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(VAN/CHI) - Gaudette for Highmore

Who won the trade?
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Apr 12 at 2:20
Sabres are elite
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I love Highmore and he is such a hard worker, but Gaudette's ceiling is much higher
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Apr 12 at 10:29
Life is sad
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Im depressed. Im late, and Gaudette got traded. frown he will be missed.
Apr 12 at 10:30
Life is sad
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Tbh Benning must’ve been drunk during the deadline
Apr 13 at 7:47
Oui non grille-pain
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Quoting: ConnorMcHellebucyk

Just so you know, that wasn't just a bad pun. I've liked Highmore for a while, and I thought he'd be a legitimate 3rd liner for the Hawks. Sadly, a shoulder injury in 2018 derailed him.
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Apr 13 at 11:01
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Bad trade for Vancouver imo. At least try to do a good trade Benning.
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