NHL 2020 2021 Standings Central Division BOLD Predictions

Created by: Pens3lieve
Initial Creation Date: Nov 2, 2020
Published: Nov 9, 2020 at 4:39
Team: 2020-21 Custom Team
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NHL 2020 2021 Standings for the new "central" division.
this division is just crazy huge. it stretches from Florida to Detroit to St. Louis.

#1 (TBL) --Now they still have some big RFAs to sign, and that means players will be moved out. they won't' be quite as stacked as they were when they won the cup, but they are by far the best team on paper in this divisions. they will have to sacrifice alot of their stellar depth if they wish to keep Cirelli and Sergachev, but the top-end talent is elite for sure.

#2 (CAR) --I like the make up of this team on paper, but I just think they are missing those couple pieces to elevate them to serious cup contenders. no matter who is in goal (reimer, mrasek, ayers lol) I don't like their odds (except Ayers). their C depth looks good with Aho, trochek, Staal and Svechnikov hopefully doesn't get run by Torey Krug while attempting a lacrosse goal. wouldn't that be something???

#3 (CBJ) --I have them here before any big moves--and I think one or more may be coming. they have a ton of cap space even with extending Pierre-Luc Dubois. their grinding system and good goaltending will get them to the playoffs even if it doesn't look pretty along the way. Domi looks like a good add.

#4 (STL) --I may be sleeping on the "one year ago champs" but losing Pietro their Captain I think is huge both on and off the ice. Krug is a nice PP option but I don't think he's a top-10 D like Pietro. Tarasenko is injured--again--and I have never liked their forward group that much. Allen is gone and is Binnington now Matt Murray 2.0??? breaks into the league on fire, wins a cup, then struggles to find a rhythm?? I hope not. I think STL could go either way, which is why I have them top of the pack fighting for a WC spot.

#5 (NSH) --this team looks alot better on paper than their performance of late. they still have some top end talent on the blue line. their forwards making big $$ need to start pulling their own weight and then some for this team to make a push for the playoffs. how does the goaltending sort out? can Saros be a #1?

#6 (FLA) --Will Bobrovsky rebound? even if he does, beyond Ekblad, Huberdeau, and Barkov, alot of the secondary scoring is gone in trochek, Dadonov, and Hoffman. once again, Florida has some talent but not much depth or stability.

#7 (DET) --They won't stink THAT BAD again. this is a bit of a reach predicting they finish above Chicago but they have some young players that can develop and hopefully help them a little bit. their goaltending I think has stabilized now so whoever plays should have more than 2 wins all season...

#8 (CHI) --they have lost some forward depth, their D is mediocre on a good day, and their goaltending........I'll just stop there. it's tanking. the letter has been written. if I'm Toews or Kane, I ask for a trade--even if impossible--which is basically is bc of their overpaid contracts.
Left WingCenterRight Wing
Borgman, Andreas
RFA - 1
Aho, Sebastian
UFA - 4
Atkinson, Cam
UFA - 5
Alexandrov, Nikita
RFA - 3
Afanasyev, Egor
RFA - 3
Abols, Rodrigo
UFA - 1
Bertuzzi, Tyler
RFA - 1
Altybarmakyan, Andrei
RFA - 2
Left DefenseRight DefenseGoaltender
ScratchesInjured Reserve (IR)Long Term IR (LTIR)
Abramov, Vitaly
RFA - 1
Abramov, Mikhail
RFA - 3
Acciari, Noel
UFA - 2

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Nov 9, 2020 at 4:41
Hockey IQ
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Nov 9, 2020 at 4:43
Joined: Jun 2018
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With these team I'd put the same order.
Pens3lieve liked this.
Nov 9, 2020 at 5:31
Joined: Sep 2020
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Pretty good...
Love the boldness!
Pens3lieve liked this.
Nov 9, 2020 at 7:13
Thank You GMJR
Joined: Jun 2015
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What a weird division
Pens3lieve liked this.
Nov 9, 2020 at 9:19
Thread Starter
Hockey IQ
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Quoting: mhockey91
What a weird division

super weird for sure. travel would be weird even with back to backs at one arena...
Nov 9, 2020 at 9:19
Thread Starter
Hockey IQ
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Quoting: Thanos_1738
Pretty good...
Love the boldness!

I hope it's good but my predictions are wrong most of the time lol....
Nov 9, 2020 at 10:32
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Even with the rebuild they're having, not sure if I see Chicago being below the Wings. Otherwise it's pretty good. Tampa and Carolina being at the top is pretty realistic.
Nov 10, 2020 at 4:06
Joined: Sep 2020
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Kid probably put hawks above wings, I'd like to pick panthers as sleepers but have given up on them
Pens3lieve liked this.
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