Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on entry-level signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their contract, unless they turn 20 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    A player is considered to have completed a year of professional experience if:
    1. The player is aged 18 or 19 and has played 10 or more NHL games in the respective season
    2. The player is aged 20 or older and has played 10 games in a professional league, while under an NHL SPC
    Due to the 2019-20 season being shortened by COVID, a pro-rating for the professional games requirement was applied as follows:
    1. If the player is aged 18 or 19, and is considered a Covid Roster Freeze Player, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    2. If the player is aged 20 or older, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    Due to the 2020-21 season being shortened, the professional games requirement was pro-rated to 7 games (56/82)

2021 Restricted Free Agents (374)

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Games played data powered by Elite Prospects
Abramov, VitalyOttawa SenatorsOTT-1843
Allard, FrédéricNashville PredatorsNSH-1842
Alsing, OlleOttawa SenatorsOTT-2321
Amadio, MichaelLos Angeles KingsLAK-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Andersson, LiasLos Angeles KingsLAK-1843
Ang, JonathanFlorida PanthersFLA-1942
Asplund, RasmusBuffalo SabresBUF-2042
Aston-Reese, ZachPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-232Required years completed in 2018-19
Athanasiou, AndreasLos Angeles KingsLAK-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Baddock, BrandonMontreal CanadiensMTL-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Bailey, JustinVancouver CanucksVAN-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Bajkov, PatrickFlorida PanthersFLA-2042
Balcers, RūdolfsSan Jose SharksSJS-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Barbashev, IvanSt. Louis BluesSTL-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Barré-Boulet, AlexTampa Bay LightningTBL-2132
Barron, TravisColorado AvalancheCOL-2042
Bastian, NathanNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1842
Batherson, DrakeOttawa SenatorsOTT-1942
Bean, JakeCarolina HurricanesCAR-1842
Beaudin, J.C.Ottawa SenatorsOTT-2043
Beauvillier, AnthonyNew York IslandersNYI-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Bednard, RyanFlorida PanthersFLA-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Bellows, KiefferNew York IslandersNYI-1942
Belpedio, LouisMinnesota WildMIN-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Bennett, SamCalgary FlamesCGY-184Required years completed in 2017-18
Benson, TylerEdmonton OilersEDM-1842
Berdin, MikhailWinnipeg JetsWPGDec 17, 20202043
Bertuzzi, TylerDetroit Red WingsDET-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Bigras, ChrisPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Bishop, ClarkOttawa SenatorsOTT-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Bitten, WillMinnesota WildMIN-2042
Björkqvist, KasperPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2221
Bjorkstrand, OliverColumbus Blue JacketsCBJJan 6, 2021184Required years completed in 2018-19
Blandisi, JosephMontreal CanadiensMTL-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Blichfeld, JoachimSan Jose SharksSJS-1942
Blidh, AntonBoston BruinsBOS-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Blueger, TeddyPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Booth, CallumBoston BruinsBOS-2043
Borgen, WilliamBuffalo SabresBUF-2132
Borgman, AndreasTampa Bay LightningTBL-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Bow, LandonDallas StarsDAL-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Bracco, JeremyCarolina HurricanesCAR-2043
Brickley, DanielLos Angeles KingsLAK-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Brisebois, GuillaumeVancouver CanucksVAN-1843
Bromé, MathiasDetroit Red WingsDET-261Required years completed in 2020-21
Brown, LoganOttawa SenatorsOTT-1842
Buchnevich, PavelNew York RangersNYR-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Bunnaman, ConnorPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1942
Bunting, MichaelArizona CoyotesARI-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Burke, BraydenArizona CoyotesARI-2132
Burroughs, KyleColorado AvalancheCOL-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Caamano, NicholasDallas StarsDAL-1942
Carcone, MichaelNashville PredatorsNSH-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Carlo, BrandonBoston BruinsBOS-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Carlsson, LucasChicago BlackhawksCHI-2132
Carpenter, BoboNew York IslandersNYI-2321
