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Dallas Stars signed Miro Heiskanen (8 Years / $8,450,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Jul 17 at 12:51
Miro Heiskanen has signed a new contract with the Dallas Stars.
SIGNING TEAM: Dallas StarsDallas Stars
VALUE: $67,600,000
C.H.% : 10.37
SIGNING DATE: July 17, 2021
SOURCE: CapFriendly
Jul 17 at 12:52
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Huge for Dallas, but a steep price to pay.
Jul 17 at 12:52
Pain for Shane
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Wow I rly like this ngl
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Jul 17 at 12:52
Jinx lord
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Edited Jul 17 at 1:11
Great contract for the kid. He carried is to the finals last year so he deserves every single penny.

Also he makes less than Jeff Skinner so that makes the deal look even better.
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Jul 17 at 12:53
Hakuna Matata
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For those who say to much money. His comparable's RN are making (8.8-11.5mill)

GJ Dallas
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Jul 17 at 12:53
Just Keep Swimming
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I really like Miro, and I can see his potential.


He doesn't yet have the full body of results that would garner a contract like this, and as they didn't get a discount for going long (as I don't think he'd get much more than this in 3 years time) I would have bridged him.

I have yet to decide whether that makes this a bad contract or not.

Edit: I think I'm leaning towards a no vote. The opportunity cost of not bridging him is too high for a team looking to win and the risk he never puts it all together and hits that upper echelon make this too risky for my taste
Jul 17 at 12:56
Canes for the win
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I mean Miro is good but if he is making 8.5, Then what is Makar and Hughes gonna get? Dallas is gonna have to shed some contracts because dang they got a lot of people making big money
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Jul 17 at 12:58
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Tough to swallow right now, but I bet this contract looks pretty good when the cap starts to rise again.
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Jul 17 at 12:58
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The new reality of the NHL.
If you are a top player you get paid. If you aren't you ain't getting squat.

The gap between the top and everyone else is growing even larger in the flat cap world.
Jul 17 at 12:59
Thanks Timmins
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Chabot type-of-deal

Those two will be UFA at around 30, so potential to make even more money on a second contract
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Jul 17 at 1:00
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Smart move by Dallas to lock him up long term

Curious what Hughes Fox and Makar get now
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Jul 17 at 1:01
Go Jets Go
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First opinion is that I really like this for Dallas. I think Heiskanen will only continue to improve and this deal will look real nice in a few years!
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Jul 17 at 1:01
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Very good deal.
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Jul 17 at 1:02
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Chabot got 8x8, if that’s a baseline then I think 8x8.5 is fair
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Jul 17 at 1:04
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Over payed by about a million per year
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Jul 17 at 1:09
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Little to much I feel 7.5M probably would’ve been more appropriate.
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Jul 17 at 1:11
Oui non grille-pain
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It's a lot, but it's well worth it.
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Jul 17 at 1:13
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Jul 17 at 1:13
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Any cap hit that is south of 9 million is good for the Stars IMO.

His career as an elite NHL defenceman is just beginning.

I voted yes smile
Jul 17 at 1:16
Western Champs
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Good lock for Dallas, **** yeah Jim Nill **** yeah
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Jul 17 at 1:21
Dahlen Fan Club
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Not too much at all. This is a great deal for one of the premier elite players today.
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Jul 17 at 1:23
Stars/Caps Fan
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In 1 or 2 years people who are saying this is an overpay are going to be eating their words. This is a great deal.
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Jul 17 at 1:30
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Great deal
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Jul 17 at 1:35
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Quoting: WallStreet83
In 1 or 2 years people who are saying this is an overpay are going to be eating their words. This is a great deal.

Agreed, Heiskanen brings a lot of extra tangibles to his game.
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Jul 17 at 1:39
Always in Pain
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Slightly too much for me, but I'm not complaining.

We're talking about a guy who has played his off side with Oleksiak or his main side with Polak throughout his whole career with elite results.

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