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Cap trouble

Oct 2, 2019 at 11:57
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The trouble next year is even worse than one might expect
Which no one really seems to be talking about
What happens when the fake 11m in cap space disappears
With the expiration of the ltir from Horton + Clarkson because their contracts are up

With just 12 players signed for next year and a cap hit of 67.271
This only leaves 14.2M in cap space to sign 11 players
Even if your really bullish of the cap going up, lets say it jumps to 85M
That still only about 17.5M for 11 guys or about 1.6M per signing on avg

I just can't see how Nylander can stay
Oct 2, 2019 at 1:35
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I think next year is fine, but with the caveat that a few of these players like Sandin work out and the Leafs can count on their progression.

Right now under contact for next year we have the top 3 lines under contract for 53.614M

Lets say you like Mikheyev and keep him with a raise to 1.5M and drop Moore back to 4th line bringing total to 55.114M, add two players at around $800,000/each(the Goat, another Spezza like player etc) to fill out 4th line for new total of 56.714M. That leaves the forward unit mostly in tact and looking great.

In goal we have Anderson at 5M plus a backup at 1M for 6M total

On defense we have from this years opening D only Rielly and Sandin under contract for next year at 5.894 combined. Dermott likely gets a bridge deal on next contract (I think in 2M range allows for more than enough but lets say he has great year this season and a bridge is 3M/yr). Out of Barrie and Muzzin lets sign the RD Barrie at around 7.5M. Dermott and Sandin can both play either side and assuming Sandin is what he appears to be so far and top 4D would be,

Fill out 5-6-7 spots with players like Liljegren/Marincin/etc at 1M or less each for another 3M total bringing total for D to 19.394M.

That would bring totals to 56.714M on 12F, 19.394M on 7D and 6M on 2G for a total of 82.108M for a roster of 21 players. If cap goes to 84 or 85M we can easily get back to 23 man roster or spend more on quality of 3rd D pair if needed.
Oct 2, 2019 at 2:09
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Let me repost what I wrote in the other topic:

The Leafs cap situation has been brought up constantly since Marner signed, I think everyone is aware.

Right now Toronto has about 11 players under a million who take up about 7.75 million in cap space. This is likely what the team will be doing: signing depth players on minimum contracts and relying on their internal system.
Oct 12, 2019 at 2:18
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Barrie at 7.5 seems low based on what most people think he will get. The minimum number is 8 million and goes as high as 9.5 million.

Probably too rich for the Leafs.
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Dec 10, 2019 at 10:11
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As an outside observer (non Toronto fan), I totally agree with the OP. I don't see how you field a playoff caliber defense next year without trading away one of the big $ forwards (which really probably should have happened already). I said before this season started that this was a make or break year for Toronto, because it only gets harder next year. I don't envy your position.
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