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Time to start a transition

Aug 7, 2018 at 4:25
CPDunn Untouchable
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I see we have made moves and they are good for the short term and for right now, but as I look at it great when Gunnar and Bouwmeester is gone we have enough space to sign our guys and kind of transition the young guys up to the team, but exp team is coming. That’s gonna be difficult to get passed when Dunn Parayko Petro and Edmundson need to be protected, and Tank Schwartz ROR Schenn And a couple others. But what it looks like is if we can upgrade the goalie if Allen does bad this season we have a very good shot with this team at the cup, but problem is we have a lot of 1 year contracts that are going to need resignings all the prospect are going to need resignings stuff like that and I’m wondering if we went from Bozak, Perron, Maroon to Thomas Kyrou and Kostin would the team still be a cup contender with the inexperienced down the Depth.
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