Draft Class

Round 1

1Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Pierre TurgeonCanadaC-
2Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Brendan ShanahanCanadaLW-
3Logo of the Boston BruinsLogo of the vancouver_canucks_79_97Glen WesleyCanadaLD-
4Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the minnesota_north_starsWayne McBean-
5Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Chris Joseph-
6Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Dave Archibald-
7Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Luke RichardsonCanadaLD-
8Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Jimmy Waite-
9Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Bryan Fogarty-
10Logo of the New York Rangers-Jayson More-
11Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Yves Racine-
12Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Keith Osborne-
13Logo of the New York Islanders-Dean Chynoweth-
14Logo of the Boston Bruins-Stéphane QuintalCanadaD-
15Logo of the Quebec NordiquesLogo of the washington_capitals_74_95Joe SakicCanadaC-
16Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Bryan MarchmentCanadaD-
17Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Andrew CasselsCanadaC-
18Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Jody Hull-
19Logo of the Calgary Flames-Bryan Deasley-
20Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Darren Rumble-
21Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Peter Soberlak-

Round 2

22Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Brad Miller-
23Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Ricard Persson-
24Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Rob Murphy-
25Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the minnesota_north_starsStephane Matteau-
26Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Rick Tabaracci-
27Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Mark Fitzpatrick-
28Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Daniel Marois-
29Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Ryan McGill-
30Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the quebec_nordiquesJeff Harding-
31Logo of the New York Rangers-Daniel Lacroix-
32Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Gord Kruppke-
33Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the st_louise_blues_85_98John LeClairUnited StatesLW-
34Logo of the New York Islanders-Jeff HackettCanadaG-
35Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the boston_bruins_50_95Scott McCrady-
36Logo of the Washington Capitals-Jeff Ballantyne-
37Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Patrik Erickson-
38Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Eric Desjardins-
39Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Adam Burt-
40Logo of the Calgary Flames-Kevin Grant-
41Logo of the Detroit Red WingsLogo of the philadelphia_flyersBob Wilkie-
42Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Brad Werenka-

Round 3

43Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Ross Wilson-
44Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Mathieu SchneiderUnited StatesD-
45Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Steve Veilleux-
46Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the minnesota_north_starsSimon Gagne-
47Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Jamie Leach-
48Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Kevin Kaminski-
49Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-John McIntyre-
50Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Cam Russell-
51Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Jim Sprott-
52Logo of the Detroit Red WingsLogo of the new_york_rangersDennis Holland-
53Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the detroit_red_wingsAndrew MacVicar-
54Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Kevin Miehm-
55Logo of the New York Islanders-Dean Ewen-
56Logo of the Boston Bruins-Todd Lalonde-
57Logo of the Washington Capitals-Steve Maltais-
58Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the original_winnipeg_jets_79_90Francois Gravel-
59Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the montreal_canadiensRobert Nordmark-
60Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Mike Dagenais-
61Logo of the Calgary Flames-Scott Mahoney-
62Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Martin Hostak-
63Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Geoff Smith-

Round 4

64Logo of the Edmonton OilersLogo of the buffalo_sabres_71_96Peter Eriksson-
65Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Brian Sullivan-
66Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Doug Torrel-
67Logo of the Boston BruinsLogo of the minnesota_north_starsDarwin McPherson-
68Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Risto Kurkinen-
69Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Mike SullivanUnited StatesC-
70Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the toronto_maple_leafs_88_16Tim Harris-
71Logo of the Toronto Maple LeafsLogo of the chicago_blackhawksJoe Sacco-
72Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Kip Miller-
73Logo of the Minnesota North StarsLogo of the new_york_rangersJohn Weisbrod-
74Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Mark Reimer-
75Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Darin Smith-
76Logo of the New York Islanders-George Maneluk-
77Logo of the Boston Bruins-Matt DelGuidice-
78Logo of the Washington Capitals-Tyler Larter-
79Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Don McLennan-
80Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Kris Miller-
81Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Terry Yake-
82Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the calgary_flamesAndy Rymsha-
83Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Tomaz Eriksson-
84Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the edmonton_oilersJohn Bradley-

Round 5

85Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Dave Pergola-
86Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Kevin Dean-
87Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Sean Fabian-
88Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Teppo Kivela-
89Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Jeff Waver-
90Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Mike Vukonich-
91Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Mike Eastwood-
92Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Ulf Sandstrom-
93Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Rob Mendel-
94Logo of the New York Rangers-Erik O'Borsky-
95Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Radomir Brazda-
96Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the st_louise_blues_85_98Ken Gernander-
97Logo of the New York Islanders-Petr Vlk-
98Logo of the Boston Bruins-Ted Donato-
99Logo of the Washington Capitals-Pat Beauchesne-
100Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Darrin Amundson-
101Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Steve McCool-
102Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Mark Rousseau-
103Logo of the Calgary Flames-Tim Corkery-
104Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Bill Gall-
105Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Shaun Van Allen-

Round 6

106Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Chris Marshall-
107Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Ben Hankinson-
108Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Garry Valk-
109Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Darcy Norton-
110Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Shawn McEachernUnited StatesLW-
111Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Greg Batters-
112Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Damian RhodesUnited StatesG-
113Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Mike McCormick-
114Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Garth Snow-
115Logo of the New York Rangers-Ludek Cajka-
116Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Sean Clifford-
117Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Rob Robinson-
118Logo of the New York Islanders-Rob DiMaio-
119Logo of the Boston Bruins-Matt Glennon-
120Logo of the Washington Capitals-Rich DeFreitas-
121Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Joe Harwell-
122Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Les Kuntar-
123Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Jeff St. Cyr-
124Logo of the Calgary Flames-Joe Aloi-
125Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Tony Link-
126Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Radek Toupal-

