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Triple Z Offense Strategy

Apr 11, 2019 at 3:30
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1. Canucks draft Zegras
2. Canucks trade for Zucker
3. Canucks sign Zuccarello

According to mock drafts, projections and what not, the Canucks look likely to select Krebs, Boldy, or Zegras. Any of the three would do the trick to add another skilled top six forward to the mix, particularily on the left side where we have diddly squat in our organization. Next, Zucker looks like he could be a potential offseason trade candidate and I think the Canucks should be firmly in the mix to get him as he can score, is still relatively young, can be a core top six forward, and has good term on his deal. I would consider trading a combination of Hutton, Virtanen, and/or Goldobin, and possibly our 40th overall pick this year to get him. Then in free agency, if Zuccarello tests free agency, the Canucks should be right there to snag him up. Harman Dayal of the Athletic made an interesting strategy of signing a guy like Zuccarello to a 2 year deal but giving him a boat load of cash that he can't turn down. I would say something like 2 years at 7M a year could do the trick. Right now the Canucks have a lot of cap to spend, but 2 years is the key as Hughes and Pettersson will need to be paid big bucks. Let me know what you think, and if there are any Minnesota Wild fans out there, let me know what Zucker's situation in Minnesota is and what it could potentially cost to get him.
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