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(MIN/NSH) - Granlund for Fiala

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Feb 25 at 2:50
Feb 25 at 2:51
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What the heck????? huge win for Nashville my goodness.
Feb 25 at 2:51
bang bang
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Minnesota is on drugs. Nashville absolutely robbed them blind
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Feb 25 at 2:51
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Are u kidding me?
Feb 25 at 2:51
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Minnesota got robbed on this one.
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Feb 25 at 2:51
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I mean, Fiala does have great upside but ehhhhh... giving this to Nashville.
Feb 25 at 2:52
I'm a Skatman
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can anyone enlighten me on the rationale here?
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Feb 25 at 2:52
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Minnesota tries to get younger and Nashville adding a 2nd liner to help their scoring. I'd say Nashville wins fairly easily.
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Feb 25 at 2:52
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Yikes....seems like Minny panicked.
Feb 25 at 2:54
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Feb 25 at 2:54
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Guys stone goes to vegas
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Feb 25 at 2:55
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Minnesota wins this year's edition of worst trade at TDL
Feb 25 at 2:55
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What is Minnesota doing? LMAO
Feb 25 at 2:57
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This must be a joke. STRAIGHT UP????????!?!?!?!?!??!
Feb 25 at 3:00
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Lol I don't think the owner meant this by giving green light to trade core pieces for the future. Awful trade for Minny
Feb 25 at 3:03
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FIRE CHUCK FLETCHER!!! This is horrible!
Feb 25 at 3:05
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Poor Wild...
Feb 25 at 3:05
Oui non grille-pain
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I’m at a loss for words. Why? Just... why?
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Feb 25 at 3:06
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Quoting: CapFriendly


Nino Niederreiter + Mikael Granlund


Victor Rask + Kevin Fiala

Seems legit.
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Feb 25 at 3:15
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So Nashville gets Simmonds and Granlund for Hartman, a pick and Fiala. Has been a good few minutes for Nashville
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Feb 25 at 3:34
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Edited Feb 25 at 3:41
Minnesota's new gm really must have hated Granlund so much for making this dumb ass trade! Good for Granny and good for Preds smile

Feb 25 at 4:05
Big John T
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Quoting: Hockeylover360
Minnesota tries to get younger and Nashville adding a 2nd liner to help their scoring. I'd say Nashville wins fairly easily.

also MIN is shedding salary

but if those were their aims, you'd have to think they could have done a better deal last summer
Feb 25 at 4:41
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Steal of the century
Feb 25 at 5:11
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Feb 25 at 5:58
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What an awfully weird trade. I voted "fair deal" because I'm just at a loss for words as to how odd this seems. But I'm willing to admit I don't watch either team regularly enough, to be a great judge of each player and how they were fitting a role on their respective teams. Everything tells me Granlund is about 2 Fiala's, at least, in trade value, so something must be missing from my assessment. But then again, being an oilers fan, you kind of get use to justifying these very same types of trades when all your young stars keep disappear, only to "reappear" as a great player on a much better managed team. Minnesota can't be this badly managed as well though, could they? It should be noted that Donato has been killing it for them, so they must feel he's capable of taking the role Granlund was playing, and now they need a solid 3rd line LW/utility type player (PK, PP, jump up in the top6 if need be). Fiala covers that base and is much younger than Granlund, as is Donato. Seems like being anchored by their big vet contracts is making them get crafty and try to build a competitor on the run. They've lost big so far in the Nino for Rask trade, but Rask is slightly cheaper and could still prove valuable in a role, so long as he plays the role well. I'm also not too certain Carolina understands how to value their players, as they've lost many good ones of late and their trades look really bad already.

So ya, fair deal I guess?
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