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Backstrom signed for maybe too much

Jan 14 at 8:07
GM Hockeysaurus Rex
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9.2x5 seems like a bit too much
Jan 14 at 8:11
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Yea way too much.. feel like they would’ve done this if it were a 4 year deal
Jan 14 at 8:14
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Yeah that's quite a bit for an AAV and I'm a big fan of Backstrom, spread that over a 6th season and it's pretty manageable.
Jan 14 at 8:18
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You're probably right, but he's actually done something. #1C on a Stanley Cup Winning team. I'm more OK with this kind of signing (it's only 5 years, that WAS likely had to pay up for the shorter term.) than giving big money to players that haven't done anything yet. Backstrom's at least earned his contract.
Jan 17 at 8:59
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His previous deal at 6.7 million per year was 11.28% of the salary cap. The cap has gone up, his new deal is 11.29% of the current cap. Taking that into account it's barely a raise. The major benefit is that he negotiated the deal himself and doesn't have to pay an agent this time.
Jan 18 at 8:32
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He is my favorite Cap, and I don't like the contract. The issue is his age during this contract.

Saying that going from $6.7M to $9.2M is "barely a raise" because of % of the cap is ridiculous. If you want to use %, then he got that % during his prime years because those are his prime years. Those are over. His % should drop accordingly, not maintain.
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