Arbitration Calculator

  • Salary arbitration is a contract negotiation method that uses a third party arbitrator to determine a fair contract term and length for an expiring RFA player. Arbitration can be requested if a player meets the following conditions (CBA Reference 12.1 (b)):
    • The player qualifies as a Restricted Free Agent (RFA)
    • The player has not signed an offer sheet
    • The player has met the required professional years of experience, as shown in the list below
  • Eligibility for salary arbitration is dependent on entry-level signing age, and professional experience (CBA Reference 12.1 (a)):
    • 18-20: 4 years professional experience.
    • 21: 3 years professional experience.
    • 22-23: 2 years professional experience.
    • 24 and older: 1 year professional experience.
    Signing age is the age the player is on September 15 of the year they signed their contract, unless they turn 20 from September 16-December 31, in which case they are considered 20.
    A player is considered to have completed a year of professional experience if:
    1. The player is aged 18 or 19 and has played 10 or more NHL games in the respective season
    2. The player is aged 20 or older and has played 10 games in a professional league, while under an NHL SPC
    Due to the 2019-20 season being shortened by COVID, a pro-rating for the professional games requirement was applied as follows:
    1. If the player is aged 18 or 19, and is considered a Covid Roster Freeze Player, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    2. If the player is aged 20 or older, the 10 games requirement was pro-rated to 9 games (pro-rating of 70/82)
    Due to the 2020-21 season being shortened, the professional games requirement was pro-rated to 7 games (56/82)

2022 Restricted Free Agents (391)

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Games played data powered by Elite Prospects
Ahcan, JackBoston BruinsBOS-2322
Aho, SebastianNew York IslandersNYI-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Allard, FrédéricNashville PredatorsNSH-1843
Allison, WadePhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2221
Almari, NiclasPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2132
Almeida, JustinPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2042
Altybarmakyan, AndreiChicago BlackhawksCHI-2222
Amadio, MichaelVegas Golden KnightsVGK-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Anderson, MichaelLos Angeles KingsLAK-2043
Anderson-Dolan, JaretLos Angeles KingsLAK-1843
Andersson, LiasLos Angeles KingsLAK-1843
Angello, AnthonyPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Appleton, MasonSeattle KrakenSEA-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Aubé-Kubel, NicolasColorado AvalancheCOL-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Badini, JackAnaheim DucksANA-2222
Baribeau, DéreckMinnesota WildMIN-1842
Bear, EthanCarolina HurricanesCAR-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Bellerive, JordyPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-1843
Bellows, KiefferNew York IslandersNYI-1943
Belpedio, LouisMontreal CanadiensMTL-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Bemström, EmilColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2042
Benoit, SimonAnaheim DucksANA-2043
Benson, TylerEdmonton OilersEDM-1843
Berglund, FilipEdmonton OilersEDM-2322
Biro, BrandonBuffalo SabresBUF-2222
Bishop, ClarkOttawa SenatorsOTT-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Bitten, WillMinnesota WildMIN-2044
Björkqvist, KasperPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2222
Blais, SamuelNew York RangersNYR-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Blichfeld, JoachimSan Jose SharksSJS-1943
Boeser, BrockVancouver CanucksVAN-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Booth, CallumBoston BruinsBOS-2043
Boqvist, AdamColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1843
Boqvist, JesperNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2043
Bowers, ShaneColorado AvalancheCOL-2042
Bowlby, HenryFlorida PanthersFLA-2322
Brännström, ErikOttawa SenatorsOTT-1843
Bratt, JesperNew Jersey DevilsNJD-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Brattström, VictorDetroit Red WingsDET-2321
