Mock with Trades

Mock with Trades

Draft Class: 2024
Created By: Z0ra
Published: May 22 at 3:46 p.m.
Canadiens get: Martin Necas
Canes get: #27 pick, Logan Mailloux, Owen Beck, 2025 2nd

Jets get: Mitch Marner, David Kampf, 2025 5th round
Maple Leafs get: Rutger McGroarty, Neal Pionk, Nikolaj Ehlers, 2026 2nd

Blues get: #11 pick
Sabres get: #16 pick, #56 pick, #81 pick

Ducks get: #5 pick, #78 pick
Canadiens get: #3 pick

Senators get: #12 pick
Flyers get: #7 pick, 2025 2nd

Blackhawks get: Jonathan Huberdeau
Flames get: Seth Jones
1Logo of the San Jose Sharks-No surprises here. Celebrini is the near confirmed choice for the Sharks, Grier pretty much said it after the lottery was over. With Celebrini, the Sharks get a skilled winger who can play center. Mainly a goal-scorer, but can also set up his teammates, maintain a strong 200-ft game, and buy in defensively. Pretty much the one prospect with no holes in his game. In terms of upside, Celebrini doesn’t have Bedard level upside, but he’s along the same lines as a Fantilli or Carlsson, which is still very good. I suspect when Celebrini gets to his full potential, he would be a consistent borderline 100 point guy. A 1-2 punch down the middle with Celebrini or Smith would be enticing. Or play Celebrini in his primary position on the wing then create a dangerous top line of Celebrini-Smith-Eklund.
2Logo of the Chicago Blackhawks-While Demidov has solidified himself as the frontrunner for 2nd overall, the Blackhawks are currently high on Levshunov and Dickinson. With LD being their strongest position, it makes more sense to go Levshunov here. Dickinson is the better defender in my opinion, but there will be little to no space for him on the team. Chicago still gets a good defender in Levshunov. Two-way defender with skill and offensive smarts that will blow you away. Booming shot, slick passing, and skates well for his size. Defensively Levshunov needs to work on his decision making, but he can stick check and use his size effectively. Excellent pick, he and Vlasic would give other teams forwards a hard time. Don’t forget Chicago has Korchinski and Rinzel behind them, so the top 4 is set up nicely for the future.
3Logo of the Anaheim Ducks-THIS IS THE CANADIENS PICK!!! After Chicago makes their pick, Montreal trades up with Anaheim and takes Demidov, who could complete a sick top line with Caufield and Slafkovsky. I don’t see Demidov being available past 4th, so why not trade up with a team that has a lot of prospects? In Montreal’s case, a top line would have Demidov has the playmaker, Caufield as the goal-scorer, then add Slafkovsky for some size. Demidov has solidified himself as the frontrunner for #2, so the Canadiens would be ecstatic to see him slip to 3rd. Demidov is a pure playmaker who plays with speed, smarts, and vision. Can pretty much shoot the puck from anywhere and never takes a shift off. In the KHL, the defensive side is hard to scout, so the question that lies is how good defensively will Demidov be? Right now he has the Nikolaj Ehlers type game: speedy winger with vision. Injuries are also a glaring issue, but whenever healthy, Demidov is impactful and consistent. Great trade and pickup by Montreal, the franchise would be led by Demidov and Reinbacher.
4Logo of the Columbus Blue Jackets-Columbus will be the team that takes Lindstrom here. The back injuries may scare some teams, but in Columbus’s case they need a guy that plays with speed and size. Apart from Fantilli, Columbus has lately drafted smaller prospects. Here under a new GM in Davidson, they go for the bigger prospect here, who could create a solid 1-2 punch down the middle with Fantilli. Lindstrom is a power forward with plays with speed, smarts, and size. Also can provide defensive stability up front and even play the wing. Due to the injuries and inconsistencies during the playoffs, Lindstrom has fallen down some draft boards, but GMs tend to favor size over everything, even though it doesn't matter. Expect Lindstrom to go early on draft day, he’s a great pickup for Columbus.
5Logo of the Montreal Canadiens-THIS IS THE DUCKS PICK!!! Montreal trades up and gets a true blue chip, Anaheim gets one of their guys in Helenius. This may be a reach to some, but Anaheim’s plan A is to draft Levshunov. Their plan B is draft either Lindstrom or Helenius. With Lindstrom gone, Anaheim would reach here. There’s always a big reach in the top 10, last year it was Simashev, this year its Helenius. However, Anaheim has a stacked prospect pool, so I could understand them reaching here. Verbeek has gone for bigger players during his time in Anaheim, here he gets more skill than size. Helenius plays a skilled two-way game, but his best asset is his playmaking. Also has insane hockey IQ and can shoot the puck from anywhere. He has struggled against younger competition but has done insanely well against men, leaving it evident that there’s a lack of intangibles in his game. But none of the less, this is a strong pickup by Verbeek, he is cooking something special right now. Yes Anaheim doesn’t have many RD’s, but Zellweger can play the right side. The top 4 before their next pick would be Mintyukov and Zellweger on the top pair. Helleson and Luneau on the middle pair.
