Draft Class: 2021
Created By: Schood1c
Published: May 6 at 10:20
Lottery Winners:
  1. Calgary FlamesCalgary Flames (11→1)
  2. Seattle KrakenSeattle Kraken (3→2)
May 6 at 10:45
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Draft isn't high-end enough for Buffalo to move multiple 1sts just to pick Power. Could they use him? Sure. But they could also use Beniers, or whoever else, plus the future 1st.
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May 6 at 3:25
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Trading away far too much just to move up two spots in a relatively weak draft would be a fireable offense for Kevyn Adams. There is exactly 0 chance that happens. Buffalo has no reason to want Owen Power that badly.
May 6 at 8:30
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I think Buffalo takes Beniers if they trade up, no?
May 7 at 12:00
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Buffalo doesn't trade for this. We are guaranteed to be in the top 3 pick and there is no point in trading this draft. Damn, I'd rather trade down than up.
May 7 at 12:34
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