Realistic Mock Draft

Draft Class: 2021
Created By: Kravtsov_Stan
Published: Jun 5 at 5:13
1Buffalo Sabres-Hes not the most exciting but he is the clear #1 and a safe pick
2Seattle Kraken-Good to start a franchise with a center and Francis likes his 2-way guys
3Anaheim Ducks-Good long term project and paired with Drysdale could be one of the best Pairings in the league
4New Jersey Devils-This is the obvious pick and although I would pick him later its just too perfect
5Columbus Blue Jackets-Eklund is a good piece to build around for a retooling franchise
6Detroit Red Wings-detroit has a great prospect pool in every spot but goalie and in a weeker draft like this one this aa perfect place to pick one up
7San Jose Sharks-This a huge steal and San Jose Doesnt Pass this up
8Los Angeles Kings-A winger who if he works out would just be unfair paired with a Turcotte or a Byfield
9Vancouver Canucks-Another great steal and fits perfectly on Vancouver and could be paired with Hughes
10Ottawa Senators-an elite goal scoring center for the senators who are weakest at C
11Arizona Coyotes-
Draft Pick Forfeited
12Chicago Blackhawks-An amazing winger who would fit right in with the Hawks
13Calgary Flames-Hes kind of everywhere on rankings but I think this where he will end up being drafted
14Philadelphia Flyers-Philly badly needs a partner for Provorov and their D pipeline is severly lacking
15Dallas Stars-A criminally underrated prospect and fits Dallas needs for wingers when Their old guys retire
16New York Rangers-Perfect fit for New York and could develope into a really good center
17Montreal Canadiens-
18St. Louis Blues-
19Winnipeg Jets-
20Nashville Predators-
21Edmonton Oilers-
22New Jersey DevilsNew York Islanders
23Boston Bruins-
24Detroit Red WingsWashington Capitals
25Columbus Blue JacketsTampa Bay Lightning
26Minnesota Wild-
27Columbus Blue JacketsToronto Maple Leafs
28Colorado Avalanche-
29Minnesota WildPittsburgh Penguins
30Florida Panthers-
31Carolina Hurricanes-
32Vegas Golden Knights-
Jun 5 at 6:19
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I keep thinking Aatu Raty for Rangers in 1st. Seems like perfect fit.
Kravtsov_Stan liked this.
Jun 5 at 6:28
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Kent Johnson is a center! Doubt LA would be interested...
Jun 5 at 7:04
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Quoting: NYR_1
Kent Johnson is a center! Doubt LA would be interested...

Johnson isn't a center, he played like a half a year of Center 2 years ago and projects as a winger at the NHL level
Jun 5 at 7:45
Jack Hughes is Elite
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Quoting: NHLfan10506
I keep thinking Aatu Raty for Rangers in 1st. Seems like perfect fit.

Two Finnish busts on the same team
Jun 5 at 8:12
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I can't see Detroit passing on a Dylan Guenther, Brandt Clarke, or Kent Johnson to take a goalie when they will have pick #23 (the Montreal or Winnipeg winner will move the Wings down) and additional capital to move up and get goalie Sebastian Cossa if they really want to use a 1st round pick on a goalie.
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