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(SJS/ANA) - Carrick for Kopacka

Who won the trade?
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Jan 27 at 3:30
Jan 27 at 3:32
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AHL blockbuster!
Jan 27 at 3:32
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Quoting: mondo
AHL blockbuster!

3 team AHL blockbuster
Jan 27 at 3:40
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The Carrick brothers get to play together in San Diego now, maybe Trevor will sign an extension
Jan 27 at 3:51
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The sharks gm was: “Okay after that loss I got to do something.”
And then does what ever this monstrosity is.
But it’s kinda insane at the same time.
I’m just in awe.
Jan 27 at 4:10
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Don't even know why they bother with AHL moves.
They are damn near at revolt at the AHL level anyway. Players are saying they can't live off the 30,000 salary they are expecting to get. Telling them F off it's not worth it for them.
I can't say I blame them either. I highly doubt there is going to be an AHL season. Not only will the teams lose a ton of money, no player wants to bother to go out there for so little a return. It's not worth getting injured for them.
Jan 28 at 7:21
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Anaheim only wins this for me because they have both Carricks now
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