2022 Two Round Mock — Cooley goes first

2022 Two Round Mock — Cooley goes first

Draft Class: 2021
Created By: NHLfan10506
Published: Jan. 16, 2022 at 4:21 p.m.

1st -- Arizona
2nd -- Vancouver

(I used the Tankathon simulation and draft order)

The #11 pick is by Columbus
1Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-
Logan Cooley
1. Arizona: Logan Cooley, C/W, US NTDP
2Logo of the Seattle Kraken-
Simon Nemec
2. Vancouver: Simon Nemec, RHD, Nitra (Slovakia)
3Logo of the Anaheim Ducks-
Shane Wright
3. Montreal: Shane Wright, C, Kingston (OHL)
4Logo of the New Jersey Devils-
Matthew Savoie
4. Seattle: Matthew Savoie, C, Winnipeg (WHL)
5Logo of the Columbus Blue Jackets-
Danila Yurov
5. BUFFALO: Danila Yurov, RW, Magnitogorsk (Russia)
6Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-
Joakim Kemell
6. OTTAWA: Joakim Kemell, RW, JYP (Finland)
7Logo of the San Jose Sharks-
Brad Lambert
7. NEW JERSEY: Brad Lambert, C/W, JYP (Finland)
8Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-
Rutger McGroarty
8. PHILADELPHIA: Rutger McGroarty, W/C, US NTDP
9Logo of the Arizona CoyotesLogo of the Vancouver Canucks
David Jiricek
9. COLUMBUS (via CHI): David Jiricek, RHD, Plzen (Czech)
10Logo of the Ottawa Senators-
Seamus Casey
10. NY ISLANDERS: Seamus Casey, RHD, US NTDP
11Logo of the Arizona Coyotes-
Juraj Slafkovsky
Draft Pick Forfeited11. Columbus: Juraj Slafkovsky, LW, TPS (Finland)
12Logo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLogo of the Chicago Blackhawks
Frank Nazar
12. DETROIT: Frank Nazar III, C/W, US NTDP
13Logo of the Calgary Flames-
Jonathan Lekkerimaki
13. SAN JOSE: Jonathan Lekkerimaki, RW, Djurgardens (SWE)
14Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the Philadelphia Flyers
Pavel Mintyukov
14. DALLAS: Pavel Mintyukov, LHD, Saginaw (OHL)
15Logo of the Detroit Red WingsLogo of the Dallas Stars
Ivan Miroshnichenko
15. EDMONTON: Ivan Miroshnichenko, LW, Omskie Yastreby (Russia)
16Logo of the New York Rangers-
Jack Hughes
16. ANAHEIM: Jack Hughes, C/W, Northeastern (NCAA)
17Logo of the St. Louis Blues-
Conor Geekie
17. WINNIPEG: Conor Geekie, C, Winnipeg (WHL)
18Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-
Isaac Howard
18. CALGARY: Isaac Howard, W, US NTDP
19Logo of the Nashville Predators-
Lian Bichsel
19. LOS ANGELES: Lian Bichsel, LHD, Leksands (SWE)
20Logo of the Minnesota WildLogo of the Edmonton Oilers
Filip Mesar
20. ST. LOUIS: Filip Mesar, RW, Poprad (Slovakia)
21Logo of the Boston Bruins-
Liam Ohgren
21. NASHVILLE: Liam Ohgren, C/W, Djurgardens (SWE)
22Logo of the Edmonton OilersLogo of the Minnesota Wild
Marco Kasper
22. BOSTON: Marco Kasper, C, Rogle (SWE)
23Logo of the Dallas StarsLogo of the Washington Capitals
Ryan Chesley
23. PITTSBURGH: Ryan Chesley, RHD, US NTDP
24Logo of the Florida Panthers-
Cutter Gauthier
24. WASHINGTON: Cutter Gauthier, LW, US NTDP
25Logo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLogo of the Toronto Maple Leafs
Alexander Perevalov
25. MINNESOTA: Alexander Perevalov, LW/RW, Loko Yaroslavl (Russia)
26Logo of the Minnesota WildLogo of the Pittsburgh Penguins
Matyas Sapovaliv
26. NY RANGERS: Matyas Sapovaliv, C, Saginaw (OHL)
27Logo of the Nashville PredatorsLogo of the Carolina Hurricanes
Owen Pickering
27. TORONTO: Owen Pickering, LHD, Swift Current (WHL)
28Logo of the Colorado Avalanche-
Simon Forsmark
28. TAMPA BAY: Simon Forsmark, LHD, Orebro (SWE)
29Logo of the New Jersey DevilsLogo of the New York Islanders
Jimmy Snuggerud
29. BUFFALO (via VGK): Jimmy Snuggerud, W, US NTDP
30Logo of the Vegas Golden Knights-
Artem Duda
30. ARIZONA (via CAR): Artem Duda, LHD, CSKA (Russia)
31Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-
Jiri Kulich
31. ARIZONA (va COL): Jiri Kulich, C, Karlovy Vary (Czech)
32Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the Tampa Bay Lightning
Tucker Robertson
32. BUFFALO (via FLA): Tucker Robertson, C, Peterborough (OHL)
33Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-
Nathan Gaucher
33. MONTREAL: Nathan Gaucher, C, Quebec (QMJHL)
34Logo of the Anaheim Ducks-
Gleb Trikozov
34. ARIZONA: Gleb Trikozov, RW, Omsk (Russia)
35Logo of the Seattle Kraken-
Maveric Lamoureux
35. SEATTLE: Maveric Lamoureux, RHD, Drummondville (QMJHL)
36Logo of the Detroit Red WingsLogo of the New Jersey Devils
Calle Odelius
36. BUFFALO: Calle Odelius, LHD, Djurgardens
37Logo of the Arizona CoyotesLogo of the Columbus Blue Jackets
Ty Nelson
37. OTTAWA: Ty Nelson, RHD, North Bay (OHL)
38Logo of the Vegas Golden KnightsLogo of the Detroit Red Wings
Tristan Luneau
38. NEW JERSEY: Tristan Luneau, RHD, Gatineau (QMJHL)
39Logo of the Ottawa SenatorsLogo of the San Jose Sharks
Tyler Brennan
39. ARIZONA (via PHL): Tyler Brennan, G, Prince George (WHL)
