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Winnipeg Jets signed Neal Pionk (4 Years / $5,875,000 AAV)

Was this a good signing?
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Aug 11 at 10:07
Neal Pionk has signed a new contract with the Winnipeg Jets.
SIGNING TEAM: Winnipeg JetsWinnipeg Jets
VALUE: $23,500,000
C.H.% : 7.21
SIGNING DATE: August 11, 2021
SOURCE: CapFriendly
CLAUSE DETAILS: Beginning 2023-24: 6 team no trade list
Aug 11 at 10:08
Biased Opinion
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More like Steal Pionk
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Aug 11 at 10:10
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Great job Chevy

Now get Copp for under 4.25
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Aug 11 at 10:14
Drank the Seider
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Really nice contract, good money and perfect term. Jets are almost done now
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Aug 11 at 10:15
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Quoting: Barbs
More like Steal Pionk

Barbs. You did it again. You won the internet today.

Great signing for the Jets. Wow.
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Aug 11 at 10:15
Hockey/Caps fan
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This is a decent contract, unlike some recent D signings...
Aug 11 at 10:16
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Rumour is that Holland was preparing an offersheet in for 6 years 11 million.
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Aug 11 at 10:19
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Would have liked more term but good job chevy
Aug 11 at 10:27
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I like this deal. Good that they got their best defenseman locked up for the next 4 years at a reasonable price.
Aug 11 at 10:37
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Best D man on the team
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Aug 11 at 10:43
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Good deal, Pionk is a good top 4 D who can still grow
Aug 11 at 10:43
The Darkest Timeline
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I thought it was a rule you have to spend 9 million on good defensman
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Aug 11 at 10:48
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Now if the Canucks can sign Hughes for a similar amount I will be very happy.
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Aug 11 at 10:50
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Thats a steal
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Aug 11 at 10:54
Go Habs Go
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Reasonable contract and term? AND he's a RHD? Wtf?
At least he'll be able to afford a computer now so he can see how ridiculous his contract should have been.
Aug 11 at 11:21
Go Jets Go
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Awesome signing for the Jets!
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Aug 11 at 11:23
Waste Mgmt Exec.
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It's a good deal, though not a great one.
Aug 11 at 11:48
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He's better than Seth Jones imo.
Aug 11 at 11:54
We are all equal
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Six angry Oiler fans voted "No"
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Aug 11 at 11:59
You know nothing JS
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Based on my poor math, that leaves around 5M of capspace to sign Copp.

I send Vesalainen down (waiver exempted) and Niku on waiver/traded (too many Dmen).
Aug 11 at 12:00
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Mmmm, yeah seems about right.
Aug 11 at 12:22
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Really interesting trend some players are taking this year with the flat cap. That's the third higher end player in a few days to take 5-6 mil in a late RFA contract but keep it at 3-4 years to be able to still get a big UFA deal.

It's quite the gamble as they perhaps could have gotten more term and if they decline or get injured they probably gave up a lot.

Flipside is if they continue their play (no improvement even needed) at 28-30 (Pionk will be the oldest of the three), they'll likely be able to get a large 5-6 year deal in a larger cap environment.

Good on them for betting on themselves.
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Aug 11 at 12:54
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So much better than the Trouba contract.
Aug 11 at 1:59
best poster
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Pretty similar to what Krug got, even though I hate this guy I this is fairly reasonable.
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Aug 11 at 2:27
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Just how bad was the Pink for Trouba trade for the NYR? Not only did they give up a better defenseman at more than $2M less AAV, they gave up a 1st round pick, used to select a future top 4 D Ville Heinola. Just poor cap management by the Rangers and more short-sighted, instant gratification that has plagued this organization for decades.
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