canucks-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Graovac, TylerWashington Capitals-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Gravel, KevinLos Angeles Kings-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Graves, RyanNew York Rangers-1942
Grégoire, JeremyMontreal Canadiens-1942
Grenier, AlexandreFlorida Panthers-222Required years completed in 2014-15
Griffith, SethBuffalo Sabres-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Grimaldi, RoccoColorado Avalanche-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Grubauer, PhilippWashington Capitals-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Grzelcyk, MattBoston Bruins-2221
Gudlevskis, KristersNew York Islanders-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Gustafsson, ErikChicago Blackhawks-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Hagg, RobertPhiladelphia Flyers-1942
Hamilton, FreddieCalgary Flames-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Hanifin, NoahCarolina Hurricanes-1842
Harpur, BenOttawa Senators-1942
Hartman, RyanChicago Blackhawks-1842
Hathaway, GarnetCalgary Flames-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Hayden, JohnChicago Blackhawks-2221
Hayes, KevinNew York Rangers-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Heatherington, DillonDallas Stars-2042
Hellebuyck, ConnorWinnipeg Jets-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Hertl, TomasSan Jose Sharks-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Hickman, JustinBoston Bruins-2132
Hinostroza, VinnieChicago Blackhawks-2132
Holl, JustinToronto Maple Leafs-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Holm, PhilipVancouver Canucks-2510
Hrivík, MarekCalgary Flames-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Hultström, LinusFlorida Panthers-2321
Hyka, TomasVegas Golden Knights-2410
Jankowski, MarkCalgary Flames-2221
Janmark, MattiasDallas Stars-2221
Jarry, TristanPittsburgh Penguins-1842
Jaskin, DmitrijSt. Louis Blues-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Jenner, BooneColumbus Blue Jackets-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Johns, StephenDallas Stars-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Johnsson, AndreasToronto Maple Leafs-2042
Johnston, RossNew York Islanders-2132
Jurco, TomasChicago Blackhawks-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Kanzig, KeeganCarolina Hurricanes-1841
Kapla, MichaelNew Jersey Devils-2220
Karlsson, WilliamVegas Golden Knights-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Kasdorf, JasonBuffalo Sabres-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Kase, OndrejAnaheim Ducks-2042
Kaskisuo, KasimirToronto Maple Leafs-2221
Kerdiles, NicolasAnaheim Ducks-2043
Kichton, BrendenCarolina Hurricanes-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Klimchuk, MorganCalgary Flames-1842
Koekkoek, SlaterTampa Bay Lightning-1943
Kossila, KalleAnaheim Ducks-2321
Kostalek, JanWinnipeg Jets-2042
Kuhnhackl, TomPittsburgh Penguins-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Kujawinski, RyanNew Jersey Devils-2042
Kukan, DeanColumbus Blue Jackets-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Kulak, BrettCalgary Flames-2043
Kuraly, SeanBoston Bruins-2321
Labate, JosephVancouver Canucks-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Labbé, DylanMinnesota Wild-2042
LaDue, PaulLos Angeles Kings-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Lagace, MaximeVegas Golden Knights-1943
LaLeggia, JoeyEdmonton Oilers-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Langhamer, MarekArizona Coyotes-2042
Lappin, NickNew Jersey Devils-2321
Larkin, DylanDetroit Red Wings-1942
Lehner, RobinBuffalo Sabres-194Required years completed in 2014-15
Leier, TaylorPhiladelphia Flyers-1943
Leivo, JoshToronto Maple Leafs-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Leslie, ZacharyLos Angeles Kings-2042
Lewington, TylerWashington Capitals-2042
Lindberg, TobiasVegas Golden Knights-2042
Lindbohm, PetteriSt. Louis Blues-2043
Lindgren, CharlieMontreal Canadiens-2221
Lindholm, EliasCarolina Hurricanes-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Lintuniemi, AlexLos Angeles Kings-2042
Lipon, JCWinnipeg Jets-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Lodge, JamesWinnipeg Jets-2042
Loov, ViktorNew Jersey Devils-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Lowe, KeeganEdmonton Oilers-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Lowry, AdamWinnipeg Jets-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Lucia, MarioMinnesota Wild-2321
Lyon, AlexPhiladelphia Flyers-2321
MacDermid, KurtisLos Angeles Kings-1842
MacEachern, MackenzieSt. Louis Blues-2221
Machovsky, MatejDetroit Red Wings-2410