Brisebois, GuillaumeVancouver CanucksVAN-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Brook, JoshMontreal CanadiensMTL-1942
Brooks, AdamVegas Golden KnightsVGK-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Brown, LoganSt. Louis BluesSTL-1844
Bryson, JacobBuffalo SabresBUF-2133
Burke, BraydenLos Angeles KingsLAK-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Caamano, NicholasDallas StarsDAL-1944
Capobianco, KyleArizona CoyotesARI-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Carlsson, LucasFlorida PanthersFLA-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Carlsson, GabrielColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Cates, JacksonPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2321
Cecconi, JosephDallas StarsDAL-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Chaffee, MitchellMinnesota WildMIN-2221
Chatfield, JalenCarolina HurricanesCAR-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Chmelevski, AlexanderSan Jose SharksSJS-1943
Cholowski, DennisWashington CapitalsWSH-1943
Clague, KaleLos Angeles KingsLAK-1944
Comrie, EricWinnipeg JetsWPG-184Required years completed in 2018-19
Cooley, DevinNashville PredatorsNSH-2321
Cotton, DavidCarolina HurricanesCAR-2322
Crouse, LawsonArizona CoyotesARI-184Required years completed in 2019-20
D'Orio, AlexPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-1842
Dach, KirbyChicago BlackhawksCHI-1843
Dahlén, JonathanSan Jose SharksSJS-2044
Dal Colle, MichaelNew York IslandersNYI-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Davies, JeremyNashville PredatorsNSH-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Day, SeanTampa Bay LightningTBL-4
De Leo, ChaseNew Jersey DevilsNJD-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Deangelo, AnthonyCarolina HurricanesCAR-184Required years completed in 2019-20
DeBrusk, JakeBoston BruinsBOS-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Dewar, ConnorMinnesota WildMIN-2043
Dineen, CamArizona CoyotesARI-1944
DiPietro, MichaelVancouver CanucksVAN-1941
Dobson, NoahNew York IslandersNYI-1843
Donato, RyanSeattle KrakenSEA-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Drozg, JanPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2042
Dubois, Pierre-LucWinnipeg JetsWPG-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Dugan, JackVegas Golden KnightsVGK-2221
Dunne, JoshuaColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2222
Durandeau, ArnaudNew York IslandersNYI-2043
Durny, RomanAnaheim DucksANA-2221
Durzi, SeanLos Angeles KingsLAK-2043
Duszak, JosephToronto Maple LeafsTOR-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Elmer, JacobNew York RangersNYR-2043
Elvenes, LucasVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1943
Engvall, PierreToronto Maple LeafsTOR-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Entwistle, MackenzieChicago BlackhawksCHIAug 18, 20211943
Eriksson Ek, OlleAnaheim DucksANA-1942
Evans, JakeMontreal CanadiensMTLOct 3, 2021222Required years completed in 2019-20
Farabee, JoelPhiladelphia FlyersPHISep 2, 20211943
Farrance, DavidNashville PredatorsNSH-2221
Fasching, HudsonArizona CoyotesARI-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Felhaber, TyeDallas StarsDAL-2132
Ferguson, DylanVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1842
Ferraro, MarioSan Jose SharksSJS-2043
Fiala, KevinMinnesota WildMIN-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Filipe, MattBoston BruinsBOS-2222
Fischer, ChristianArizona CoyotesARI-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Fix-Wolansky, TreyColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2042
Fleury, HaydnSeattle KrakenSEA-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Fleury, CaleSeattle KrakenSEA-2044
Formenton, AlexOttawa SenatorsOTT-1843
Foudy, LiamColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-1843
Fox, AdamNew York RangersNYRNov 1, 20212133
Friedman, MarkPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Frost, MorganPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1842
Fulcher, KadenDetroit Red WingsDET-1841
Gadjovich, JonahSan Jose SharksSJS-1843