Carrick, TrevorSan Jose SharksSJS-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Cecconi, JosephDallas StarsDAL-2221
Chatfield, JalenVancouver CanucksVAN-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Chlapik, FilipOttawa SenatorsOTT-1943
Cholowski, DennisDetroit Red WingsDET-1942
Chytil, FilipNew York RangersNYR-1842
Clague, KaleLos Angeles KingsLAK-1942
Coghlan, DylanVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1942
Colton, RossTampa Bay LightningTBL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Comrie, EricNew Jersey DevilsNJD-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Comtois, MaximeAnaheim DucksANA-1942
Copp, AndrewWinnipeg JetsWPG-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Cormier, EvanNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2132
Cotton, JasonCarolina HurricanesCAR-0
Craggs, LukasNashville PredatorsNSH-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Crawley, BrandonNew York RangersNYR-2043
Dahlin, RasmusBuffalo SabresBUF-1842
Dahlström, CarlVegas Golden KnightsVGK-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Dal Colle, MichaelNew York IslandersNYI-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Dano, MarkoWinnipeg JetsWPG-204Required years completed in 2017-18
Dauphin, LaurentMontreal CanadiensMTL-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Davidsson, JonathanOttawa SenatorsOTT-2132
Davies, JeremyNashville PredatorsNSH-2221
Day, SeanTampa Bay LightningTBL-2
De La Rose, JacobSt. Louis BluesSTL-194Required years completed in 2017-18
De Leo, ChaseAnaheim DucksANA-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Demko, ThatcherVancouver CanucksVAN-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Dermott, TravisToronto Maple LeafsTOR-1843
DeSimone, NickSan Jose SharksSJS-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Desrosiers, PhilippeFlorida PanthersFLA-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Dickinson, JasonDallas StarsDAL-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Dickinson, JoshColorado AvalancheCOL-2042
Dineen, CamArizona CoyotesARI-1942
DiPietro, DawsonBuffalo SabresBUF-2410
Djoos, ChristianDetroit Red WingsDET-204Required years completed in 2017-18
Donato, RyanSan Jose SharksSJS-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Dubé, DillonCalgary FlamesCGY-1942
Duclair, AnthonyFlorida PanthersFLA-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Duhaime, BrandonMinnesota WildMIN-2221
Duke, ReidVegas Golden KnightsVGK-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Dunn, VinceSt. Louis BluesSTL-1843
Duszak, JosephToronto Maple LeafsTOR-2221
Eliot, MitchVancouver CanucksVAN-2041
Eriksson Ek, JoelMinnesota WildMIN-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Erne, AdamDetroit Red WingsDET-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Eyssimont, MichaelLos Angeles KingsLAK-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Fabbro, DanteNashville PredatorsNSH-2132
Fasching, HudsonArizona CoyotesARI-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Fiala, KevinMinnesota WildMIN-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Fitzgerald, CaseyBuffalo SabresBUF-2221
Fitzpatrick, EvanSt. Louis BluesSTL-1942
Fleury, CaleMontreal CanadiensMTL-2042
Foegele, WarrenCarolina HurricanesCAR-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Foley, ErikSt. Louis BluesSTL-2130
Fontaine, GabrielNew York RangersNYR-2043
Foote, CalTampa Bay LightningTBL-2042
Forsling, GustavFlorida PanthersFLA-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Fortunato, BrandonNashville PredatorsNSH-2321
Frederic, TrentBoston BruinsBOS-2042
Fucale, ZacharyWashington CapitalsWSH-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Gambrell, DylanSan Jose SharksSJS-2222
Gardner, RhettDallas StarsDAL-2321
Garland, ConorArizona CoyotesARI-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Gaudette, AdamVancouver CanucksVAN-2132
Gauthier, JulienNew York RangersNYR-1842
Gauthier, FrédérikArizona CoyotesARI-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Gawdin, GlennCalgary FlamesCGY-2042
Geekie, MorganCarolina HurricanesCAR-2042
Gersich, ShaneWashington CapitalsWSH-2222
Gettinger, TimNew York RangersNYR-1942
Gignac, BrandonNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1842
Gilbert, DennisColorado AvalancheCOL-2132
Gleason, BenjaminDallas StarsDAL-2042
Green, LukeWinnipeg JetsWPG-1942
Greer, AJNew York IslandersNYI-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Gregor, NoahSan Jose SharksSJS-2041
Gross, JordanArizona CoyotesARI-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Gustavsson, FilipOttawa SenatorsOTT-1942
Hagel, BrandonChicago BlackhawksCHI-2041
Hájek, LiborNew York RangersNYR-1943
