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Kraken or Bust :)...

Jun. 29, 2019 at 4:14 a.m.
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I just really hope Seattle uses a name like Kraken or Krakens... There is a lot of positives related to using that compared to other names... Sockeye is probably the worst idea I've seen pushed... For starters it would lead to idiots bringing fish to throw on ice like CAtfrish in Nashville... The name is stupid, will they have circle jerks at center ice like Carolina is a bunch of jerks smile? I know guys use socks for things, will they toss socks on the ice too smile? Should I buy some google eyed sock puppet to use as their mascot or clean up when I"m done wink? You got all this money over a half a billion to spend but would consider using such an absurdly stupid name smile? Kraken has the cool images from original Clash of Titans, could use a squid style, there lots of options that can try compared to some stupid fish wink. My favorite teams currently are in Pacific so I'll be first to exploit any weakness smile.

I know all I've talked to have told me they would buy merchandise if the name is Kraken or Krakens... I've seen other names, though didn't wait this long for them to get a team for Sockeyes smile... Lets get Kraken... Unleash the Kraken... Seattle Lets get Kraken... There so many positives related to that compared to sockeyes or other names... I'm an organic Vegetarian so really not comfortable w/ a fish mascot that will have people eating or throwing on ice... Many in Seattle are Vegans who I don't think would feel as comfy supporting a name or team like that... Logos/designs, nothing is cool about a fish or really relates to hockey...

Congrats on Seattle finally getting a team, too bad NY Mets really ruined that name for them smile. They can use that in a throwback jersey for some outdoor heritage classic as a jersey... Or maybe they can hang up banners they didn't win for Cups like Senators do or did wink... I hope they hire Ron Francis so he can show Vegas how to build a franchise not some flash in the pan that has cap trouble taking all these stupid bad contracts etc wink...
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