Gallant, ZacharySan Jose SharksSJS-2042
Gambrell, DylanOttawa SenatorsOTT-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Gaudette, AdamOttawa SenatorsOTT-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Gauthier, JulienNew York RangersNYR-1844
Gawanke, LeonWinnipeg JetsWPG-2043
Gawdin, GlennCalgary FlamesCGY-2044
Geekie, MorganSeattle KrakenSEA-2044
Geisser, TobiasWashington CapitalsWSH-1942
Georgiev, AlexandarNew York RangersNYR-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Gersich, ShaneWashington CapitalsWSH-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Gettinger, TimNew York RangersNYR-1944
Gilbert, DennisColorado AvalancheCOL-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Glass, CodyNashville PredatorsNSH-1843
Gleason, BenjaminDallas StarsDAL-2044
Gordeev, FedorMinnesota WildMIN-2042
Green, AlexTampa Bay LightningTBL-2222
Greenway, JordanMinnesota WildMIN-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Greer, AJNew Jersey DevilsNJD-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Gregor, NoahSan Jose SharksSJS-2043
Grundström, CarlLos Angeles KingsLAK-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Guhle, BrendanAnaheim DucksANA-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Gurianov, DenisDallas StarsDAL-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Gustafsson, DavidWinnipeg JetsWPG-1943
Hague, NicolasVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1843
Hájek, LiborNew York RangersNYR-1943
Halbgewachs, JaydenSan Jose SharksSJS-2044
Hardman, MikeChicago BlackhawksCHIAug 10, 20212222
Harkins, JansenWinnipeg JetsWPG-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Hayton, BarrettArizona CoyotesARI-1843
Heinen, DantonPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Henry, NicholasColorado AvalancheCOL-2043
Heponiemi, AleksiFlorida PanthersFLA-2043
Highmore, MatthewVancouver CanucksVAN-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Hirose, TaroDetroit Red WingsDET-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Högberg, LinusPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2222
Hollowell, MacToronto Maple LeafsTOR-2042
Howden, BrettVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1844
Hughes, CameronBoston BruinsBOS-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Hughes, JackNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1842
Hults, ColeArizona CoyotesARI-2221
Huntington, JimmyTampa Bay LightningTBL-2043
Huska, AdamNew York RangersNYR-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Hutton, GrantNew York IslandersNYI-2410
Imama, BokondjiArizona CoyotesARI-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Jacobs, JoshCarolina HurricanesCAR-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Jaros, ChristianNew Jersey DevilsNJD-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Johansen, LucasWashington CapitalsWSH-2044
Johansson, JonasColorado AvalancheCOL-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Johnson, ReeseChicago BlackhawksCHI-2133
Jones, CalebChicago BlackhawksCHI-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Jones, BenjaminVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1943
Joseph, Pierre-OlivierPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-1843
Joseph, MathieuTampa Bay LightningTBL-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Joshua, DakotaSt. Louis BluesSTL-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Juolevi, OlliFlorida PanthersFLA-1843
Juulsen, NoahVancouver CanucksVAN-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Kähkönen, KaapoMinnesota WildMIN-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Kakko, KaapoNew York RangersNYR-1843
Kalynuk, WyattChicago BlackhawksCHI-2321
Kapanen, KasperiPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Karlström, FredrikDallas StarsDAL-2222
Kase, OndrejToronto Maple LeafsTOR-204Required years completed in 2018-19
Kaspick, TannerSt. Louis BluesSTL-1944
Kawaguchi, JordanDallas StarsDAL-2411
Keane, JoeyCarolina HurricanesCAR-2043
Kelly, ParkerOttawa SenatorsOTTOct 12, 20211843
Kempe, AdrianLos Angeles KingsLAK-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Keyser, KyleBoston BruinsBOS-1842
