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(EDM / STL) - conditional 6th round pick for Jeřábek

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Oct 1 at 10:28
A trade between Edmonton Oilers and St. Louis Blues has been confirmed.
Trade Details
Edmonton Oilers
Edmonton Oilers
2020 conditional 6th round pick* (STL)
*Conditions: The pick becomes a fifth round selection if Jeřábek appears in 50 or more regular season games for the Blues in 2018-19.
Oct 1 at 12:06
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Your GM reputation has gone down for trading a player too early after signing him. You have lost one phone at the trade deadline.
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Oct 1 at 12:19
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Is real life turning into the GM Game? Players signing with teams and then getting traded before playing a game with the new team?

Really though, he must have struggled in training camp, so it's probably a win-win.
Oct 1 at 12:20
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Edmonton signed him as a FA and Blues give up very little for a guy who is a decent 6/7. Plus the pick is even more meaningless if the Oilers keep it, since they're generally really bad at drafting in late rounds.
Oct 1 at 12:59
Oui non grille-pain
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"Multiple morale changes for signing Jakub Jerabek and immediately trading him away."
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Oct 1 at 8:30
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Quoting: Icegirl
"Multiple morale changes for signing Jakub Jerabek and immediately trading him away."

lol smile
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Oct 1 at 8:42
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Not sure why the Blues made this deal. They give up little, but Jerabek isn't really needed.
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