2014 Redraft

Draft Class: 2014
Created By: TMarch
Published: Mar 10, 2020 at 4:56
1Florida PanthersBuffalo SabresHe would be a 1C on 24 teams right now, just not his own.
2Buffalo Sabres-You could make an argument that he is 1OA, but he's played on a much better team than Leon.
3Edmonton Oilers-Could be in the 1/2 range, but took 2 extra years of development. Also isn't the 1C on his own team (though, he could be).
4Calgary Flames-Maybe a little underrated. 3rd in total points in his draft class. Plays on an awful team. Next Captain of DET, the 4th in 35 years.
5New York Islanders-Also another underrated guy. Consistent 60+ point player.
6Vancouver Canucks-Really flip flopped between him and Reinhart. To me, he's just a little more dynamic.
7Carolina Hurricanes-
8Toronto Maple Leafs-Still the best dman in this draft, just not 1OA.
9Winnipeg Jets-Would get a lot more cred if he played more games. Averaging just 55 games per year.
10Anaheim DucksOttawa SenatorsIn and out of the line up for 6 years, still averaging better than .50PPG.
11Nashville Predators-CHI got the better end of that trade in my opinion, but Schmaltz is just fine.
12Arizona Coyotes-If he matured quicker, he could be in the top 5-6.
13Washington Capitals-
Kevin Labanc (+158 )
Like Labanc's game a little more than Vrana, but Vrana has the cup.
14Dallas Stars-
15Detroit Red Wings-Imagine if he didn't lose all that time to injury. Finally starting to show he has some skills.
16Columbus Blue Jackets-
17Philadelphia Flyers-
Alex Tuch (+1 )
18Minnesota Wild-Getting a little time with Sid and Geno helps with development.
19Tampa Bay Lightning-
20Chicago BlackhawksSan Jose SharksHe is who he is. He's a middle 6 C. At this point in the draft, that's decent.
21St. Louis Blues-
22Pittsburgh Penguins-KK lands in the exact same spot.
23Colorado Avalanche-
24Vancouver CanucksAnaheim Ducks
25Boston Bruins-Probably develops better if he wasn't drafted in the top 5.
26Montreal Canadiens-
27San Jose SharksChicago Blackhawks
Ondrej Kase (+178 )
Definitely better than 205. Maybe a little overrated here, but he will play with better players in BOS.
28New York IslandersNew York Rangers
29Los Angeles Kings-Another guy who probably develops better being down in his draft year.
30New Jersey Devils-
Mar 10, 2020 at 8:29
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did u really flip between willy and reinhart?
Mar 11, 2020 at 6:01
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I'd argue that Drai would be a 1C on like 27 teams right now
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