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Feb. 8, 2020 at 9:46 p.m.
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I like what Blake has done so far. Kovalchuk was a last ditch effort to try to salvage the cup years. I don’t blame him for trying that. The drafting has been better, yes the gm does have an effect on that. Blake has let his scouting staff do what they do. He’s also signed guys like Peterson, Iafallo, Lizotte, Rempal, Brinkley, out of college. The Muzzin trade was great, the Campbell, Clifford trade was good. We have a stacked cupboard of prospects. He convinced Prokhorkin to come over. Signed Ryan, Hutton as stop gaps. I really think this team has a bright future. I was a fan before Gretzky and went thru years of thinking we will never have a cup. Now we have 2 and I’m ok with this process of building up another winner!!! I think it’s coming. We have a lot to look forward too. I think we have a good coach and system. And we just gotta score some goals. Let’s keep our heads up cuz I think it’s coming!!!!! GKG
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