Harpur, BenNashville PredatorsNSH-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Hart, CarterPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1842
Hartman, RyanMinnesota WildMIN-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Hawryluk, JayceVancouver CanucksVAN-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Hayden, JohnArizona CoyotesARI-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Heinen, DantonAnaheim DucksANA-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Heiskanen, MiroDallas StarsDAL-1842
Helvig, JeremyCarolina HurricanesCAR-2132
Hicketts, JoeDetroit Red WingsDET-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Hill, AdinArizona CoyotesARI-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Hirose, TaroDetroit Red WingsDET-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Ho-Sang, JoshuaNew York IslandersNYI-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Högberg, MarcusOttawa SenatorsOTT-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Honka, JuliusDallas StarsDAL-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Howden, BrettNew York RangersNYR-1842
Hronek, FilipDetroit Red WingsDET-1843
Hughes, QuinnVancouver CanucksVAN-2041
Hughes, CameronBoston BruinsBOS-2132
Hunt, DrydenArizona CoyotesARI-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Huska, AdamNew York RangersNYR-2221
Imama, BokondjiLos Angeles KingsLAK-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Jacobs, JoshNew Jersey DevilsNJD-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Jankowski, MarkPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-222Required years completed in 2017-18
Jaros, ChristianOttawa SenatorsOTT-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Jasek, LukasVancouver CanucksVAN-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Jeannot, TannerNashville PredatorsNSH-2132
Johansen, LucasWashington CapitalsWSH-2043
Johansson, JonasBuffalo SabresBUF-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Johnson, CamColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-241Required years completed in 2018-19
Johnson, LukeMinnesota WildMIN-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Jokiharju, HenriBuffalo SabresBUF-1942
Jones, MaxAnaheim DucksANA-1842
Jonsson-Fjällby, AxelWashington CapitalsWSH-2042
Joshua, DakotaSt. Louis BluesSTL-2321
Jost, TysonColorado AvalancheCOL-1943
Juolevi, OlliVancouver CanucksVAN-1842
Juulsen, NoahFlorida PanthersFLA-1843
Kahun, DominikEdmonton OilersEDM-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Kämpf, DavidChicago BlackhawksCHI-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Kaprizov, KirillMinnesota WildMIN-2321
Kase, DavidPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Kase, OndrejBoston BruinsBOS-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Kaspick, TannerSt. Louis BluesSTL-1942
Katchouk, BorisTampa Bay LightningTBL-1942
Keeper, BradyFlorida PanthersFLA-2321
Khaira, JujharEdmonton OilersEDM-194Required years completed in 2017-18
Kielly, JakeVancouver CanucksVAN-2321
Kirkland, JustinCalgary FlamesCGY-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Kiviranta, JoelDallas StarsDAL-2321
Koivula, OttoNew York IslandersNYI-2043
Kopacka, JackAnaheim DucksANA-1942
Koppanen, JoonaBoston BruinsBOS-1943
Korenar, JosefSan Jose SharksSJS-1943
Korshkov, YegorToronto Maple LeafsTOR-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Kotkaniemi, JesperiMontreal CanadiensMTL-1843
Kovacevic, JohnnyWinnipeg JetsWPG-2221
Kuokkanen, JanneNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1943
Kylington, OliverCalgary FlamesCGY-1843
Kyrou, JordanSt. Louis BluesSTL-1842
Laberge, PascalPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1842
Laine, PatrikWinnipeg JetsWPG-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Lajoie, MaximeCarolina HurricanesCAR-1842
Lammikko, JuhoFlorida PanthersFLA-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Lántoši, RóbertBoston BruinsBOS-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Larmi, EmilPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Lehkonen, ArtturiMontreal CanadiensMTL-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Lennström, TheodorEdmonton OilersEDM-261Required years completed in 2020-21
Lerby, Carl-JohanCalgary FlamesCGY-2221
Leskinen, OttoMontreal CanadiensMTL-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Lettieri, VinniAnaheim DucksANA-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Letunov, MaximSan Jose SharksSJS-2222
Lewington, TylerNashville PredatorsNSH-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Lewis, TyColorado AvalancheCOL-1942
Lind, KoleVancouver CanucksVAN-2042
Lindgren, JesperPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2132
