Who is General Fanager and why are these videos hosted by their YouTube channel?

In January 2015, CapGeek, the premier salary cap website, was forced to shut down due to health issues facing its creator Matthew Wuest. The loss of CapGeek left a huge void in the hockey world as it was the site for anything related to player contracts, the salary cap, and the NHL CBA.

A few months later in May 2015, and a few weeks prior to the launch of CapFriendly, the website General Fanager was launched in an attempt to fill the void left by CapGeek. One of the features General Fanager introduced that set itself apart was the CBA Explained videos starring Scott Bartlett, a Sports Consulting Group Player Agent.

When General Fanager later shut down in October 2016 these videos were no longer available on a salary cap site. In an effort to have the best salary cap related resources available for you, CapFriendly has received permission from both General Fanager and Scott to host these CBA Explained videos.


CBA Explained Episode 1 - Entry Level Contracts

CBA Explained Episode 2 - Entry Level Bonuses

CBA Explained Episode 3 - Entry Level Slides

CBA Explained Episode 4 - Unrestricted Free Agents

CBA Explained Episode 5 - Restricted Free Agents

CBA Explained Episode 6 - Qualifying Offers

CBA Explained Episode 7 - Arbitration Eligibility

CBA Explained Episode 8 - Arbitration Process

CBA Explained Episode 9 - Offer Sheets

CBA Shorts - Who is Scott Bartlett?

CBA Shorts - Scott's Hockey Playing Career

CBA Shorts - How are Contracts Negotiated?

CBA Shorts - Advanced Stats in Contract Negotiations

CBA Shorts - What's your Longest Contract Negotiation?

CBA Shorts - European Assignment Clause

CBA Shorts - Advice for Younger Players

CBA Shorts - Celebrating a Contract Signing

CBA Shorts - Strangest Place for a Contract Negotiation

CBA Shorts - Dream Client

CBA Shorts - Lessons from Playing

CBA Shorts - Best Part of Being an Agent