Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on entry-level signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    -Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their contract, unless they turn 20 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    -Players aged 18 or 19 are considered to have completed a year of professional experience when they have played 10 or more NHL games in that season. Players aged 20 or older have completed a year of professional experience when they have played 10 games in a professional league, while under an SPC.

2020 Restricted Free Agents (257)

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Addison, JeremiahMontreal Canadiens-2040
Aho, SebastianNew York Islanders-2131
Anderson, JosephNew Jersey Devils-2040
Anderson, JoshColumbus Blue Jackets-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Andersson, RasmusCalgary Flames-1842
Angello, AnthonyPittsburgh Penguins-2220
Appleton, MasonWinnipeg Jets-2131
Athanasiou, AndreasDetroit Red Wings-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Balcers, RudolfsOttawa Senators-2041
Barzal, MathewNew York Islanders-1841
Bear, EthanEdmonton Oilers-1941
Beaudin, J.C.Colorado Avalanche-2041
Benning, MatthewEdmonton Oilers-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Bertuzzi, TylerDetroit Red Wings-1943
Bibeau, AntoineSan Jose Sharks-204Required years completed in 2017-18
Bindulis, KrisWashington Capitals-2131
Birks, DanePittsburgh Penguins-2320
Bittner, PaulColumbus Blue Jackets-1842
Bjork, AndersBoston Bruins-2131
Blackwood, MackenzieNew Jersey Devils-1842
Booth, CallumCarolina Hurricanes-2041
Borgström, HenrikFlorida Panthers-2130
Bouramman, GustavMinnesota Wild-1941
Bowey, MadisonWashington Capitals-1943
Boyd, TravisWashington Capitals-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Bracco, JeremyToronto Maple Leafs-2041
Bratt, JesperNew Jersey Devils-1941
Brisebois, GuillaumeVancouver Canucks-1841
Brooks, AdamToronto Maple Leafs-2131
Brown, ConnorToronto Maple Leafs-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Brown, JoshuaFlorida Panthers-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Burroughs, KyleNew York Islanders-2043
Caggiula, DrakeEdmonton Oilers-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Calderone, TonyDallas Stars-2320
Capobianco, KyleArizona Coyotes-1941
Carlsson, GabrielColumbus Blue Jackets-1941
Carrier, WilliamVegas Golden Knights-184Required years completed in 2017-18
Carrier, AlexandreNashville Predators-1842
Cave, ColbyBoston Bruins-2043
Cernak, ErikTampa Bay Lightning-1841
Chabot, ThomasOttawa Senators-1841
Chatfield, JalenVancouver Canucks-2131
Chlapik, FilipOttawa Senators-1941
Cirelli, AnthonyTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Clifton, ConnorBoston Bruins-2320
Collins, RyanColumbus Blue Jackets-2131
Colton, RossTampa Bay Lightning-2220
Crawley, BrandonNew York Rangers-2041
Dahlén, JonathanVancouver Canucks-2040
Dansk, OscarVegas Golden Knights-204Required years completed in 2017-18
De La Rose, JacobDetroit Red Wings-194Required years completed in 2017-18
DeBrincat, AlexChicago Blackhawks-1841
DeBrusk, JakeBoston Bruins-1842
Dermott, TravisToronto Maple Leafs-1842
Domi, MaxMontreal Canadiens-1843
Dostie, AlexAnaheim Ducks-2041
Dubois, Pierre-LucColumbus Blue Jackets-1841
Duke, ReidVegas Golden Knights-2131
Dunn, VinceSt. Louis Blues-1842
Eansor, ScottNew York Islanders-2220
Ehn, ChristofferDetroit Red Wings-2131
Engvall, PierreToronto Maple Leafs-2220
Evans, JakeMontreal Canadiens-2220
Eyssimont, MichaelLos Angeles Kings-2220
Faksa, RadekDallas Stars-184Required years completed in 2017-18
Falkovsky, StepanLos Angeles Kings-2041
Fiore, GiovanniAnaheim Ducks-2131
Fischer, ChristianArizona Coyotes-1841
Foegele, WarrenCarolina Hurricanes-2131
Fontaine, GabrielNew York Rangers-2041
Fora, MichaelCarolina Hurricanes-2220
Fortier, MaximeColumbus Blue Jackets-2040
Fortin, AlexandreChicago Blackhawks-1941
