Draft Class

Round 1

1Anaheim Ducks---
2Arizona Coyotes---
3Boston Bruins---
4Buffalo Sabres---
5Calgary Flames---
6Carolina Hurricanes---
7Chicago Blackhawks---
8Colorado Avalanche---
9Columbus Blue Jackets---
10Dallas Stars---
11Detroit Red Wings---
12Edmonton Oilers---
13Florida Panthers---
14Los Angeles Kings---
15Minnesota Wild---
16Montreal Canadiens---
17Nashville Predators---
18New Jersey Devils---
19New York Islanders---
20New York Rangers---
21Ottawa Senators---
22Philadelphia Flyers---
23Pittsburgh Penguins---
24San Jose Sharks---
25Seattle Kraken---
26St. Louis Blues---
27Tampa Bay Lightning---
28Toronto Maple Leafs---
29Vancouver Canucks---
30Vegas Golden Knights---
31Washington Capitals---
32Winnipeg Jets---

Round 2

33Anaheim Ducks---
34Arizona Coyotes---
35Boston Bruins---
36Buffalo Sabres---
37Calgary Flames---
38Carolina Hurricanes---
39Chicago Blackhawks---
40New York Islanderscolorado_avalanche--
Oct 12, 2020
New York Islanders Acquire:
New York Islanders
2021 2nd round pick (COL)
2022 2nd round pick (COL)
Colorado Avalanche Acquire:
Colorado Avalanche
Devon Toews (Signing Rights)
41Columbus Blue Jackets---
42Dallas Stars---
43Detroit Red Wings---
44Edmonton Oilers---
45Florida Panthers---
46Los Angeles Kings---
47Minnesota Wild---
48Montreal Canadiens---
49Nashville Predators---
50New Jersey Devils---
51New York Islanders---
52New York Rangers---
53Ottawa Senators---
54Philadelphia Flyers---
55Pittsburgh Penguins---
56San Jose Sharks---
57Seattle Kraken---
58St. Louis Blues---
59Ottawa Senatorstampa_bay_lightning--
Dec 27, 2020
Ottawa Senators Acquire:
Ottawa Senators
2022 2nd round pick (TBL)
Tampa Bay Lightning Acquire:
Tampa Bay Lightning
60Toronto Maple Leafs---
61Vancouver Canucks---
62Vegas Golden Knights---
63Washington Capitals---
64Winnipeg Jets---

Round 3

65Anaheim Ducks---
66Arizona Coyotes---
67Boston Bruins---
68Buffalo Sabres---
69Calgary Flames---
70Carolina Hurricanes---
71Chicago Blackhawks---
72Colorado Avalanche---
73Columbus Blue Jackets---
74Dallas Stars---
75Detroit Red Wings---
76Edmonton Oilers---
77Florida Panthers---
78Los Angeles Kings---
79Minnesota Wild---
80Montreal Canadiens---
81Nashville Predators---
82New Jersey Devils---
83New York Islanders---
Feb 24, 2020
Ottawa Senators Acquire:
Ottawa Senators
2020 conditional 1st round pick* (NYI - #28 - Ridly Greig)
2020 2nd round pick (NYI - #59 - Roni Hirvonen)
2022 conditional 3rd round pick** (NYI)
*Conditions: If the Islanders win the draft lottery and select top 3, the pick becomes a 2021 1st round pick
Result: Senators will receive Islanders 2020 1st round pick.
**Conditions: The pick is transferred if the New York Islanders win the 2020 Stanley Cup

Result: Condition not met. No pick is transferred
New York Islanders Acquire:
New York Islanders
84New York Rangers---
85Ottawa Senators---
86Philadelphia Flyers---
87Pittsburgh Penguins---
88San Jose Sharks---
89Seattle Kraken---
90St. Louis Blues---
91Tampa Bay Lightning---
92Toronto Maple Leafs---
93Vegas Golden Knightsvancouver_canucks--
Oct 12, 2020
Vegas Golden Knights Acquire:
Vegas Golden Knights
2022 3rd round pick (VAN)
Vancouver Canucks Acquire:
Vancouver Canucks
94Vegas Golden Knights---
95Washington Capitals---
96Winnipeg Jets---

