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Los Angeles Kings Draft Board

Draft Class: 2022
Created By: BruinsFan35
Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 11:03 a.m.
My plan is to make a big board for each team prior to the draft, looking at guys who's abilities would match up well with what the team in question should be looking for on draft night. I'm using my Draft Guide for the rankings, and the goal is to select multiple players within the range of each teams' selections that they should consider. These players are ranked by my ranking numerically, not necessarily who the team should value first, second, third, etc. at that spot (hopefully that makes sense). The plan was to provide explanations for the first round picks for every team, then just provide the list for rounds 2-7. However, since it's been a while since I've posted these, and I'm running low on time to get all 32 boards out, I'll be just posting players, not descriptions, for every pick. If you want clarification on a specific player, comment and I'll provide it.

LA is up next, 3 needs are:

Nothing (They have literally everything, go BPA)
1Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-
First Round
#19 Overall
2Logo of the New Jersey Devils-My Ranking: #14
3Logo of the Arizona Coyotes-My Ranking: #16
4Logo of the Seattle Kraken-My Ranking: #17
5Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-My Ranking: #20
6Logo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLogo of the Chicago BlackhawksMy Ranking: #22
7Logo of the Ottawa Senators-
Second Round
#51 Overall
8Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-My Ranking: #43
9Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-My Ranking: #45
10Logo of the Anaheim Ducks-My Ranking: #46
11Logo of the San Jose Sharks-My Ranking: #49
12Logo of the Columbus Blue Jackets-My Ranking: #69
13Logo of the New York Islanders-
Third Round
#86 Overall
14Logo of the Winnipeg Jets-My Ranking: #81
15Logo of the Vancouver Canucks-My Ranking: #84
16Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the Vegas Golden KnightsMy Ranking: #88
17Logo of the Nashville Predators-
Fourth Round
#116 Overall
18Logo of the Dallas Stars-My Ranking: #113
19Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-My Ranking: #114
20Logo of the Washington Capitals-My Ranking: #118
21Logo of the Pittsburgh Penguins-My Ranking: #119
22Logo of the Anaheim DucksLogo of the Boston Bruins
Fifth Round
#148 Overall
23Logo of the St. Louis Blues-My Ranking: #141
24Logo of the Minnesota Wild-My Ranking: #142
25Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-My Ranking: #144
26Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the Calgary Flames
Nick Malik
My Ranking: #150
27Logo of the Arizona CoyotesLogo of the Carolina HurricanesMy Ranking: #156
28Logo of the Buffalo SabresLogo of the Florida Panthers
Sixth Round
#180 Overall
29Logo of the Edmonton Oilers-My Ranking: #177
30Logo of the Winnipeg JetsLogo of the New York RangersMy Ranking: #180
31Logo of the Tampa Bay Lightning-My Ranking: #181
32Logo of the Arizona CoyotesLogo of the Colorado AvalancheMy Ranking: #185
Jun. 28, 2022 at 11:08 a.m.
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Goalie is weak in this draft, the Kings could use a left-shot defenseman or a power winger.

My guess is the Kings will either go Russian or trade for Chychrun or Debrincat at the draft.
Jun. 28, 2022 at 12:27 p.m.
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In fact they are thin on LHD on any level (NHL, AHL, juniors). Nousiainen is fresh blood to AHL, but he is not expected to become superstar. Kirsanov might be decent piece someday, but he will turn 20 in September and is under contract for another year. Meehan is 21 and nothing very special in NCAA. Doyle is one of LAK's rare draft misses, despite being 6th round selection.

LAK has been trying to trade their 1st round pick as part of a trade for roster player for several months. If they are not able to make a trade, Mintyukov should be their 1st target and they might be willing to trade up a couple of spots for him (both NSH and DAL could be targeting D-men). He is on the older side and more mature than majority of his peers. LAK are trying to end their retool and make a playoff run until Kopitar and Quick are still active. Mintyukov helps with that timing component, because he should be 1st NHL-ready LHD of the class.
Second target for 1st round pick could be Bichsel. He is under contract for another year in SHL, but has experience against men and will continue with hard battles in Sweden. Mateychuk and Korchinski are young and are expected to play at least another season in WHL, so they shouldn't be as high on LAK list.
Other possibilities for 1st round pick should be players with the highest pure offensive upside. That includes Lambert and Russians.

I expect LAK to select (or trade for) more than 1 LHD. Mateychuk, Korchinski, Mintyukov, Pickering and Bichsel shouldn't be available anymore late in 2nd round, so next target should be Duda, who was excellent in MHL playoffs. At the moment he is not signed in Russia and in theory can be available anytime. On the other hand are Forsmark and Odelius under contract for 2 more seasons and therefore less suitable. Other LHD would be a reach at this spot. If Duda is not available, winger makes sense. It can be either winger with high offensive upside or power-forward. Nyman or Schaefer could be available. Lorenz is less suitable, he is going to college. His father went there for full 4 years, which gives me second thoughts. LAK could very well go for Dolzhenkov in 2nd round as they did in 2021 with Helenius.

3rd round selection can be the one they would select a goalie. Other candidates could be CHL LHDs (if they don't have 2 already). If they have 2 LHDs already and are not satisfied with goalies available, Kaplan would make some sense. There are several bigger forwards in the draft, but not many RWs of that kind. Kaplan will go relatively early.

4th round can be CHL forward. Lots of their current and former players are linked to Owen Sound (Simmonds, Dudas, Lewis, Richardson, Sekera, MacDermid, Middleton, Durzi, Phillips). I don't expect Petrovsky to be available there, but Guindon could be (as Bryant should be at their last selection). Otherwise, address your G/LHD needs.

5th and 6th round... they should add one heavier or strictly power-forward in the draft. If they are without one until now, Parker Bell, Patrik Juhola, Mikko Matikka and Santeri Sulku could be still available. Possibilities are also Yakupov, Hauser and Kopecky. Interesting pick would be Frederic Brunet, who is D/F (from the same franchise than Samuel Morin, now retired PHI's D/F). One of the picks could be used for another goalies. Silverstein could be candidate, he is native to LA-suburb; local players are usually helpful to connect with fans.

I expect LAK to draft (or draft + trade pick for) 2F, 3D, 1G or 2F, 2D, 2G combination. They really need just final pieces, especially they are almost set up front. Their forward pool is numerous and talented, but not very diverse. So I do expect another power-forward. If they would select 2 goalies, one could/should be overager.
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