Maguire, SeanPittsburgh Penguins-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Malone, SeanBuffalo Sabres-2220
Manson, JoshAnaheim DucksOct 4, 2017222Required years completed in 2015-16
Mantha, AnthonyDetroit Red Wings-1842
Marincin, MartinToronto Maple Leafs-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Martel, DanickPhiladelphia Flyers-2042
Martin, SpencerColorado Avalanche-1942
Matheson, MichaelFlorida PanthersOct 7, 20172132
Matteau, StefanVegas Golden Knights-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Mayfield, ScottNew York Islanders-204Required years completed in 2016-17
McCann, JaredFlorida Panthers-1842
McCarron, MichaelMontreal Canadiens-1842
McDavid, ConnorEdmonton OilersJul 5, 20171842
McGauley, TimWashington Capitals-2041
McKegg, GregPittsburgh Penguins-194Required years completed in 2015-16
McNeill, MarkDallas Stars-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Melchiori, JulianWinnipeg Jets-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Mermis, DakotaArizona Coyotes-2132
Merrill, JonVegas Golden Knights-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Mersch, MichaelLos Angeles Kings-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Michalek, SteveMinnesota Wild-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Miller, ColinVegas Golden Knights-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Miller, J.T.New York Rangers-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Mitchell, ZackMinnesota Wild-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Molino, GriffenVancouver Canucks-2320
Montour, BrandonAnaheim Ducks-2132
Morin, SamuelPhiladelphia Flyers-1842
Morrissey, JoshuaWinnipeg Jets-1842
Morrow, JoeMontreal Canadiens-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Moutrey, NickColumbus Blue Jackets-2042
Mrázek, PetrDetroit Red Wings-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Murphy, RyanMinnesota Wild-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Murphy, TrevorNashville Predators-2042
Murray, RyanColumbus Blue Jackets-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Namestnikov, VladislavTampa Bay Lightning-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Nastasiuk, ZachDetroit Red Wings-1842
Nelson, CaseyBuffalo Sabres-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Nelson, BrockNew York Islanders-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Nemeth, PatrikColorado Avalanche-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Nieto, MattColorado Avalanche-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Nieves, CristovalNew York Rangers-2221
Noesen, StefanNew Jersey Devils-1843
Nordström, JoakimCarolina Hurricanes-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Nosek, TomasVegas Golden Knights-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Nurse, DarnellEdmonton Oilers-1842
Nutivaara, MarkusColumbus Blue Jackets-2221
Nylander, WilliamToronto Maple Leafs-1842
O'Brien, AndrewNashville Predators-204Required years completed in 2016-17
O'Brien, LiamWashington Capitals-2043
O'Connor, MattNashville Predators-232Required years completed in 2016-17
O'Gara, RobBoston Bruins-2321
O'Regan, DannySan Jose Sharks-2221
Oleksiak, JamieDallas Stars-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Pakarinen, IiroEdmonton Oilers-232Required years completed in 2015-16
Paquette, CedricTampa Bay Lightning-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Parisi, TomMontreal Canadiens-2321
Paul, NicholasOttawa Senators-1942
Peca, MatthewTampa Bay Lightning-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Pedan, AndreyPittsburgh Penguins-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Pesce, BrettCarolina HurricanesAug 1, 20172042
Petan, NicolasWinnipeg Jets-1842
Petrovic, AlexFlorida Panthers-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Petryk, ReidColorado Avalanche-2321
Phillips, JamieWinnipeg Jets-2321
Pickard, CalvinToronto Maple Leafs-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Platzer, KyleEdmonton Oilers-2042
Poirier, EmileCalgary Flames-1842
Pokka, VilleChicago Blackhawks-2043
Poolman, TuckerWinnipeg Jets-2410
Poturalski, AndrewCarolina Hurricanes-2221
Pouliot, DerrickVancouver Canucks-1843
Pribyl, DanielCalgary Flames-2321
Prince, ShaneNew York Islanders-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Prow, EthanPittsburgh Penguins-2321
Puempel, MattNew York Rangers-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Pulkkinen, TeemuVegas Golden Knights-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Pulock, RyanNew York Islanders-1842
