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Jul 28 at 11:00
Trade confirmed: Calgary Flames - Chicago Blackhawks
Trade Details
Chicago Blackhawks Acquire:
Chicago Blackhawks
2022 3rd round pick (TOR)
Jul 28 at 11:02
hi imma guy
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Jul 28 at 11:02
Black Lives Matter
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Quoting: boombadoomba

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Jul 28 at 11:02
Nylander lives
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Zadork is gone.
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Jul 28 at 11:02
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Seems solid for CHI
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Jul 28 at 11:02
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That's an odd Giordano replacement.
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Jul 28 at 11:02
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I'm gonna go with a Chicago W as Calgary will likely try to replace Giordano with Zadorov
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Jul 28 at 11:03
Dach is Elite
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Better then nothing
Jul 28 at 11:03
Buffalo Sabres v5
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Whoa...a fairish trade from a couple GMs this year?

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Jul 28 at 11:04
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Stillman ready to be the physical presence on the blue line for less than half the cost of Z
Jul 28 at 11:04
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He’ll likely be fighting Valimaki for a spot on the 2nd pair. God I hope Valimaki wins, although maybe he’ll be fine alongside a steady veteran like Tanev. If we get him for 3mil or less then this is fine to get more physical on the back end. I would NOT be happy to play against waves of Tkachuk, Lucic, and Zadorov lol
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Jul 28 at 11:05
You know nothing JS
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Another return Seattle won't have, because they selected instead *check notes* Quenneville?!
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Jul 28 at 11:08
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I voted fair deal because Nate Schmidt was also traded for a 3rd round pick.
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Jul 28 at 11:10
Grown Ass Man
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Is this the result of the whole Panarin trade? A 3rd rounder?
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Jul 28 at 11:11
Hawks Fan
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Quoting: sensonfire
I voted fair deal because Nate Schmidt was also traded for a 3rd round pick.

Love the analysis. Lol
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Jul 28 at 11:15
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So the trade is Saad for a third. Not Good.
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Jul 28 at 11:16
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Quoting: Jco5ta5
Love the analysis. Lol

It's more fair than trading a player like Brandon Saad for Zadorov.

That's for sure smile
Jul 28 at 11:18
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Ohh yay a d man whom Calgary will overpay and hope to be Gios replacemt. If this is the big things Treliving is doing this offseason idk about the flames. If rumours are true that the flames are going after Coleman and he wants a huge contract I think the flames are hooped.
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Jul 28 at 11:19
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I'm not really a fan of the deal as a Flames fan, but I'm sure Sutter loves the acquisition of a big guy with decent suppression numbers.
Jul 28 at 11:21
Drank the Seider
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You know, after all of the lopsided trades that have happened in the past couple weeks, this is fine.
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Jul 28 at 11:22
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Zadorov will definitely help Flames blue line. Chicago will miss his skills. Why did they not move De Haan contract instead?
Jul 28 at 11:26
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Great deal for Chicago to get Zadorov off their hands. I heard he was asking for a lot.
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Jul 28 at 11:30
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Fair deal.

Biggest loser there is Seattle - they could have drafted him and then flip him. Instead, they took an UFA AHLer.
Jul 28 at 12:00
Oui non grille-pain
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Zadorov should've not been qualified, and he's not that good. Hell, at this cap hit, I'd rather put my faith in Mackey or Kylington. Perhaps CGY does not trust either of those guys, but they could've done many different things here, a number of which would've been better than going for Zadorov.
Jul 28 at 12:09
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Chicago wins, he wants 5+
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