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Worst case scenario for fans is what Bergevin is working towards

Aug 30, 2018 at 1:48
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Title says it all.

I think all Habs fans can agree here that the worst possible scenario for this upcoming season is MTL finishing only a few positions/points out of the playoffs. Yet this is exactly what Habs management is striving for...
With all signs pointing to Pacioretty returning, with hopes that he goes back to his usual 30goal scoring ways to boost his trade value. Expectations that Price will rebound, and for Weber to return 100% healthy come late November early December. If all this comes to past, the Habs will contend for a playoff spot... So even with the slim chances that MTL do make the playoffs, no one is expecting them to go far. Lack of top end NHL centers will still be an issue (kids aren’t ready yet) and no depth on the LD nor a top D to pair up with Weber.

All that for no cup, weak draft picks for the next draft, and most likely no additional picks acquired at the trade deadline because Bergefail will want to keep his UFAs to help fight for a playoff spot....

It would be a disaster... and somehow this is what we’re working towards...... let me know what you guys think
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