40Logo of the Carolina HurricanesLogo of the Los Angeles Kings
Luca Del Bel Belluz
40. CHICAGO: Luca Del Bel Belluz, C, Mississauga (OHL)
41Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-
Lane Hutson
41. ARIZONA (via NYI): Lane Hutson, LHD, US NTDP
42Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the Ottawa Senators
Matthew Morden
42. ARIZONA (via VAN): Matthew Morden, LHD, St. Andrew's College (CAHS)
43Logo of the Arizona Coyotes-
Elias Salomonsson
43. COLUMBUS: Elias Salomonsson, RHD, Skelleftea (SWE)
44Logo of the Carolina HurricanesLogo of the Chicago Blackhawks
Vladimir Andreyev
44. DETROIT: Vladimir Andreyev, RW, Varyagi (Russia)
45Logo of the Calgary Flames-
Matthew Poitras
45. ARIZONA (via SJS): Matthew Poitras, C, Guelph (OHL)
46Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-
Bryce McConnell Barker
46. DALLAS: Bryce McConnell Barker, C, Soo (OHL)
47Logo of the Dallas Stars-
Raul Yakupov
47. EDMONTON: Raul Yakupov, LW, Neftekhimik (Russia)
48Logo of the Dallas StarsLogo of the New York Rangers
Noah Ostlund
48. ANAHEIM: Noah Ostlund, C, Djurgardens (SWE)
49Logo of the Ottawa SenatorsLogo of the St. Louis Blues
Denton Mateychuk
49. WASHINGTON (via WPG): Denton Mateychuk, LHD, Moose Jaw (WHL)
50Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-
Tristan Zandee
50. CALGARY: Tristan Zandee, C, Calgary (WHL)
51Logo of the Carolina HurricanesLogo of the Nashville Predators
Rieger Lorenz
51. LOS ANGELES: Rieger Lorenz, LW, Okotoks (AJHL)
52Logo of the New York IslandersLogo of the Edmonton Oilers
Danny Zhilkin
52. NY RANGERS (via STL): Danny Zhilkin, C/W, Guelph (OHL)
53Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the Boston Bruins
Ludwig Persson
53. NASHVILLE: Ludwig Persson, C/W, Frolunda (SWE)
54Logo of the Minnesota Wild-
Julian Lutz
54. BOSTON: Julian Lutz, LW, Munich (Germany)
55Logo of the Washington Capitals-
Gavin Hayes
55. PITTSBURGH: Gavin Hayes, RW, Flint (OHL)
56Logo of the Florida Panthers-
Maddox Fleming
56. DETROIT (via WAS): Maddox Fleming, C, Sioux Falls (USHL)
57Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-
Noah Warren
57. MINNESOTA: Noah Warren, Gatineau (QMJHL)
58Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-
Jani Nyman
58. NY Rangers: Jani Nyman, RW, Koovee (Finland)
59Logo of the Los Angeles KingsLogo of the Carolina Hurricanes
Topias Leinonen
59. TORONTO: Topias Leinonen, G, JYP (Finland)
60Logo of the Arizona CoyotesLogo of the Colorado Avalanche
Sam Rinzel
60. OTTAWA (via TBL): Sam Rinzel, RHD, Waterloo (USHL)
61Logo of the Colorado AvalancheLogo of the New York Islanders
Filip Bystedt
61. VEGAS: Filip Bystedt, C, Linkoping (Sweden)
62Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the Vegas Golden Knights
Jack Devine
62. CAROLINA: Jack Devine, RW, Denver (NCAA)
63Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-
Alexander Suzdalev
63. NY ISLANDERS (via COL): Alexander Suzdalev, LW, HV71 (Sweden)
64Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the Tampa Bay Lightning
Mattias Havelid
64. CALGARY (via FLA): Mattias Havelid, RHD, Linkoping (Sweden)
Jan. 16, 2022 at 5:23 p.m.
power forward
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As a Jets fan, I would love Geekie. But I don't see him dropping out of the top 10. Instead I would take Tucker Robertson.

My final evaluation after watching highlights is that he's NHL ready, has a solid frame, and is a wonderful playmaker. Would complement well with Connor.

Also can you explain your reasoning of why you have Cooley going first overall? If anyone's going first overall besides Wright, it would be Savoie or Kemell. At this point, Wright still goes first overall. Yes, he had a bad WJC tournament, but that isn't enough to drop him down.
njlaforte liked this.
Jan. 16, 2022 at 9:46 p.m.
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How is Wright not first or even second?
A_Habs_fan liked this.
Jan. 16, 2022 at 10:47 p.m.
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Mateychuk would be the steal of the decade if he goes there
A_Habs_fan liked this.
Jan. 17, 2022 at 5:26 a.m.
Svech is the GOAT
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That top 15 is all wrong
A_Habs_fan liked this.
Jan. 17, 2022 at 4:57 p.m.
Grit/Attitude Fan
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Edmonton is probably forbidden from drafting Yakupovs after 2012 but man would it be funny to see.
Jan. 19, 2022 at 9:56 a.m.
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If SJ is at that position I see them going to Miroshnichenko. We've drafted a lot of RW recently with Coe, Robins and Wiesblatt. So we get another Russian LW to go with Gushchin.
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