Khisamutdinov, ArsenMontreal CanadiensMTL-2221
Kiersted, MattFlorida PanthersFLA-2322
Kinnvall, JohannesCalgary FlamesCGY-2321
Kirkland, JustinCalgary FlamesCGY-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Kivlenieks, Matiss-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Knyzhov, NikolaiSan Jose SharksSJS-2132
Koivula, OttoNew York IslandersNYI-2044
Kolesar, KeeganVegas Golden KnightsVGK-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Koppanen, JoonaBoston BruinsBOS-1944
Korenar, JosefArizona CoyotesARI-1943
Kostin, KlimSt. Louis BluesSTL-1843
Kotkaniemi, JesperiCarolina HurricanesCAR-1844
Kovacevic, JohnnyWinnipeg JetsWPG-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Kravtsov, VitaliNew York RangersNYR-2042
Krys, ChadChicago BlackhawksCHI-2131
Kubalik, DominikChicago BlackhawksCHI-241Required years completed in 2019-20
Kuhlman, KarsonBoston BruinsBOS-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Kunin, LukeNashville PredatorsNSH-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Kurashev, PhilippChicago BlackhawksCHI-2043
Kylington, OliverCalgary FlamesCGY-184Required years completed in 2020-21
L'Esperance, JoelDallas StarsDAL-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Laczynski, TannerPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2321
Lagesson, WilliamEdmonton OilersEDM-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Laine, PatrikColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Lajoie, MaximeCarolina HurricanesCAR-1844
Lammikko, JuhoVancouver CanucksVAN-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Larsson, FilipDetroit Red WingsDET-2132
Larsson, JacobAnaheim DucksANA-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Lauzon, JérémySeattle KrakenSEA-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Leason, BrettWashington CapitalsWSH-2043
Lee, CameronPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2322
Lehkonen, ArtturiMontreal CanadiensMTL-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Lemieux, BrendanLos Angeles KingsLAK-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Leonard, JohnSan Jose SharksSJS-2222
Leschyshyn, JakeVegas Golden KnightsVGK-1943
Letunov, MaximCarolina HurricanesCAR-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Liljegren, TimothyToronto Maple LeafsTOR-1843
Lind, KoleSeattle KrakenSEA-2044
Lipanov, AlexeyTampa Bay LightningTBL-1842
Lizotte, BlakeLos Angeles KingsLAK-2133
Lockwood, WilliamVancouver CanucksVAN-2221
Lorentz, StevenCarolina HurricanesCAR-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Luff, MattNashville PredatorsNSH-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Lundeström, IsacAnaheim DucksANA-1844
Luostarinen, EetuFlorida PanthersFLA-2133
Luukkonen, Ukko-PekkaBuffalo SabresBUF-1943
MacEwen, ZackPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-213Required years completed in 2019-20
MacInnis, RyanBuffalo SabresBUF-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Malenstyn, BeckWashington CapitalsWSH-1943
Malott, JeffWinnipeg JetsWPG-1
Maltsev, MikhailColorado AvalancheCOL-2133
Mangiapane, AndrewCalgary FlamesCGY-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Marody, CooperEdmonton OilersEDM-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Mattheos, StelioCarolina HurricanesCAR-2043
Mayo, DysinArizona CoyotesARI-194Required years completed in 2019-20
McAvoy, CharlieBoston BruinsBOSOct 15, 2021204Required years completed in 2019-20
McCann, JaredSeattle KrakenSEA-184Required years completed in 2018-19
McGing, HughSt. Louis BluesSTL-2222
McGrew, JacobSan Jose SharksSJS-1941
McKeown, RolandColorado AvalancheCOL-194Required years completed in 2019-20
McLeod, RyanEdmonton OilersEDM-2043
McNiven, MichaelMontreal CanadiensMTL-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Melnichuk, AlexeiSan Jose SharksSJS-2221
Meloche, NicolasSan Jose SharksSJS-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Menell, BrennanToronto Maple LeafsTOR-2043
Merkley, NickSan Jose SharksSJS-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Mete, VictorOttawa SenatorsOTT-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Meyer, CarsonColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2411
