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Ottawa Senators signed Egor Sokolov (3 Years / $850,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Fri at 2:44 pm
Egor Sokolov has signed a new contract with the Ottawa Senators.
SIGNING TEAM: Ottawa SenatorsOttawa Senators
VALUE: $2,550,000
C.H.% : 1.00
SIGNING DATE: November 20, 2020
SOURCE: CapFriendly
Fri at 2:57 pm
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So excited to see what he can do on the AHL team this year. He had an awesome year last year, and he's got a huge, pro ready frame at 6'4 230. I think Sens fans have gotten spoiled over the last couple of years with an insane level of dominance from prospects, but I think he's capable of producing in a top 6 role right away. I'd love to see him playing on a line with a guy like Vitaly Abramov.
Fri at 3:00 pm
Biased Opinion
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If his nickname isn't Eg the Sok by seasons end my disappointment will be immeasurable
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Fri at 4:16 pm
Formerly BF3351
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Yes because of the name.
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Fri at 4:26 pm
BaRzAl OfFeRsHeEt
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Quoting: Barbs
If his nickname isn't Eg the Sok by seasons end my disappointment will be immeasurable

Just wanted to say I love your expert draft analysis on this site
Fri at 4:27 pm
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Ottawa’s top 6 wingers in 2 or 3 years could realistically be Tkachuk, Formenton, Batherson, and Sokolov, none of whom are smaller than 6’3” lol, Jarventie’s also young and already 6’2”, we’re gonna have a big team. Looking forward to what Sokolov can bring in the AHL this year, I too would like to see him on the 2nd line down there with Abramov, Sokolov’s power with Abramov’s skill seems like it could be a sweet combination, not to mention the Russian connection.
Sat at 10:36 am
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CBJ had him at Traverse City a few times. I’m really bummed they didn’t end up drafting him or signing him as an I drafted FA last year.

Good signing for OTT
Sat at 10:53 am
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Quoting: Claesson4Norris
I think Sens fans have gotten spoiled over the last couple of years with an insane level of dominance from prospects.

Interesting opinion ... please elaborate?
Sat at 1:32 pm
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Quoting: drewjenkins
Interesting opinion ... please elaborate?

I think that if you look at the level of production the Sens have been getting from prospects playing in Belleville, and compare it to other teams in the league i think the Sens come out ahead by a sizable margin.

I think Sens fans have come to expect a standard from prospects playing in their first north American pro season, that might not be realistic to ask of those players. When the standard the last couple of seasons for AHL Rookies has been Wolanin, L.Brown, Formenton, and Norris, I think I've seen some unrealistic expectations from Sens fans. I've seen people criticize players like Abramov and Brannstrom this season because their production was below a point per game, which is just ridiculous.

My main point was that Sens fans should temper their expectations for what constitutes a successful AHL season, because I think Sokolov is capable of being a very good player right out of the gate, even if he isn't a dominant one.
Sat at 6:28 pm
Please win the cup
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Don't put it off, call Sokolov
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