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(CAR/NYR) - Fox for 2019 2nd, 2020 conditional 3rd round picks

Who won the trade?
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May 9 at 2:26
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Quoting: ON3M4N
Wait a year and sign him as a FA or trade some picks, sign him and have him helping your team next year. How long will it take for 2nd/3rd to make an impact in the NHL, if they make it at all?

Agreed. The 2nd/3rd round picks are more of a commodify in my opinion. The more you can stock up on, the better chance you have of one or two paying off. It's just a matter of numbers. Maybe about 5 second rounders per season (just a guess), end up being NHL regulars.
May 17 at 10:11
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Well, I think this was a great trade for both teams, since Adam Fox has a lot of potential and he would stand out more in New York, while the two picks are great for the Hurricanes.
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