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(NYR/VGK) - Howden for DeSimone

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Sat at 3:49 pm
Sat at 3:50 pm
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McCrimmon's on fire today tears of joy another L
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Sat at 3:50 pm
Jinx lord
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No opinions on this, other things this evening are more important.
Sat at 3:51 pm
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Howden is horrible. Wtf is Vegas doing
Sat at 3:51 pm
Why Waddell
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4th Round Pick + prospect for Brett Howden. I call that an upgrade for the Rangers. Looks like Vegas is loading up on everyone so Seattle doesn't repeat their success (not that Howden would change much though).
Sat at 3:52 pm
casse a casse
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NYR just get value from Howden because he's a former 1st round pick... he's not worth that
Sat at 3:55 pm
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What in the world McCrimmon, he won’t even play for Vegas

Pacioretty - Stephenson - Stone
Marchassualt- Karlsson - Smith
Krebs - Patrick - Tuch
Carrier - Roy - Reaves/Brown

Sat at 3:55 pm
Jack Hughes is Elite
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Rangers just traded their best center....
Sat at 3:56 pm
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As bad as Howden was this past year, he is still only 23. I think it's possible he could be better with another team. Doesn't look fantastic but it's a buy low move.
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Sat at 3:59 pm
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Ok decent I guess
Sat at 4:02 pm
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Yeah, Drury fleece
Sat at 4:05 pm
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If Howden was on another team, he might be worthy of protection.

He is worth more than a 4th and a low-level minor league defenceman that will never play in the NHL.

I voted for the Vegas Golden Knights smile
Sat at 4:30 pm
Seattle fan day 1
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Rangers win, Howden isn’t really good
Sat at 5:54 pm
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kinda funny. the pick was a condition in a previous rangers trade but they werent met but we ended up getting it anyway.
Sat at 9:37 pm
All in for Aatu
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Surprised we got a 4th. Good move from Drury. Gotta shore up the holes on the team by cutting the dead weight.
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