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What does Foegele and Bean cost

Jul 23 at 12:51
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Jul 23 at 12:53
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Perhaps the Leaf's 2021 1st rounder for both?
Jul 23 at 12:54
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No, Montreal should LOL. JK I honestly think that everyone should be looking into the cost of both.
Jul 23 at 12:55
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Next years first and a 2/3
Jul 23 at 12:59
Miss the Thrashers
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Foegele would be a 2. For both, you're looking at a 1st and a 3rd, probably in different years... you might be able to reduce the price if you throw one of Elvis or Korpisalo in...
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Jul 23 at 1:00
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I bet Carolina would be willing to take risk and do Columbus' 2022 1st. They're worth more than a 1st together for sure, but Columbus is looking like they might be pretty bad
Jul 26 at 9:06
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Too late to package them together now since Bean went for a 2nd. I think the Canes went for quantity over quality in this year's draft because COVID's impact on the developmental leagues made it difficult to evaluate prospects, so instead of having more confidence in the higher picks it's more of a guessing game. The more guesses you have the better chance of picking a winner.

I agree that Foegele is probably worth a 2nd if they trade him, but I think they're going to try to keep him. He seems to fit in well with the Canes style of play and the linemates that he's been playing with. I'm not sure he'd be as effective somewhere else. I think they just want to see how much cap space they're going to have left after they take care of more urgent matters.
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