Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on entry-level signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    -Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their contract, unless they turn 19 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    -Players aged 18 or 19 are considered to have completed a year of professional experience when they have played 10 or more NHL games in that season. Players aged 20 or older have completed a year of professional experience when they have played 10 games in a professional league, while under an SPC.

2019 Restricted Free Agents (242)

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Aberg, PontusNashville Predators-2043
Aho, SebastianCarolina Hurricanes-1941
Amadio, MichaelLos Angeles Kings-2041
Andrighetto, SvenColorado Avalanche-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Archibald, JoshPittsburgh Penguins-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Aston-Reese, ZachPittsburgh Penguins-2320
Aube-Kubel, NicolasPhiladelphia Flyers-1841
Audette, DanielMontreal Canadiens-1941
Baddock, BrandonNew Jersey Devils-2131
Barbashev, IvanSt. Louis Blues-1841
Bardreau, ColePhiladelphia Flyers-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Bayreuther, GavinDallas Stars-2320
Beaulieu, NathanBuffalo Sabres-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Beauvillier, AnthonyNew York Islanders-1841
Bereglazov, AlexeiNew York Rangers-2320
Bergman, JuliusSan Jose Sharks-1841
Bischoff, JakeVegas Golden Knights-2320
Bishop, ClarkCarolina Hurricanes-2041
Blais, SamuelSt. Louis Blues-1941
Blandisi, JosephNew Jersey Devils-2132
Bleackley, ConnerSt. Louis Blues-2041
Boeser, BrockVancouver Canucks-2040
Boikov, SergeiColorado Avalanche-2041
Borgman, AndreasToronto Maple Leafs-2220
Bow, LandonDallas Stars-2220
Brodzinski, MichaelSan Jose Sharks-2131
Brodzinski, JonnyLos Angeles Kings-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Buchnevich, PavelNew York Rangers-2131
Burakovsky, AndreWashington Capitals-1843
Carcone, MichaelVancouver Canucks-2041
Carlo, BrandonBoston Bruins-1841
Cehlarik, PeterBoston Bruins-2131
Chychrun, JakobArizona Coyotes-1841
Compher, J.T.Colorado Avalanche-2131
Connor, KyleWinnipeg Jets-2041
Copp, AndrewWinnipeg Jets-2132
Cornel, EricBuffalo Sabres-2041
Cousins, NickArizona Coyotes-204Required years completed in 2015-16
Crouse, LawsonArizona Coyotes-1841
Dahlstrom, CarlChicago Blackhawks-2131
Dal Colle, MichaelNew York Islanders-1841
Deangelo, AnthonyNew York Rangers-1841
Delia, CollinChicago Blackhawks-2320
Demko, ThatcherVancouver Canucks-2041
DeSimone, NickSan Jose Sharks-2220
Djoos, ChristianWashington Capitals-2043
Donaghey, CodyOttawa Senators-1840
Dotchin, JakeTampa Bay Lightning-2043
Dougherty, JackNashville Predators-1941
Downing, MichaelFlorida Panthers-2131
Dvorak, ChristianArizona Coyotes-1941
Dyblenko, YaroslavNew Jersey Devils-2320
Ejdsell, VictorNashville Predators-2220
Englund, AndreasOttawa Senators-2041
Eriksson Ek, JoelMinnesota Wild-1841
Erkamps, MacoyOttawa Senators-2131
Fazleev, RadelPhiladelphia Flyers-1941
Fiala, KevinNashville Predators-1841
Fitzgerald, RyanBoston Bruins-2220
Fitzgerald, CavanSan Jose Sharks-1940
Fleury, HaydnCarolina Hurricanes-1841
Foo, SpencerCalgary Flames-2320
Forsbacka Karlsson, JakobBoston Bruins-2040
Forsberg, AntonChicago Blackhawks-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Forsling, GustavChicago Blackhawks-2041
Fritz, TannerNew York Islanders-10
Gagné, GabrielOttawa Senators-2041
Gambardella, JosephEdmonton Oilers-2320
Garland, ConorArizona Coyotes-1941
Gaunce, BrendanVancouver Canucks-1843