Round 4

97Anaheim Ducks---
98Arizona Coyotes---
99Boston Bruins---
100Buffalo Sabres---
101Calgary Flames---
102Carolina Hurricanes---
103Chicago Blackhawks---
104Colorado Avalanche---
105Columbus Blue Jackets---
106Dallas Stars---
107Detroit Red Wings---
108Edmonton Oilers---
109Florida Panthers---
110Los Angeles Kings---
111Minnesota Wild---
112Montreal Canadiens---
113Nashville Predators---
114New Jersey Devils---
115New York Islanders---
116New York Rangers---
117Ottawa Senators---
118Philadelphia Flyers---
119Pittsburgh Penguins---
120San Jose Sharks---
121Seattle Kraken---
122St. Louis Blues---
123Tampa Bay Lightning---
124Toronto Maple Leafs---
125Vancouver Canucks---
Feb 17, 2020
Los Angeles Kings Acquire:
Los Angeles Kings
Tyler Madden (Signing Rights)
2020 2nd round pick (VAN - #51 - Theodor Niederbach)
2022 conditional 4th round pick* (VAN)
*Conditions: Pick is transferred if Tyler Toffoli re-signs with the Vancouver Canucks

Result: Toffoli did not re-sign with Vancouver. No pick is transferred.
Vancouver Canucks Acquire:
Vancouver Canucks
126Detroit Red Wingsvegas_golden_knights--
Oct 7, 2020
Detroit Red Wings Acquire:
Detroit Red Wings
2022 4th round pick (VGK)
Vegas Golden Knights Acquire:
Vegas Golden Knights
2020 5th round pick (DET - #125 - Jesper Vikman)
127Washington Capitals---
128Vegas Golden Knightswinnipeg_jets--
Oct 9, 2020
Vegas Golden Knights Acquire:
Vegas Golden Knights
2022 conditional 4th round pick* (WPG)
*Conditions: Vegas receives the 2022 4th round pick if Stastny plays 5 games for Winnipeg in the 2020-21 season.
Winnipeg Jets Acquire:
Winnipeg Jets
Feb 25, 2019
New York Rangers Acquire:
New York Rangers
2019 conditional 1st round pick* (WPG - #20 - Ville Heinola)
2022 conditional 4th round pick** (WPG)
*Conditions: Should the draft lottery render the 2019 NHL first-round selection a top-three pick, the Rangers will receive Winnipeg's 2020 first-round selection instead.

*Result: Rangers receive Jets 2019 1st round pick.
**Conditions: The pick transfers to the Rangers only if Winnipeg wins the 2018-19 Stanley Cup.

**Result: Condition not met. No pick is transferred.
Winnipeg Jets Acquire:
Winnipeg Jets

Round 5

129Anaheim Ducks---
130Arizona Coyotes---
131Boston Bruins---
132Vegas Golden Knightsbuffalo_sabres_21--
Jun 28, 2019
Vegas Golden Knights Acquire:
Vegas Golden Knights
2021 2nd round pick (STL)
2022 5th round pick (BUF)
Buffalo Sabres Acquire:
Buffalo Sabres
133Calgary Flames---
134Carolina Hurricanes---
135Chicago Blackhawks---
136Colorado Avalanche---
137New Jersey Devilscolumbus_blue_jackets--
Feb 25, 2019
New Jersey Devils Acquire:
New Jersey Devils
2022 5th round pick (CBJ)
Columbus Blue Jackets Acquire:
Columbus Blue Jackets
138Dallas Stars---
139Detroit Red Wings---
140Edmonton Oilers---
141Florida Panthers---
142Los Angeles Kings---
143Minnesota Wild---
144Montreal Canadiens---
145Nashville Predators---
146New Jersey Devils---
147New York Islanders---
148New York Rangers---
149Ottawa Senators---
150Philadelphia Flyers---
151Pittsburgh Penguins---
152Minnesota Wildsan_jose_sharks--
Oct 5, 2020
Minnesota Wild Acquire:
Minnesota Wild
2022 5th round pick (SJS)
San Jose Sharks Acquire:
San Jose Sharks
Devan Dubnyk ($2,166,666 retained - 50%)
2022 7th round pick (MIN)
153Seattle Kraken---
154St. Louis Blues---
155Tampa Bay Lightning---
156Toronto Maple Leafs---
157Vancouver Canucks---
158Vegas Golden Knights---
159Washington Capitals---
160Winnipeg Jets---