Middleton, JacobSan Jose SharksSJS-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Middleton, KeatonColorado AvalancheCOL-2322
Mikkola, NikoSt. Louis BluesSTL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Milano, SonnyAnaheim DucksANA-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Miletic, SamCarolina HurricanesCAR-2044
Miromanov, DaniilVegas Golden KnightsVGK-2411
Miska, HunterColorado AvalancheCOL-222Required years completed in 2018-19
Montembeault, SamuelMontreal CanadiensMTL-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Morand, AntoineTampa Bay LightningTBL-1943
Morin, SamuelPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Morrison, CameronChicago BlackhawksCHI-2220
Moverare, JacobLos Angeles KingsLAK-1844
Murray, BrettBuffalo SabresBUF-2222
Necas, MartinCarolina HurricanesCAR-1843
Niemeläinen, MarkusEdmonton OilersEDM-2222
Niku, SamiMontreal CanadiensMTL-2043
Nogier, NelsonWinnipeg JetsWPG-204Required years completed in 2019-20
Norris, JoshuaOttawa SenatorsOTT-2043
Novak, ThomasNashville PredatorsNSH-2322
Nylander, AlexanderChicago BlackhawksCHI-1843
O'Connor, DrewPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2222
O'Connor, LoganColorado AvalancheCOLSep 22, 2021222Required years completed in 2019-20
Oettinger, JakeDallas StarsDAL-2043
Olofsson, VictorBuffalo SabresBUF-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Pachal, BraydenVegas Golden KnightsVGK-2043
Parsons, TylerCalgary FlamesCGY-2043
Pasichnuk, BrinsonSan Jose SharksSJS-2221
Pearson, ChaseDetroit Red WingsDET-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Perlini, BrendanEdmonton OilersEDM-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Perunovich, ScottSt. Louis BluesSTL-2221
Pezzetta, MichaelMontreal CanadiensMTL-2044
Phillips, MarkusLos Angeles KingsLAK-2042
Phillips, MatthewCalgary FlamesCGY-1944
Philp, LukeCalgary FlamesCGY-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Pitlick, RemMinnesota WildMIN-222Required years completed in 2020-21
Poganski, AustinWinnipeg JetsWPG-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Point, BraydenTampa Bay LightningTBLJul 28, 2021194Required years completed in 2019-20
Point, ColtonDallas StarsDAL-2043
Poolman, ColtonCalgary FlamesCGY-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Pospisil, MartinCalgary FlamesCGY-2042
Primeau, CaydenMontreal CanadiensMTL-2043
Priskie, ChaseFlorida PanthersFLA-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Prosvetov, IvanArizona CoyotesARI-2042
Puljujärvi, JesseEdmonton OilersEDM-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Quinney, GageVegas Golden KnightsVGK-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Raddysh, DarrenTampa Bay LightningTBL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Ratcliffe, IsaacPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1843
Rathbone, JackVancouver CanucksVAN-2132
Reichel, KristianWinnipeg JetsWPG-2222
Reilly, WillPittsburgh PenguinsPIT-2321
Rempal, SheldonVancouver CanucksVAN-232Required years completed in 2019-20
Reunanen, TarmoNew York RangersNYR-2133
Riat, DamienWashington CapitalsWSH-2321
Richard, AnthonyNashville PredatorsNSH-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Richards, JustinNew York RangersNYR-2222
Robertson, JasonDallas StarsDAL-1943
Romanov, AlexanderMontreal CanadiensMTL-2043
Ronning, TyNew York RangersNYR-2044
Roslovic, JackColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Roy, NicolasVegas Golden KnightsVGK-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Røndbjerg, JonasVegas Golden KnightsVGK-2042
Rubins, KristiansToronto Maple LeafsTOR-2222
Rubtsov, GermanPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1944
Rueschhoff, AustinNew York RangersNYR-2321
Ruotsalainen, ArttuBuffalo SabresBUF-2133
Ruzicka, AdamCalgary FlamesCGY-2043
Ryfors, SimonTampa Bay LightningTBL-2411
Safin, OstapEdmonton OilersEDM-1942
Salo, RobinNew York IslandersNYI-2222
Samorukov, DmitriEdmonton OilersEDM-1843
Samsonov, IlyaWashington CapitalsWSH-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Sandin, LinusPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Sandin, RasmusToronto Maple LeafsTOR-1843
