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Docs Sens Prospects Ranked

Mar 17, 2019 at 10:00
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Teams Already Done: ANA,AZI,TOR

I plan to do this for every team leading up to the NHL draft with giving a ranked guide on each teams prospects and what their needs might be in the upcoming draft. (I plan to be ranking by Positions only not 1,2,3 ect... that could take way to much time and have way to much non constructive talk about who is 14th vs 15th ect... Alongside il be giving an overall for their prospect pool with a breakdown of a grade between each Position.

In order to Qualify for this list the player must be under 24 Years of Age & have less than 42 Games of NHL Experience

Center Prospects:
Organizational Center Prospect Quality/Depth: A-
#1 Drake Batherson
#2 Joshua Norris
#3 Logan Brown
#4 Filip Chlapik
#5 Parker Kelly
#6-T Everyone Else

Honorable Mention: Angus Crookshank

With Season tickets to the BSens its be a pleasure to watch some of these prospects grow throughout the year.

Drake Batherson has been outstanding all year, with his ability to control the pace of the game and find space Bathersons scoring ability transferred greatly into the AHL, while i expect him to fully join the OSens full time in 2019-2020 expecting him to fire out the gate could be a stretch, realistic expectations for Batherson should be a Middle 6 Role with Ottawa putting up 35-40 points for 2019-2020. My only hope is Ottawas next head coach puts him on the 1st line with Tkachuk & Duclair instead of 12-14 mins a night where his development may be stunted. Batherson is a natural leader dropping the gloves last night in defensive of a late hit on a teammate is something that scares you as a Star Forward but Batherson got a standing ovation for it Friday night against the Laval Rockets.

Joshua Norris was acquired in the Trade with SJS in the EK deal and is currently using his talents in the NCAA Univ. of Michigan in his Sophomore year has been able to put up over a PPG pace considerably improving his pace compared to last year, Norris made a considerable impression on me at the WJC with USA U20 not only for his offensive ability but his defensive responsibility could have him full time NHL ready for 2020-2021.

Logan Brown is a Massive 6'6 Center drafted 11th overall by OTT in 2016. Using both of his ELC Slide years is in his first year of Professional hockey. Brown is excellent in the corners and a huge front net presence. With the Ability to be thrown on the PP on the 2nd Unit hes been effective with his power play quarterback passing plays in the 1-3-1 setup.

Filip Chlapik is incredible player to watch with his Lethal shot Chlapik Leads BEL with 5 GWG Goals & 11 Points on the Powerplay, I expect big things from Chlapik if he continues to develop

Parker Kelly is a PPG player for Prince Albert of the WHL in his 4th Season seeing a solid increase in production in his final year of Junior. I expect Kelly to join BEL if PAR gets eliminated in the playoffs before Bellevilles season is finish or they make a run in the playoffs.

Winger Prospects:
Organizational Winger Prospect Quality/Depth: A+
#1 Max Veronneau
#2 Vitaly Abramov
#3 Rudolfs Balcers
#4 Alex Formenton
#5 Jonathan Gruden
#6-T Everyone Else

Max Veronneau was just signed out of Princeton Univ putting up an impressive 1.2 PPG pace in the NCAA i feel hes more than NHL ready and in the 2 games he has played so far with Ottawa is getting started on the 2nd line with Lindberg & Smith, Veronneau will slowly see his mins increase as HC Crawford continues to ease him into the NHL pace.

Vitaly Abramov is an interesting player acquired in the Duchene deal Abramov has yet to find his footing yet in the AHL and be as effective as he was in Junior;however, it is to be expected as its only his first professional season. Abramov will need a few more seasons in the Minors before being NHL ready, i would expect Abramov to crack the the Ottawa Sens in a middle 6 role in 2021-2022.

Rudolfs Balcers has a rocket of a shot when he decides to use it, while never cracking 100 shots in Belleville he still managed an impressive Shooting % of 16. Earning him a shot with the Big Club, while i don't expect Balcers to ever be a massive scorer in the NHL putting up 30-40 points should be his peak on the 3rd line of an average club, his Defensive game still needs some work but its his discipline level that is the most impressive to me, Balcers is never caught taking bad penalty and can be relied on to do so.

Alex Formenton is a big forward who could still use to put on some weight to fill out, listed at 165 but has the frame to hit 185-190 in his early 20s, Formenton has elite speed might be one of the fastest if not the fastest player in Junior. Once the Knights season ends he should see some time in Belleville for their playoff run. Currently above a PPG on the OHL Knights & was able to crack the Canada WJC roster this and last year.