Gibson, JohnAnaheim Ducks-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Girgensons, ZemgusBuffalo Sabres-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Goldobin, NikolayVancouver Canucks-1841
Goodrow, BarclaySan Jose Sharks-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Graves, JacobColumbus Blue Jackets-2131
Greer, AJColorado Avalanche-2041
Guentzel, JakePittsburgh Penguins-2131
Gustafsson, HampusWashington Capitals-2320
Haapala, HenrikFlorida Panthers-2320
Halverson, BrandonNew York Rangers-1941
Hannikainen, MarkusColumbus Blue Jackets-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Hansson, NiklasDallas Stars-2131
Harrington, ScottColumbus Blue Jackets-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Hawryluk, JayceFlorida Panthers-2041
Healey, JoshCalgary Flames-2320
Heinen, DantonBoston Bruins-2131
Helewka, AdamSan Jose Sharks-2131
Hicketts, JoeDetroit Red Wings-1841
Hill, AdinArizona Coyotes-2041
Ho-Sang, JoshuaNew York Islanders-1841
Hogberg, MarcusOttawa Senators-2220
Holmström, AxelDetroit Red Wings-1941
Honka, JuliusDallas Stars-1841
Hudon, CharlesMontreal Canadiens-1943
Hults, MitchAnaheim Ducks-2220
Hunt, DrydenFlorida Panthers-2041
Husso, VilleSt. Louis Blues-2131
Hutton, BenVancouver Canucks-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Iacopelli, MathesonChicago Blackhawks-2320
Iafallo, AlexLos Angeles Kings-2320
Jacobs, JoshNew Jersey Devils-2041
Jenys, PavelMinnesota Wild-1941
Johnson, AdamPittsburgh Penguins-2320
Johnson, LukeChicago Blackhawks-2131
Kamenev, VladislavNashville Predators-1941
Kampf, DavidChicago Blackhawks-2220
Kapanen, KasperiToronto Maple Leafs-1841
Karabacek, VaclavBuffalo Sabres-2041
Kempe, AdrianLos Angeles Kings-1941
Kero, TannerChicago Blackhawks-232Required years completed in 2016-17
Khaira, JujharEdmonton Oilers-1943
Kirkland, JustinNashville Predators-2041
Kloos, JustinMinnesota Wild-2320
Konecny, TravisPhiladelphia Flyers-1841
Korpisalo, JoonasColumbus Blue Jackets-2043
Kovacs, RobinNew York Rangers-2041
Kucherov, NikitaTampa Bay Lightning-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Labanc, KevinSan Jose Sharks-2041
Laine, PatrikWinnipeg Jets-1841
Lammikko, JuhoFlorida Panthers-2041
Lang, ChaseMinnesota Wild-2041
Laplante, Yan-PavelVancouver Canucks-2131
Larsson, JohanBuffalo Sabres-194Required years completed in 2015-16
Laughton, ScottPhiladelphia Flyers-1843
Lazar, CurtisCalgary Flames-1843
Lehkonen, ArtturiMontreal Canadiens-2131
Leipsic, BrendanVegas Golden Knights-1943
Lemieux, BrendanWinnipeg Jets-1941
Lernout, BrettMontreal Canadiens-1841
Lettieri, VinniNew York Rangers-2220
Lindell, EsaDallas Stars-2043
Lindholm, AntonColorado Avalanche-2131
Lomberg, RyanCalgary Flames-2320
Louis, AnthonyChicago Blackhawks-2220
Lyytinen, JoonasNashville Predators-2220
MacInnis, RyanArizona Coyotes-1941
Maletta, JordanColumbus Blue Jackets-2131
Malgin, DenisFlorida Panthers-1941
Mamin, MaximFlorida Panthers-2220
Mangiapane, AndrewCalgary Flames-2041
Marner, MitchellToronto Maple Leafs-1841
Martenet, ChrisDallas Stars-2040
Martin, JonathonSan Jose Sharks-2131
Martin, BrycenBuffalo Sabres-2041
Masin, DominikTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Matthews, AustonToronto Maple Leafs-1841
Mayo, DysinArizona Coyotes-1941
McAdam, EamonNew York Islanders-2131
McAvoy, CharlieBoston Bruins-2041
McCabe, JakeBuffalo Sabres-2043
McCoshen, IanFlorida Panthers-2131
McDonald, MasonCalgary Flames-1941
McEneny, EvanVancouver Canucks-1842
McGinn, BrockCarolina Hurricanes-1943
McIntyre, ZaneBoston Bruins-232Required years completed in 2016-17
McKeown, RolandCarolina Hurricanes-1941
Megna, JaycobAnaheim Ducks-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Meier, TimoSan Jose Sharks-1841
