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Jan 20 at 1:55
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Just as it looks like we are about to get Schultz back from injury we lose another top 6 forward to a concussion in Kahun. Hopefully nobody gets a sunburn during the 9 day break and is out for 2 months. Bjugstad should be close and Dumo is reaching his 8 weeks timeline so we should be getting a couple back after the break fingers crossed.
Jan 20 at 1:56
Marner Stan Account
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I give up with this team. No doubt is GMJR going to make a move, but the new acquisition will probably get injured as well because that's just our luck.
Jan 20 at 2:17
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This is where the schedule gets rough. They had BOS twice, now they got PHL twice, then they got WSH. The get a "break" by playing less physical teams in TB and TOR, but those are still good teams to have to play point wise.

This is why they shouldn't be making any rental moves till much much later. They need to see where they are after this. It's a brutal 6 week stretch or so.
They have managed to pull away a little in it though. They are holding a 9 point lead on the last WC spot. But their next two games are against Phil who is just outside and you know they are going to go in there trying to play mean. Because they can't afford to lose those two games. Then you know TOR will be playing hard because they are sitting outside looking in to at the moment.

It's gonna be a rough month for them before the trade deadline. But we'll see what happens.
Jan 21 at 9:03
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Injuries happen. You need to be able to roll with them or you do not deserve to win.

I wouldn't call Kahun top-6. He is only averaging 12 minutes of ev time, and 78% of his time is without either Malkin (20%) or Crosby (2%). However, after a slow start he was doing quite well. Hopefully it is a quick comeback.
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