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Feb 24, 2017 at 4:23
A trade between Dallas Stars and Anaheim Ducks has been confirmed.
Trade Details
Dallas Stars Acquire:
Dallas Stars
2017 conditional 1st round pick* (ANA - #29 - Henri Jokiharju)
*Conditions: Based on final draft position, Dallas will acquire the middle pick of the 3 picks Toronto had acquired, one of which was sent to Anaheim in a previous trade. The selection will be one from the 2017 draft (Ottawa 2nd round pick, San Jose 2nd round pick and Toronto 2nd round pick).
If Eaves plays in 50% of the games in first two rounds and Anaheim advances to the third round, the selection becomes Anaheim's 2017 1st round pick.

Result: Anaheim advanced to the 3rd round and Eaves played in 50% of the games. Dallas acquires Ducks 2017 1st round pick. Anaheim retains the 2017 2nd round pick.
Feb 24, 2017 at 6:32
Joel Mann
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the conditions are if the ducks make conference final and eaves plays 50% of the game the second turns into a first, this was a good trade for both teams
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