Sandström, FelixPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Sawchenko, ZachSan Jose SharksSJS-2321
Schnarr, NathanNew Jersey DevilsNJD-1943
Schueneman, CoreyMontreal CanadiensMTL-1
Scott, IanToronto Maple LeafsTOR-1940
Sellgren, JesperCarolina HurricanesCAR-2133
Senyshyn, ZachBoston BruinsBOS-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Shea, RyanDallas StarsDAL-2322
Sherwood, KoleOttawa SenatorsOTT-1844
Smallman, SpencerCarolina HurricanesCAR-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Smith, ColeNashville PredatorsNSH-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Snively, JoeWashington CapitalsWSH-232Required years completed in 2020-21
Södergran, JohanLos Angeles KingsLAK-2041
Söderlund, TimEdmonton OilersEDM-2132
Somppi, OttoTampa Bay LightningTBL-2043
Speers, BlakeArizona CoyotesARI-1944
Sprong, DanielWashington CapitalsWSH-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Steel, SamAnaheim DucksANA-1844
Steen, OskarBoston BruinsBOS-2133
Stenlund, KevinColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-204Required years completed in 2020-21
Stephens, MitchellDetroit Red WingsDET-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Stephens, DevanteVancouver CanucksVAN-2044
Stevens, NolanSt. Louis BluesSTL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Strand, AustinLos Angeles KingsLAK-2043
Strome, MatthewPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1943
Strome, DylanChicago BlackhawksCHI-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Studenic, MarianNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2044
Studnicka, JackBoston BruinsBOS-1843
Sushko, MaksimPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-1943
Suzuki, NickMontreal CanadiensMTLOct 12, 20211843
Svechnikov, EvgenyWinnipeg JetsWPG-1844
Swaney, NickMinnesota WildMIN-2411
Tarasov, DaniilColumbus Blue JacketsCBJ-2042
Teasdale, JoëlMontreal CanadiensMTL-1941
Thompson, LoganVegas Golden KnightsVGK-2322
Thompson, TyceNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2221
Tippett, OwenFlorida PanthersFLA-1843
Tkachev, VladimirLos Angeles KingsLAK-2511
Tkachuk, MatthewCalgary FlamesCGY-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Todd, NathanSt. Louis BluesSTL-1
Toropchenko, AlexeiSt. Louis BluesSTL-1943
Trenin, YakovNashville PredatorsNSH-184Required years completed in 2020-21
True, AlexSeattle KrakenSEA-213Required years completed in 2020-21
Tufte, RileyDallas StarsDAL-2133
Tufto, OdeenTampa Bay LightningTBL-2410
Turgeon, DominicMinnesota WildMIN-194Required years completed in 2019-20
Tuulola, EetuCalgary FlamesCGY-2133
Twarynski, CarsenSeattle KrakenSEA-2044
Ustimenko, KirillPhiladelphia FlyersPHI-2041
Vaakanainen, UrhoBoston BruinsBOS-1943
Vande Sompel, MitchNew York IslandersNYI-1944
Vanecek, VitekWashington CapitalsWSH-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Vejdemo, LukasMontreal CanadiensMTL-222Required years completed in 2019-20
Vejmelka, KarelArizona CoyotesARI-2511
Verhaeghe, CarterFlorida PanthersFLAJul 28, 2021194Required years completed in 2018-19
Vesalainen, KristianWinnipeg JetsWPG-1943
Vilardi, GabrielLos Angeles KingsLAK-1942
Villalta, MattLos Angeles KingsLAK-1942
Wall, TylerNew York RangersNYR-2221
Walman, JakeSt. Louis BluesSTL-213Required years completed in 2019-20
Warm, BeckCarolina HurricanesCAR-2222
Werenski, ZacharyColumbus Blue JacketsCBJJul 29, 2021194Required years completed in 2019-20
Werner, AdamCalgary FlamesCGY-222Required years completed in 2020-21
White, ColtonNew Jersey DevilsNJD-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Whitecloud, ZachVegas Golden KnightsVGKOct 28, 2021213Required years completed in 2020-21
Wingerli, AndreasColorado AvalancheCOL-2411
Wolff, NickBoston BruinsBOS-241Required years completed in 2020-21
Woll, JosephToronto Maple LeafsTOR-2132
Wood, MilesNew Jersey DevilsNJD-213Required years completed in 2018-19
Wotherspoon, ParkerNew York IslandersNYI-194Required years completed in 2020-21
Yamamoto, KailerEdmonton OilersEDM-1844
Zacha, PavelNew Jersey DevilsNJD-184Required years completed in 2019-20
Zadina, FilipDetroit Red WingsDET-1843
Zboril, JakubBoston BruinsBOS-184Required years completed in 2020-21
Zetterlund, FabianNew Jersey DevilsNJD-2043