Friedman, MarkPhiladelphia Flyers-2131
Gabrielle, JesseBoston Bruins-1941
Gaudette, AdamVancouver Canucks-2130
Gauthier, FrédérikToronto Maple Leafs-1843
Gawdin, GlennCalgary Flames-2040
Georgiev, AlexandarNew York Rangers-2131
Gillies, JonCalgary Flames-2132
Girard, SamuelColorado Avalanche-1841
Greenway, JordanMinnesota Wild-2131
Gropp, RyanNew York Rangers-1841
Gross, JordanArizona Coyotes-2320
Grundström, CarlToronto Maple Leafs-2041
Grzelcyk, MattBoston Bruins-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Guhle, BrendanBuffalo Sabres-1841
Gurianov, DenisDallas Stars-1941
Hägg, RobertPhiladelphia Flyers-1943
Halbgewachs, JaydenSan Jose Sharks-2040
Harkins, JansenWinnipeg Jets-2041
Harpur, BenOttawa Senators-1943
Hayden, JohnChicago Blackhawks-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Hebig, CameronEdmonton Oilers-2040
Hickey, BrandonBuffalo Sabres-2220
Highmore, MatthewChicago Blackhawks-2131
Hinostroza, VinnieArizona Coyotes-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Hintz, RoopeDallas Stars-2041
Hischier, NicoNew Jersey Devils-1841
Hobbs, ConnorWashington Capitals-1941
Ikonen, JuusoWashington Capitals-2320
Imama, BokondjiLos Angeles Kings-2131
Ingram, ConnorTampa Bay Lightning-2041
Jankowski, MarkCalgary Flames-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Jaros, ChristianOttawa Senators-2131
Jarry, TristanPittsburgh Penguins-1843
Johansen, LucasWashington Capitals-2041
Johansson, JonasBuffalo Sabres-2131
Johansson, EmilBoston Bruins-2131
Jones, CalebEdmonton Oilers-1941
Joseph, MathieuTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Jost, TysonColorado Avalanche-1941
Juulsen, NoahMontreal Canadiens-1841
Kähkönen, KaapoMinnesota Wild-2220
Kahun, DominikChicago Blackhawks-2320
Kaskisuo, KasimirToronto Maple Leafs-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Kehler, ColeLos Angeles Kings-2040
Keller, ClaytonArizona Coyotes-1941
Kivlenieks, MatissColumbus Blue Jackets-2131
Knott, GrahamChicago Blackhawks-1941
Kolesar, KeeganVegas Golden Knights-1841
Kuhlman, KarsonBoston Bruins-2220
Kukan, DeanColumbus Blue Jackets-222Required years completed in 2016-17
Kunin, LukeMinnesota Wild-2041
Kylington, OliverCalgary Flames-1841
L'Esperance, JoelDallas Stars-2320
Lafferty, SamPittsburgh Penguins-2320
Lagesson, WilliamEdmonton Oilers-2131
Lankinen, KevinChicago Blackhawks-2320
Larsson, JacobAnaheim Ducks-1941
Lauzon, JérémyBoston Bruins-1841
Leedahl, DawsonNew York Rangers-2131
Lewington, TylerWashington Capitals-2043
Lindblom, OskarPhiladelphia Flyers-2131
Looke, JensArizona Coyotes-2041
Lorentz, StevenCarolina Hurricanes-2131
Luchuk, AaronOttawa Senators-2040
Luff, MattLos Angeles Kings-1941
MacDermid, KurtisLos Angeles Kings-1843
MacEwen, ZackVancouver Canucks-2131
Madsen, MerrickArizona Coyotes-2320
Mantha, RyanEdmonton Oilers-2131
Mantha, AnthonyDetroit Red Wings-184Required years completed in 2017-18
Marchment, MasonToronto Maple Leafs-2320
McCann, JaredFlorida Panthers-1843
McNiven, MichaelMontreal Canadiens-1841
Meloche, NicolasColorado Avalanche-2041
Menell, BrennanMinnesota Wild-2041
Merkley, NickArizona Coyotes-1841
Meskanen, VilleNew York Rangers-2220
Mete, VictorMontreal Canadiens-1941
Middleton, JacobSan Jose Sharks-2131
Mikkola, NikoSt. Louis Blues-2220
Miletic, SamPittsburgh Penguins-2040
Mittelstadt, CaseyBuffalo Sabres-2040
Montour, BrandonAnaheim Ducks-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Moravčík, MichalMontreal Canadiens-2320
Morrissey, JoshuaWinnipeg Jets-1843
Murray, MattPittsburgh Penguins-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Musil, AdamSt. Louis Blues-1941
Myers, PhilippePhiladelphia Flyers-1841
Nichushkin, ValeriDallas Stars-1842
Nielsen, AndrewToronto Maple Leafs-1842
Niku, SamiWinnipeg Jets-2041
Noel, NathanChicago Blackhawks-2041
Nurse, DarnellEdmonton Oilers-1843
Nyberg, JohnDallas Stars-2131
O'Connor, LoganColorado Avalanche-2220
