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(ARI/LAK) - Burke, Steenbergen for Imama, Hults

Who won the trade?
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Jul 24 at 11:02
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Jul 24 at 11:06
Evans truther
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Jul 24 at 11:06
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Minor Trade. Probably more value on LA's side, though.
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Jul 24 at 11:06
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I like Steenbergen and Burke a lot, LA definitely wins this one IMO.
Jul 24 at 11:09
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Um are these players relevant or...
Jul 24 at 11:10
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I don't see either of the players Arizona acquired ever becoming full time NHLers, while LA's players have a low chance of becoming NHLer's so I voted LA.
Jul 24 at 11:11
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Slight edge to LAK on this one.
Jul 24 at 11:13
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A pair of “who?” for a couple of “have I heard his name before?”. Pretty much a wash, but good for their AHL clubs.
Jul 24 at 11:13
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Serviceable trade, but I think Steenbergen and Burke have more upside
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Jul 24 at 11:14
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Quoting: CapFriendly

and y'all thought yesterday was a big day
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Jul 24 at 11:16
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Quoting: ColonelX

You might remember Tyler Steenbergen as the guy on the 2018 Canadian World Juniors who did nothing all tournament until he scored the Golden Goal.

You might remember Boko Imama from the time he beat the breaks off of Brandon Manning after he called Imama a racial slur.

Overall pretty inconsequential trade. Everyone in this deal are likely career minor leaguers. Steenburgen and Imama both could see some NHL duties in their career
Jul 24 at 11:22
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Quoting: DavidAyers

Serviceable trade, but I think Steenbergen and Burke have more upside

The biggest injustice of that whole tournament is that Drake Batherson was robbed of his assist on the Golden Goal. Does all the work down low.
Jul 24 at 11:23
In Eklund We Trust
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Bokondji sure do like them penalty minutes
Jul 24 at 11:28
First NY Then LA
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I'm a little surprised at this one. I had hopes that Cole Hults would actually become an NHLer, and I wouldn't have thought that we'd be in the market for two "B" left-handed forward prospects (if they're that). I'm not voting in the poll because I don't know the Arizona guys at all.
Jul 24 at 11:31
Steve Durbano Fan
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Coyotes get a defenceman who is 1 year out of college and a player who can provide protection for other Yotes players while the Kings get 2 guys who are established AHL players who are unlikely to advance beyond that. Yotes win in respect of potential NHL games to come out of this trade however the Kings have a lot of high end talent arriving at the NHL level so adding support at the AHL level has value in development.
Jul 24 at 11:43
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LA wins simply because Steenbergen is the best player in the trade
Jul 24 at 12:22
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Quoting: ColonelX

What they said.
Jul 24 at 12:29
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I think kings win this trade
Jul 24 at 12:31
Black Lives Matter
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I voted LA because that's what most people are voting lol
Jul 24 at 12:32
Black Lives Matter
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Also I remember a few years ago hearing great things about Steenbergen
Jul 24 at 12:32
Canes for the win
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this is legit a swap of the same players lol, fair trade
Jul 25 at 12:12
I make Articals.
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Jul 25 at 10:16
Oui non grille-pain
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There was a time when Burke and Steenbergen were legit prospects. I still think Burke didn't get a fair chance in ARI; perhaps he gets called up to LAK this year. Imama and Hults have zero potential nowadays; the edge goes to LAK because they still have a chance to salvage something out of Burke.
Jul 25 at 11:48
Retired V2 V3 GM
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Wow Arizona. Trade 2 solid prospects for 2 arguably weaker prospects. Great job 🙄
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