Milano, SonnyColumbus Blue Jackets-1841
Mironov, AndreiColorado Avalanche-2320
Miska, HunterArizona Coyotes-2220
Mitchell, MasonWashington Capitals-2320
Montembeault, SamuelFlorida Panthers-2040
Moore, TrevorToronto Maple Leafs-2131
Motte, TylerColumbus Blue Jackets-2131
Moy, TylerNashville Predators-2220
Mueller, MircoNew Jersey Devils-1843
Nantel, JulienColorado Avalanche-2041
Nedeljkovic, AlexCarolina Hurricanes-1941
Nell, ChrisNew York Rangers-2320
Nogier, NelsonWinnipeg Jets-2041
Norell, RobinChicago Blackhawks-2131
Olofsson, GustavMinnesota Wild-2042
Ouellet, XavierDetroit Red Wings-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Paigin, ZiyatEdmonton Oilers-2220
Pedrie, VinceNew York Rangers-2320
Perlini, BrendanArizona Coyotes-1841
Perron, FrancisOttawa Senators-2041
Petersen, CalLos Angeles Kings-2220
Pettersson, EmilNashville Predators-2320
Pettersson, MarcusAnaheim Ducks-1941
Pietila, BlakeNew Jersey Devils-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Pionk, NealNew York Rangers-2220
Point, BraydenTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Pollock, BrettCalgary Flames-1941
Provorov, IvanPhiladelphia Flyers-1841
Puljujarvi, JesseEdmonton Oilers-1841
Quenneville, JohnNew Jersey Devils-1941
Rantanen, MikkoColorado Avalanche-1841
Reilly, MikeMinnesota Wild-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Reinhart, GriffinVegas Golden Knights-1843
Reway, MartinMontreal Canadiens-2130
Ritchie, BrettDallas Stars-194Required years completed in 2016-17
Rodrigues, EvanBuffalo Sabres-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Rosén, CalleToronto Maple Leafs-2320
Roy, MattLos Angeles Kings-2220
Ryan, JoakimSan Jose Sharks-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Sadowy, DylanDetroit Red Wings-2041
Salituro, DanteMinnesota Wild-2041
Sandberg, FilipSan Jose Sharks-2320
Sanford, ZacharySt. Louis Blues-2131
Sanheim, TravisPhiladelphia Flyers-1841
Schemitsch, ThomasFlorida Panthers-2041
Scherbak, NikitaMontreal Canadiens-1841
Schmaltz, NickChicago Blackhawks-2041
Schoenborn, AlexSan Jose Sharks-2041
Scott, JustinColumbus Blue Jackets-2131
Sedlak, LukasColumbus Blue Jackets-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Sergeev, DmitriiSt. Louis Blues-1841
Sharipzyanov, DamirLos Angeles Kings-1941
Siebenaler, BlakeColumbus Blue Jackets-1941
Sissons, ColtonNashville Predators-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Soucy, CarsonMinnesota Wild-2320
Sparks, GarretToronto Maple Leafs-204Required years completed in 2016-17
Starrett, ShaneEdmonton Oilers-2320
Stephenson, ChandlerWashington Capitals-2043
Stevens, JohnNew York Islanders-2320
Subban, MalcolmBoston Bruins-1843
Sulak, LiborDetroit Red Wings-2320
Taylor, JeffPittsburgh Penguins-2320
Teravainen, TeuvoCarolina Hurricanes-1943
Thomas, BenTampa Bay Lightning-2041
Thompson, KeatonAnaheim Ducks-2131
Tiffels, FrederikPittsburgh Penguins-2220
Tkachuk, MatthewCalgary Flames-1841
Toninato, DominicColorado Avalanche-2320
Tuch, AlexVegas Golden Knights-2041
Turgeon, DominicDetroit Red Wings-1941
Ullmark, LinusBuffalo Sabres-213Required years completed in 2016-17
Vanecek, VitekWashington Capitals-1841
Vecchione, MichaelPhiladelphia Flyers-2410
Vigneault, SamColumbus Blue Jackets-2220
Vrana, JakubWashington Capitals-1841
Walker, NathanWashington Capitals-2043
Warner, HunterMinnesota Wild-1841
Watson, SpencerLos Angeles Kings-2040
Werenski, ZacharyColumbus Blue Jackets-1941
Wesley, JoshCarolina Hurricanes-2041
White, ColinOttawa Senators-2040
Williams, ColbyWashington Capitals-2220
Wood, KyleArizona Coyotes-2041
Zacha, PavelNew Jersey Devils-1841