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(CHI/LAK) - Iacopelli for Watson

Who won the trade?
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Feb 24 at 7:28
Feb 24 at 7:31
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Moving some deck chairs on ECHL-level, I see. This is the stuff I spam F5 on twitter for.
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Feb 24 at 8:38
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PPG ECHL player for a .5 PPG ECHL player... Chicago wins but they don't actually get a prize.
Feb 24 at 9:32
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A scrub for a scrub. Chicago wins on the merit that Watson is less of a scrub.
Feb 25 at 12:03
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I usually like to nerd out on the mundane and obscure. Tho right before the TD this one is pretty tough for even me to get a rouse on for. If either player has a sustained NA pro career, even as an AHL’er, that team wins the trade. Maybe it was an personal differences thing? Maybe it’s a request of the players? Important to remember these are people, as much as anyone else, and they’ve just had their lives tossed in a blender. Wishing Mat & Spencer the best!
Jun 29 at 3:38
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Blake loses another trade what else is new wink?
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