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Mar 23, 2017 at 10:48
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OK. Here's a game that people can play if they want where people can pretend to be the GM of a team, and we can make trades and stuff as if it's the offseason (no vegas expansion trades until we get closer to the expansion draft, though you may talk about those trades). You may ask for a team, and i will give you that team if it isn't already taken. My favourite teams are the Rangers and Islanders tied, so i'll be the Islanders. Each person may only be the GM of one team.
Here is the list of GMs (i will update it when someone claims a team):
Anaheim Ducks - TrueNorth
Arizona Coyotes - Rodzikhockey93
Boston Bruins - Math
Buffalo Sabres - mhockey91
Calgary Flames - Calgary13
Carolina Hurricanes - Zach
Chicago Blackhawks - Thornton_MVP
Colorado Avalanche - ricochetii
Columbus Blue Jackets - matt59
Dallas Stars - DirtyDangles still waiting to hear from TheGiftedYoungRider and DirtyRebound
Detroit Red Wings - plNHL
Edmonton Oilers - NateElder12 taisei is the assistant
Florida Panthers - F50marco
Los Angeles Kings - mikeyscav
Minnesota Wild - Icegirl
Montreal Canadiens - DarylthePony Done95 and jeg5393 are the assistants
Nashville Predators - jmac490
New Jersey Devils - Bennett93
New York Islanders - rangersandislesfan
New York Rangers - TonyStrecher l9guysports is the assistant
Ottawa Senators - JT_Miller
Philadelphia Flyers - WerenskiWarrior
Pittsburgh Penguins - DavidBooth7 Pasta88Sauce is the assistant
San Jose Sharks - TopCornerShot
St. Louis Blues - Turner33
Tampa Bay Lightning - boltscharge17
Toronto Maple Leafs - WhisperWhisper
Vancouver Canucks - Bo53Horvat
Washington Capitals - Jacketsman61
Winnipeg Jets - Duster

Vegas Golden Knights - phillyjabroni

Vegas is also available. No posting trades unless both GMs agree. Thanks!
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