Round 7

127Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Paul Flanagan-
128Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Tom Neziol-
129Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Todd Fanning-
130Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Timo Kulonen-
131Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Jim Bodden-
132Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Kyosti Karjalainen-
133Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Trevor Jobe-
134Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Stephen Tepper-
135Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Tim Hanus-
136Logo of the New York Rangers-Clint Thomas-
137Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Mike Gober-
138Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Todd Crabtree-
139Logo of the New York Islanders-Knut Walbye-
140Logo of the Boston Bruins-Rob Cheevers-
141Logo of the Washington Capitals-Devon Oleniuk-
142Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Tod Hartje-
143Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Robert Kelley-
144Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Gregg Wolf-
145Logo of the Calgary Flames-Peter Ciavaglia-
146Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Marc Strapon-
147Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Tomas Srsen-

Round 8

148Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Sean Dooley-
149Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Jim DowdUnited StatesC-
150Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Viktor Tumeneu-
151Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Don Schmidt-
152Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Jiri Kucera-
153Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the los_angeles_kings_76_88Tim Roberts-
154Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Chris Jensen-
155Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-John Reilly-
156Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Jake Enebak-
157Logo of the New York Rangers-Chuck Wiegand-
158Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Kevin Scott-
159Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Guy Hebert-
160Logo of the New York Islanders-Jeff Saterdalen-
161Logo of the Boston Bruins-Chris Winnes-
162Logo of the Washington Capitals-Thomas Sjogren-
163Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Markku Kyllonen-
164Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Will Geist-
165Logo of the Hartford Whalers-John Moore-
166Logo of the Calgary Flames-Theoren FleuryCanadaRW-
167Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Darryl Ingham-
168Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Age Ellingsen-

Round 9

169Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Grant Tkachuk-
170Logo of the New Jersey Devils-John Blessman-
171Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Craig Daly-
172Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Jarmo Myllys-
173Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-John MacDougall-
174Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Jeff Gawlicki-
175Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Brian Blad-
176Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Lance Werness-
177Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Jaroslav Sevcik-
178Logo of the New York Rangers-Eric Burrill-
179Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Mikko Haapakoski-
180Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Rob Dumas-
181Logo of the New York Islanders-Shawn Howard-
182Logo of the Boston Bruins-Paul Ohman-
183Logo of the Quebec NordiquesLogo of the washington_capitals_74_95Ladislav Tresl-
184Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Jim Fernholz-
185Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Eric Tremblay-
186Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Joe Day-
187Logo of the Calgary Flames-Mark Osiecki-
188Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Bruce MacDonald-
189Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Gavin Armstrong-

Round 10

190Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Ian Herbers-
191Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Pete Fry-
192Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-John Fletcher-
193Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Larry Olimb-
194Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Daryn McBride-
195Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-John Preston-
196Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Ron Bernacci-
197Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Dale Marquette-
198Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Darren Nauss-
199Logo of the New York Rangers-Dave Porter-
200Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Darin Banister-
201Logo of the St. Louis Blues-David Marvin-
202Logo of the New York Islanders-John Herlihy-
203Logo of the Boston Bruins-Casey Jones-
204Logo of the Washington Capitals-Chris Clarke-
205Logo of the New York RangersLogo of the original_winnipeg_jets_79_90Brett Barnett-
206Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Barry McKinlay-
207Logo of the St. Louis BluesLogo of the hartford_whalers_79_92Andy Cesarski-
208Logo of the Calgary Flames-Bill Sedergren-
209Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Steve Morrow-
210Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Mike Tinkham-

Round 11

211Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-David Littman-
212Logo of the New Jersey Devils-Alain Charland-
213Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Roger Hansson-
214Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Marc Felicio-
215Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Mark Carlson-
216Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Rotislav Vlach-
217Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Ken Alexander-
218Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Bill LaCouture-
219Logo of the Quebec Nordiques-Mike Williams-
220Logo of the New York Rangers-Lance Marciano-
221Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Craig Quinlan-
222Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Daniel Rolfe-
223Logo of the New York Islanders-Mike Erickson-
224Logo of the Boston Bruins-Eric LeMarque-
225Logo of the Washington Capitals-Milos Vanik-
226Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Roger Rougelot-
227Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Ed Ronan-
228Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Kevin Sullivan-
229Logo of the Calgary Flames-Peter Hasselblad-
230Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Darius Rusnak-
231Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Jeff Pauletti-

Round 12

232Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-Al MacIsaac-
233Logo of the Vancouver CanucksLogo of the new_jersey_devils_82_92Neil Eisenhut-
234Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-Matt Evo-
235Logo of the Minnesota North Stars-Dave Shields-
236Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-Ake Lilljebjorn-
237Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-Mikael Lindholm-
238Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-Alex Weinrich-
239Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-Mike Lappin-
240Logo of the Washington CapitalsLogo of the quebec_nordiquesDan Brettschneider-
241Logo of the Edmonton OilersLogo of the new_york_rangersJesper Duus-
242Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-Tomas Jansson-
243Logo of the St. Louis Blues-Ray Savard-
244Logo of the New York Islanders-Will Averill-
245Logo of the Boston Bruins-Sean Gorman-
246Logo of the Washington Capitals-Ryan Kummu-
247Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-Hans-Goran Elo-
248Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-Bryan Herring-
249Logo of the Hartford Whalers-Steve Laurin-
250Logo of the Calgary Flames-Magnus Svensson-
251Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-Dale Roehl-
252Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-Igor Vyazmikin-