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(WPG/VAN) - 2021 6th round pick for Benn

Who won the trade?
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Apr 12 at 4:46
Apr 12 at 4:48
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Jordie Benn sucks. Canucks do some addition by substraction.
Apr 12 at 4:48
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fair deal...VAN gets a pick and we get a depth player
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Apr 12 at 4:54
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Quoting: Jetman
fair deal...VAN gets a pick and we get a depth player

Apr 12 at 4:57
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The last Michael Del Zotto trade as opposed to the last Jordie Benn trade should be used as the point of reference here.

It's pretty much a wash, considering Vancouver is not retaining any salary.

I voted fair trade.
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Apr 12 at 5:05
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I know WPG was in on Manson but he had them on his m-ntc and wasnt willing to waive

guess this was the best they could do

probs gonna see


not ideal but not terrible
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Apr 12 at 5:48
addicted to pain
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Feels like jets waited too long to pull the trigger and this is best they could get last minute
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Apr 12 at 5:56
I will win ARI a cup
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Fairest deal of the TDL. Jets are deadline losers because they didn't get Manson or literally anyone better than Benn that could help on defense.
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Apr 12 at 6:27
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shoulda traded Pearson, too.
Apr 12 at 8:29
You know nothing JS
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If I was Winnipeg's fan, I would be pissed. They needed a defenceman and ended up with a week-end at Bernies
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