Lindgren, RyanNew York RangersNYR-2042
Lindholm, AntonChicago BlackhawksCHI-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Lindström, GustavDetroit Red WingsDET-2042
Lizotte, BlakeLos Angeles KingsLAK-2131
Lohin, RyanTampa Bay LightningTBL-2321
Lucchini, JacobMontreal CanadiensMTL-241Required years completed in 2019-20
Luff, MattLos Angeles KingsLAK-1943
Lundeström, IsacAnaheim DucksANA-1842
MacInnis, RyanColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Mackey, ConnorCalgary FlamesCGY-2410
Magwood, ZacharyOttawa SenatorsOTT-2042
Mahura, JoshAnaheim DucksANA-1942
Makar, CaleColorado AvalancheCOL-2042
Malenstyn, BeckWashington CapitalsWSH-1942
Malgin, DenisToronto Maple LeafsTOR-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Malone, SeanNashville PredatorsNSH-2222
Marchment, MasonFlorida PanthersFLA-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Marino, JohnPittsburgh PenguinsPITJan 3, 20212221
Marody, CooperEdmonton OilersEDM-2132
Martin, SpencerTampa Bay LightningTBL-194Required years completed in 2018-19
Mascherin, AdamDallas StarsDAL-2042
Massie, JakeFlorida PanthersFLA-2221
Mayo, DysinArizona CoyotesARI-194Required years completed in 2019-20
McCarron, MichaelNashville PredatorsNSH-184Required years completed in 2018-19
McCoshen, IanMinnesota WildMIN-213Required years completed in 2018-19
McKenzie, SkylerWinnipeg JetsWPG-2042
McKeown, RolandCarolina HurricanesCAR-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Mcleod, MichaelNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1842
McNiven, MichaelMontreal CanadiensMTL-1843
Meloche, NicolasSan Jose SharksSJS-2043
Merkley, NickNew Jersey DevilsNJD-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Mete, VictorMontreal CanadiensMTL-1943
Michaelis, MarcVancouver CanucksVAN-0
Miletic, SamPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2042
Mittelstadt, CaseyBuffalo SabresBUF-2042
Montembeault, SamuelFlorida PanthersFLA-2043
Moore, TrevorLos Angeles KingsLAK-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Morin, SamuelPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1843
Morrison, BradChicago BlackhawksCHI-2132
Moverare, JacobLos Angeles KingsLAK-1843
Nardella, BobbyWashington CapitalsWSH-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Nedeljkovic, AlexCarolina HurricanesCAR-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Newell, PatrickNew York RangersNYR-2321
Nylander, AlexanderChicago BlackhawksCHI-1842
Olivier, MathieuNashville PredatorsNSH-2221
Olofsson, GustavMontreal CanadiensMTL-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Palmu, PetrusVancouver CanucksVAN-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Parsons, TylerCalgary FlamesCGY-2043
Patrick, NolanPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1842
Pearson, ChaseDetroit Red WingsDET-2221
Pederson, LaneArizona CoyotesARI-1943
Peeke, AndrewColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2131
Pelech, AdamNew York IslandersNYI-204Required years completed in 2017-18
Petan, NicolasToronto Maple LeafsTOR-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Pettersson, EliasVancouver CanucksVAN-2042
Pezzetta, MichaelMontreal CanadiensMTL-2042
Phillips, MatthewCalgary FlamesCGY-1942
Philp, LukeCalgary FlamesCGY-2321
Pilon, GarrettWashington CapitalsWSH-1942
Pionk, NealWinnipeg JetsWPG-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Pitlick, RemNashville PredatorsNSH-2221
Poehling, RyanMontreal CanadiensMTL-2041
Poganski, AustinSt. Louis BluesSTL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Point, ColtonDallas StarsDAL-2042
Polei, EvanSt. Louis BluesSTL-2321
Poolman, ColtonCalgary FlamesCGY-2410
Priskie, ChaseFlorida PanthersFLA-2321
Pu, CliffColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1942
Quenneville, JohnChicago BlackhawksCHI-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Quenneville, DavidNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2042
Quinney, GageVegas Golden KnightsVGK-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Raddysh, TaylorTampa Bay LightningTBL-1942
Raddysh, DarrenNew York RangersNYR-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Rafferty, BroganVancouver CanucksVAN-2411
Rasmussen, MichaelDetroit Red WingsDET-1842
Rauhauser, AlecFlorida PanthersFLA-Required years completed in 2020-21
Reinhart, SamBuffalo SabresBUF-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Reinke, MitchSt. Louis BluesSTL-2222
Rempal, SheldonCarolina HurricanesCAR-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Richard, AnthonyNashville PredatorsNSH-1843
Ritchie, NickBoston BruinsBOS-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Ronning, TyNew York RangersNYR-2042