Round 6

161Anaheim Ducks---
162Arizona Coyotes---
163Boston Bruins---
164Buffalo Sabres---
165Calgary Flames---
166Carolina Hurricanes---
167Chicago Blackhawks---
168Colorado Avalanche---
169Columbus Blue Jackets---
170Dallas Stars---
171Detroit Red Wings---
172Edmonton Oilers---
173Florida Panthers---
174Los Angeles Kings---
175Minnesota Wild---
176Montreal Canadiens---
177Anaheim Ducksnashville_predators--
Feb 24, 2020
Anaheim Ducks Acquire:
Anaheim Ducks
2022 6th round pick (NSH)
Nashville Predators Acquire:
Nashville Predators
178New Jersey Devils---
179New York Islanders---
180New York Rangers---
181Ottawa Senators---
182Philadelphia Flyers---
183Pittsburgh Penguins---
184San Jose Sharks---
185Seattle Kraken---
186St. Louis Blues---
187Tampa Bay Lightning---
188Toronto Maple Leafs---
189Vancouver Canucks---
190Vegas Golden Knights---
191Washington Capitals---
192Winnipeg Jets---

Round 7

193Columbus Blue Jacketsanaheim_ducks--
Oct 7, 2020
Columbus Blue Jackets Acquire:
Columbus Blue Jackets
2022 conditional 7th round pick* (ANA)
*Conditions: Columbus will receive the 7th round pick in either 2021 or 2022. At the time of the trade, Anaheim did not hold a 2021 7th round pick
Anaheim Ducks Acquire:
Anaheim Ducks
2020 7th round pick (CBJ - #207 - Ethan Bowen)
Feb 24, 2020
Edmonton Oilers Acquire:
Edmonton Oilers
2022 conditional 7th round pick* (ANA)
*Conditions: Edmonton receives the 2022 7th round pick if Joel Persson plays 25 games for Anaheim in the 2020-21 season.
Anaheim Ducks Acquire:
Anaheim Ducks
194Arizona Coyotes---
195Boston Bruins---
196Buffalo Sabres---
197Calgary Flames---
198Carolina Hurricanes---
199Chicago Blackhawks---
200Colorado Avalanche---
201Columbus Blue Jackets---
202Dallas Stars---
203Detroit Red Wings---
204Edmonton Oilers---
205Florida Panthers---
206Los Angeles Kings---
207San Jose Sharksminnesota_wild--
Oct 5, 2020
San Jose Sharks Acquire:
San Jose Sharks
Devan Dubnyk ($2,166,666 retained - 50%)
2022 7th round pick (MIN)
Minnesota Wild Acquire:
Minnesota Wild
2022 5th round pick (SJS)
208Montreal Canadiens---
209Nashville Predators---
210New Jersey Devils---
211New York Islanders---
212New York Rangers---
213Ottawa Senators---
214Philadelphia Flyers---
215Pittsburgh Penguins---
216San Jose Sharks---
217Seattle Kraken---
218Montreal Canadiensst_louis_blues--
Sep 2, 2020
Montreal Canadiens Acquire:
Montreal Canadiens
2022 7th round pick (STL)
St. Louis Blues Acquire:
St. Louis Blues
2020 3rd round pick (WSH - #86 - Dylan Peterson)
2020 7th round pick (CHI - #203 - Chase Bradley)
219Tampa Bay Lightning---
220Toronto Maple Leafs---
221Vancouver Canucks---
222Vegas Golden Knights---
223Washington Capitals---
224Winnipeg Jets---