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Confirmed: Confirmed: (LAK/MTL) - 2nd round pick (50) - for 3rd and 5th round pick (64, 126)

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Jun 22 at 1:51
Trade confirmed: Los Angeles Kings - Montreal Canadiens
Trade Details
Los Angeles Kings Acquire:
Los Angeles Kings
2019 2nd round pick (CBJ - #50 - Samuel Fagemo)
Montreal Canadiens Acquire:
Montreal Canadiens
2019 3rd round pick (LAK - #64 - Mattias Norlinder)
2019 5th round pick (LAK - #126 - Jacob LeGuerrier)
Jun 22 at 1:52
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kings win
Jun 22 at 1:53
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Quoting: ConnorMcHellebucyk
kings win

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Jun 22 at 1:53
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Pick shuffling mixed in with some other huge trades is funny. "Subban to NJ! Miller traded!!" "The LA Kings have traded their 3rd and 5th for a second round pick from Montreal."
Jun 22 at 1:56
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Man, I love all this draft movement. So wild!
Jun 22 at 2:13
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Love this trade for Montreal. 10 picks between rounds 3-7. Keep the pick hoard going Bergevin
Jun 29 at 3:02
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Blake has lost every trade he has made... If he won anything it was like getting a dollar on a 2 dollar scratch off... I expect almost every pick for Kings to bust for this draft if they even play for franchise... Turcotte wont play 1 game for Kings walking away as Free agent after he is done w/ college like Jack Johnson and Hayes... I think only pick for Kings who will do anything is 2nd rounder 33rd overall I think he was smile.
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