Rosburg, JeradDallas StarsDAL-2410
Roy, MattLos Angeles KingsLAK-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Rubtsov, GermanPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1943
Rykov, YegorNew York RangersNYR-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Rymsha, DrakeLos Angeles KingsLAK-2042
Samsonov, IlyaWashington CapitalsWSH-2132
Sandin, LinusPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Sandström, FelixPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2132
Sanford, ZacharySt. Louis BluesSTL-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Sanheim, TravisPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Santini, StevenSt. Louis BluesSTL-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Saros, JuuseNashville PredatorsNSH-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Schuldt, JimmyVegas Golden KnightsVGK-2411
Seney, BrettNew Jersey DevilsNJD-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Senn, GillesNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2321
Senyshyn, ZachBoston BruinsBOS-1843
Sharangovich, YegorNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2043
Shaw, MasonMinnesota WildMIN-2042
Sherwood, KieferColorado AvalancheCOL-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Sherwood, KoleColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1842
Shesterkin, IgorNew York RangersNYR-2321
Shore, DevinEdmonton OilersEDM-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Siegenthaler, JonasWashington CapitalsWSH-1843
Sikura, DylanVegas Golden KnightsVGK-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Simon, DominikCalgary FlamesCGY-213Required years completed in 2017-18
Sissons, ColbyNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1842
Skinner, StuartEdmonton OilersEDM-2042
Smallman, SpencerCarolina HurricanesCAR-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Smith, GivaniDetroit Red WingsDET-1842
Smith, ColeNashville PredatorsNSH-2410
Smith, C.J.Buffalo SabresBUF-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Snively, JoeWashington CapitalsWSH-2321
Sokolov, DmitryMinnesota WildMIN-2042
Somppi, OttoTampa Bay LightningTBL-2043
Sorokin, IlyaNew York IslandersNYI-251Required years completed in 2019-20
Speers, BlakeArizona CoyotesARI-1943
Stanley, LoganWinnipeg JetsWPG-1842
Steel, SamAnaheim DucksANA-1842
Steenbergen, TylerArizona CoyotesARI-2042
Stenlund, KevinColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2043
Stevens, NolanSt. Louis BluesSTL-2222
Stillman, RileyFlorida PanthersFLA-2042
Strand, AustinLos Angeles KingsLAK-2042
Studenic, MarianNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2043
Sucese, NateArizona CoyotesARI-2410
Suter, PiusChicago BlackhawksCHI-2410
Svechnikov, EvgenyDetroit Red WingsDET-1842
Svechnikov, AndreiCarolina HurricanesCAR-1842
Teves, JoshVancouver CanucksVAN-2411
Texier, AlexandreColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1942
Thomas, RobertSt. Louis BluesSTL-1842
Thomas, BenTampa Bay LightningTBL-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Thürkauf, CalvinColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1943
Timashov, DmytroNew York IslandersNYI-1843
Timmins, ConorColorado AvalancheCOL-2041
Tkachuk, BradyOttawa SenatorsOTT-1842
Tolvanen, EeliNashville PredatorsNSH-1942
Truchon-Viel, JeffreySan Jose SharksSJS-2221
True, AlexSan Jose SharksSJS-2132
Turgeon, DominicDetroit Red WingsDET-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Twarynski, CarsenPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2042
Välimäki, JuusoCalgary FlamesCGY-1842
Vehvilainen, VeiniColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Vejdemo, LukasMontreal CanadiensMTL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Verbeek, HaydenMontreal CanadiensMTL-2042
Volkov, AlexanderTampa Bay LightningTBL-2043
Vrána, JakubWashington CapitalsWSH-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Wallmark, LucasChicago BlackhawksCHI-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Wells, DylanEdmonton OilersEDM-1942
Werner, AdamColorado AvalancheCOL-2221
White, ColtonNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1943
Wilkins, JoshNashville PredatorsNSH-2221
Wolanin, ChristianOttawa SenatorsOTT-232Required years completed in 2018-19
Wolff, NickBoston BruinsBOS-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Woll, JosephToronto Maple LeafsTOR-2131
Yamamoto, KailerEdmonton OilersEDM-1842
Yelesin, AlexanderCalgary FlamesCGY-2321
Zadorov, NikitaChicago BlackhawksCHI-184Required years completed in 2017-18
Zagidulin, ArtyomCalgary FlamesCGY-241Required years completed in 2019-20
Zohorna, RadimPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Zub, ArtemOttawa SenatorsOTT-2410