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Columbus Blue Jackets signed Jack Roslovic (2 Years / $1,838,362 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Jan 25 at 2:00
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Cant be a coincidence that CBJ played their best game of the season on Saturday, right after the news of the trade broke. They played like a giant weight had been lifted from their shoulders. Torts runs a tight ship, but these guys get the most out of their abilities. I think they'll make the playoffs, especially with this problem in the past.
Jan 25 at 12:31
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Quoting: dopplsan
CBJ FA’s in two years:


And more.

Not to mention whatever comes with Laine in the future. 🤦‍♂️

A lot of CBJ's future angles on if and when Laine signs, still believe Torts going to be canned this offseason. If I'm correct his contract gets to an end this offseason or the next one so it won't cost much to the owner.
Jan 28 at 6:48
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He's one of the better role players who can be moved around the middle six. His defense was already showing promise in Winnipeg so under Torts I can see it taking a leap to being elite. This is a really good deal for a possible future shutdown line player. His offense shows some potential maybe a max of 45 points. Overall a really cheap deal for someone who really wants to be there.
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Feb 8 at 3:25
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OMG did CBJ hit it big with Jack. And get this, he seems like he really wants to be in Columbus.
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