Quine, AlanNew York Islanders-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Rattie, TyEdmonton Oilers-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Rau, KyleMinnesota Wild-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Reinhart, MaxOttawa Senators-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Reinhart, SamBuffalo Sabres-1842
Renouf, DanielDetroit Red Wings-2221
Rieder, TobiasArizona Coyotes-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Ritchie, NickAnaheim Ducks-1842
Rittich, DavidCalgary Flames-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Robinson, BuddyWinnipeg Jets-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Rooney, KevinNew Jersey Devils-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Roy, KevinAnaheim Ducks-2321
Russell, PatrickEdmonton Oilers-2321
Rust, BryanPittsburgh Penguins-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Rychel, KerbyToronto Maple Leafs-1842
Sabourin, ScottAnaheim Ducks-213Required years completed in 2015-16
Salomaki, MiikkaNashville Predators-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Samuelsson, PhilipCarolina Hurricanes-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Santini, StevenNew Jersey Devils-2131
Saros, JuuseNashville Predators-2042
Sautner, AshtonVancouver Canucks-2132
Scarlett, ReeceFlorida Panthers-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Schempp, KyleNew York Islanders-2221
Schmaltz, JordanSt. Louis Blues-2132
Seeler, NickMinnesota Wild-2321
Selman, JustinSt. Louis Blues-2221
Sgarbossa, MichaelWinnipeg Jets-184Required years completed in 2015-16
Shaw, LoganAnaheim Ducks-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Sheahan, RileyDetroit Red Wings-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Shinkaruk, HunterCalgary Flames-1842
Shore, NickLos Angeles Kings-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Shore, DevinDallas Stars-2132
Sieloff, PatrickOttawa Senators-1943
Siemens, DuncanColorado Avalanche-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Simek, RadimSan Jose Sharks-2410
Simon, DominikPittsburgh Penguins-2132
Simpson, DillonEdmonton Oilers-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Skjei, BradyNew York Rangers-2132
Slavin, JaccobCarolina HurricanesJul 12, 20172132
Slepyshev, AntonEdmonton Oilers-2132
Smith, GemelDallas Stars-2043
Smith, C.J.Buffalo Sabres-2220
Smith, HunterCalgary Flames-2042
Smith-Pelly, DevanteWashington Capitals-184Required years completed in 2014-15
Soshnikov, NikitaToronto Maple Leafs-2132
Spooner, RyanBoston Bruins-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Sprong, DanielPittsburgh Penguins-1841
Sproul, RyanDetroit Red Wings-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Stecher, TroyVancouver Canucks-2221
Stewart, MacKenzeVancouver Canucks-2042
Stolarz, AnthonyPhiladelphia Flyers-1943
Stone, MarkOttawa Senators-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Strome, RyanEdmonton Oilers-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Stromwall, MalteNew York Rangers-2221
Subban, JordanVancouver Canucks-2042
Sundqvist, OskarSt. Louis Blues-2043
Tambellini, AdamNew York Rangers-2042
Tanev, BrandonWinnipeg Jets-241Required years completed in 2016-17
Theodore, SheaVegas Golden Knights-1842
Thomson, BenNew Jersey Devils-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Tierney, ChrisSan Jose Sharks-1943
Tinordi, JarredPittsburgh Penguins-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Toews, DevonNew York Islanders-2221
Tolchinsky, SergeyCarolina Hurricanes-1842
Trouba, JacobWinnipeg Jets-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Ully, ColeDallas Stars-1942
Valiev, RinatToronto Maple Leafs-1942
Valk, CurtisFlorida Panthers-2410
van Riemsdyk, TrevorCarolina Hurricanes-232Required years completed in 2015-16
Vannelli, ThomasSt. Louis Blues-1941
Vatrano, FrankBoston Bruins-2132
Vay, ÁdámMinnesota Wild-2221
Verhaeghe, CarterTampa Bay Lightning-1942
Vesey, JimmyNew York Rangers-2321
Virtanen, JakeVancouver Canucks-1842
Walcott, DanielTampa Bay Lightning-2132
Wallmark, LucasCarolina Hurricanes-2042
Wedgewood, ScottNew Jersey Devils-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Weegar, MacKenzieFlorida Panthers-2043
Welinski, AndyAnaheim Ducks-2321
Wilcox, ReecePhiladelphia Flyers-2221
Wilcox, AdamBuffalo Sabres-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Wilson, ScottPittsburgh Penguins-222Required years completed in 2015-16
Wilson, TomWashington Capitals-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Wittchow, EdwardFlorida Panthers-2410
Wood, MilesNew Jersey Devils-2131
Wotherspoon, TylerCalgary Flames-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Yakupov, NailColorado Avalanche-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Zucker, JasonMinnesota Wild-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Zykov, ValentinCarolina Hurricanes-1942