Oglevie, AndrewBuffalo Sabres-2320
Olofsson, VictorBuffalo Sabres-2320
Opilka, LukeSt. Louis Blues-1840
Parsons, TylerCalgary Flames-2041
Patrick, NolanPhiladelphia Flyers-1841
Pederson, LaneArizona Coyotes-1941
Persson, CarlNashville Predators-2320
Pilut, LawrenceBuffalo Sabres-2220
Poganski, AustinSt. Louis Blues-2220
Pope, DavidDetroit Red Wings-2320
Prapavessis, MichaelColumbus Blue Jackets-2220
Pulock, RyanNew York Islanders-184Required years completed in 2017-18
Pyrochta, FilipNashville Predators-2220
Quinney, GageVegas Golden Knights-2320
Raddysh, DarrenChicago Blackhawks-2220
Rathgeb, YannickNew York Islanders-2220
Reddekopp, ChazLos Angeles Kings-2040
Redmond, AngusAnaheim Ducks-2131
Reinhart, SamBuffalo Sabres-1843
Repo, SebastianFlorida Panthers-2131
Richard, AnthonyNashville Predators-1842
Roslovic, JackWinnipeg Jets-1941
Roy, NicolasCarolina Hurricanes-1941
Roy, JérémySan Jose Sharks-1841
Saarela, AleksiCarolina Hurricanes-1941
Saarijärvi, ViliDetroit Red Wings-1841
Sautner, AshtonVancouver Canucks-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Schmaltz, JordanSt. Louis Blues-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Schneider, NickCalgary Flames-1840
Seney, BrettNew Jersey Devils-2220
Senyshyn, ZachBoston Bruins-1841
Sergachev, MikhailTampa Bay Lightning-1841
Sherman, WileyBoston Bruins-2320
Sherwood, KieferAnaheim Ducks-2320
Sherwood, KoleColumbus Blue Jackets-1840
Shore, DevinDallas Stars-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Sideroff, DevenAnaheim Ducks-1941
Siegenthaler, JonasWashington Capitals-1841
Sieloff, PatrickOttawa Senators-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Simon, DominikPittsburgh Penguins-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Sklenička, DavidMontreal Canadiens-2220
Smallman, SpencerCarolina Hurricanes-2131
Smereck, JalenArizona Coyotes-1940
Snuggerud, LucChicago Blackhawks-2131
Söderström, LinusNew York Islanders-2131
Spacek, MichaelWinnipeg Jets-2041
Speers, BlakeNew Jersey Devils-1941
Spencer, MatthewTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Sprong, DanielPittsburgh Penguins-1842
Stecher, TroyVancouver Canucks-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Stenlund, KevinColumbus Blue Jackets-2041
Stephens, MitchellTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Stephens, DevanteBuffalo Sabres-2041
Strand, AustinLos Angeles Kings-2040
Strome, RyanEdmonton Oilers-184Required years completed in 2016-17
Strome, DylanArizona Coyotes-1841
Sturtz, AndrewOttawa Senators-2320
Svechnikov, EvgenyDetroit Red Wings-1842
Svoboda, MiroslavNashville Predators-2320
Tammela, JonneTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Terry, TroyAnaheim Ducks-2130
Thompson, TageBuffalo Sabres-2041
Thürkauf, CalvinColumbus Blue Jackets-1941
Tierney, ChrisOttawa Senators-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Timashov, DmytroToronto Maple Leafs-1842
Toews, DevonNew York Islanders-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Trenin, YakovNashville Predators-1841
Tuulola, JoniChicago Blackhawks-2220
Vande Sompel, MitchNew York Islanders-1941
Vasilevskiy, AndreiTampa Bay Lightning-204Required years completed in 2017-18
Vejdemo, LukasMontreal Canadiens-2220
Vesey, NolanEdmonton Oilers-2320
Virtanen, JakeVancouver Canucks-1843
Vladar, DanielBoston Bruins-1941
Volkov, AlexanderTampa Bay Lightning-2041
Vorobyov, MikhailPhiladelphia Flyers-2041
Wagner, AustinLos Angeles Kings-2041
Waked, AntoineMontreal Canadiens-2131
Walker, SeanLos Angeles Kings-2320
Wallmark, LucasCarolina Hurricanes-2043
Walman, JakeSt. Louis Blues-2131
White, ColtonNew Jersey Devils-1941
Whitecloud, ZachVegas Golden Knights-2130
Wiederer, ManuelSan Jose Sharks-2041
Willcox, ReecePhiladelphia Flyers-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Wotherspoon, ParkerNew York Islanders-1941
Yan, DennisTampa Bay Lightning-1941
Zboril, JakubBoston Bruins-1841
Zykov, ValentinCarolina Hurricanes-1943