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Is it 100% Podkolzin? Avs fan asking,

Apr 12 at 6:24
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So as a curious holder of the 4th pick. Is it pretty much consensus that the Blackhawks gun for Podkolzin? No Byram (because they could trade other D prospects too if they draft Byram), Cozens or Dach? Just wondering what people's thoughts are.
Apr 13 at 1:51
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Tremendous amount of skill, no question in my mind that Podkolzin is the BPA at #3.
May 6 at 8:53
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Hawks will likely draft Byram as it is the safest bet, will probably move some D prospects and picks around to help bolster the depth. Podkolzin should be yours and it would be nice to add to the second line for years to come.
May 16 at 9:52
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In my opinion, Podkolzin, Turcotte or Caufield could go at number 3
May 20 at 10:55
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Surprised nobody's mentioned Dylan Cozens yet, I think that's most likely where Chicago leans.
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