Jonathan Gruden edges out this last spot while being a first year College player for Miami Univ. (Ohio). Gruden still has tons of work to do for his development but i am excited for the ceiling this 19 year old possesses. being a PPG player in the US Development Program last year showed his elite offensive ability. While Gruden will need to work on Disciple & defensive responsibility he squeaks into number 5 against some very good talent.

Defensive Prospects:
Organizational Defence Prospect Quality/Depth: B
#1 Erik Brannstrom
#2 Jacob Bernard-Docker
#3 Jonathan Tychonick
#4 Andreas Englund
#5 Everyone Else

Erik Brannstrom is the best Offensive Defensive prospect in Belleville iv seen since PK.Subban. His ability to walk the Offensive blue Line and QB a Powerplay is only shared with a few. Brandstrom is a Top 3 Defensive prospect in the NHL. Keep in mind he earns this praise while being only 19 Years of Age not turning 20 until Sept. being just shy of a PPG player in both the International Jrs & WJC U20 Brandstrom made the team at just 18 pulling heavy mins for Sweden. Brannstrom will be a Top 2 & Franchise Defensemen for Ottawa in the future. He should be able to play Top 4 mins for them in 2019-2020.

Jacob Bernard-Docker is currently playing for Univ. of North Dakota drafted in the first round of 2018 making Canada's U20 World Junior team. At just 18 hes a RHD prospect Ottawa fans should be excited about. Expect his NHL debut in 2021-2022

Jonathan Tychonick is another Univ. of North Dakota product and actually JBDs Defensive partner. While Tychonick plays a more stay at home defensive game he earns tons of time on the PK for North Dakota.

Andreas Englund at 23 has earn his shot a few times with OTT while never cracking the team full time has played well for BEL this year improving his defensive game, Englund will be a solid #6/7 Defensemen for Ottawa in the future.

Goaltending Prospects:
Organizational Goaltending Prospect Quality/Depth: B
#1: Joey Daccord
#2-T Filip Gustavsson
#3-T Jordan Hollett

Joey Daccord is the starting goaltender for Arizona State Univ in the NCAA posting a very impressive 0.926 SV% with a 2.36 GAA proving significant increases on last years totals. Continuing the trend of solid improvements every season.

Filip Gustavsson & Jordan Hollett i have tied because it seems Gustavsson has taken a step back with Belleville this year playing a 1A-1B role with Marcus Högberg. But has seem to lost the goaltending battle to Hogberg as the season has progressed. Hollett is currently starting as the Backup for Medicine Hat seeming to struggle with only a .895 SV% & 3.5 GAA. I will want to see significant improvements from Hollett if he wants a chance at professtional hockey.
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Mar 17, 2019 at 11:07
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Great read up. I'm a Kings fan, so I'm excited to see your list in them and compare it to my notes.

As far as Ottowa prospects, I can back up what you're saying about Brannstrom. I got to see him in the AHL a few times before the trade. The kid is a workhorse and a stud. Maybe a little worry about his size, so it's a good thing the NHL is shifting to a smaller/quicker league. He'll fit right in.
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Mar 17, 2019 at 11:19
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Quoting: PuckLuck_77
Great read up. I'm a Kings fan, so I'm excited to see your list in them and compare it to my notes.

As far as Ottowa prospects, I can back up what you're saying about Brannstrom. I got to see him in the AHL a few times before the trade. The kid is a workhorse and a stud. Maybe a little worry about his size, so it's a good thing the NHL is shifting to a smaller/quicker league. He'll fit right in.

Appreciate it, iv had some good feedback so far Brandstrom has been a treat to watch so far i am super excited to see how well he does.
Mar 17, 2019 at 11:41
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I 2nd thay comment on the write up. Good job there. I want to become a closet OTT fan. I dont like Melnyk and all that comes with him. I dont like how they handled the Hoffman EK situation, but they're making the most of it. Small market team that (I think) made prudent moves this TDL. One item of note on the goalie rankings.... I remember when FGus was supposed to be Carey Price. I hopeful for OTT fans, but a lesson on getting to ahead of ourselves for sure. 1 tournament doesnt mean HOF certainty.
Mar 17, 2019 at 2:22
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Great post. Thank you!
Mar 17, 2019 at 3:09
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Quoting: rja40
Great post. Thank you!

Appreciated, i plan on doing 1-2 every day working on the research for the Bruins now!
Mar 17, 2019 at 6:48
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Thanks so much!
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