6Logo of the Utah Hockey Club-I’ve found with Utah is that they draft their targeted guy, no matter what prospects are available, whether they are better or worse. Last year they got their guy in Simashev, here they are reportedly high on Yakemchuk. And it makes sense, given how unreal defensively Simashev has been. Yakemchuk is all about offense, which complements Simashev’s game very well. But he can also provide size and physicality as well, which is what Utah is clearly looking for in the future, given the Simashev and Lamoureux picks. Yakemchuk does have some holes defensively, specifically his decision making and discipline. Again, yes there are better options clearly available, but Utah goes for their guy.
7Logo of the Ottawa Senators-THIS IS THE FLYERS PICK!!! Mid portion of the season while still in the playoff hunt, Briere did confirm that he wants to rebuild the team. The Flyers trade up with the Senators and grab a blue-chip prospect in Dickinson. Ottawa tends to get their first rounder involved in some trade, and given that they didn’t forfeit this pick, they clearly want to draft. But their need is RD, and I suspect one will be available with the 12th pick. The Flyers trade up and get the complete package here, Dickinson is a pure two-way defender. Big kid, booming shot, decent skater, and is more than willing to throw the body around. Needs to develop his smarts offensively, but under the extreme coaching of Torts, that shouldn’t be a problem. Bonk has turned out to be a fantastic pick, a future top 4 of Dickinson, Bonk, York, and Drysdale would be enticing for the future.
8Logo of the Seattle Kraken-In their three years of existence, Seattle hasn’t drafted a D in the first round. Nelson is good, but I don’t see him as a top pairing defender anytime soon. Silayev could though. He has high upside, but there’s a lot of risk involved as he is expected to stay in the KHL for another two years. Expect to see Silayev be taken later than expected because of this. But this is still a very good player, Silayev is a strong two-way defender with elite defensive smarts, size, and speed. Shot is great, but the puck skills and smarts need adjustment. Its rare to see a big kid skate so well, Silayev is that type of player. Seattle gets the future leader of the blue line here, such a fantastic pick.
9Logo of the Calgary Flames-The Flames are fortunate enough to land Jarome’s son in their hands. Iginla has the Chris Kreider build: goal-scorer with physicality, skill, and size. Jarome, Conroy, and company will be sprinting to the podium to make this pick, even have Jarome himself make it. Tij will become an instant fan favorite in Calgary and ignite offense in the Flames top 6. Just needs to find consistency defensively and round out his skating.
10Logo of the New Jersey Devils-This is where the biggest boom or bust prospect goes. The Devils did confirm they are no longer high on Holtz so let Eiserman come in and inject goal-scoring alongside Jack Hughes or Hischier. I believe the concerns about his skating and team play are just noise. Its rare to see a prospect put up a goal per game in their draft year, the fact that Eiserman did it just shows you that he’s still a top 10 player in the draft. Developing his game outside the shot is the priority, but with the Devils having a blossoming top 6, they can be patient with Eiserman.
11Logo of the Buffalo Sabres-THIS IS THE BLUES PICK!!!! The Blues trade up to grab a true high-end defender in Buium. I suspect that the Blues will explore trading up in the draft due to their lack of high-end defenders in the system outside of Lindstein. Buium is another left shot guy, but could be the future anchor of the Blues defensive core. Solid two-way game, with his hockey sense being a major standout. The Blues had Vince Dunn in their top 4 at times, here they get a similar player. No major holes are present in Buium’s game apart from his lack of physicality. More of a skilled defender rather than gritty. I picked Buffalo to be the team that trades up cause of their stacked prospect pool. I could see a play where the Blues reach for Jiricek, but the talent of Buium is a hard pass here.
12Logo of the Philadelphia Flyers-THIS IS THE SENATORS PICK!!! The Senators address a positional need and go for Parekh. Even though there’s high offensive upside with Parekh, I still think he will be available at 12th due to the fact that there’s holes in his defensive game. He clearly needs more coaching, but the decision making is there. Its just being aggressive and stick checking is the areas of improvement. But the Senators are mainly drafting Parekh for some firepower on the back end. Brannstrom has become expendable, let Parekh come in and inject offense. Fluid skater, insane puck mover, booming shot, and wizard-like passing. I’ve seen a lot of comparisons to Erik Karlsson, while Parekh does have the same upside, I’ve seen more Werenski in him.
13Logo of the Minnesota Wild-Sennecke basically screams Guerin. Given the Stramel and Yurov picks, Guerin clearly likes prospects with grit and size. Sennecke is a similar prospect who has been rising up the draft boards. Also fits the Minnesota system extremely well given he has the Matt Boldy mold: skilled playmaker with great tools. Insane hands, good IQ, shot, and size. Took a massive growth spurt as well. All that is in need of improvement is his defensive game. Imagine a top 6 that already has Rossi, Ohgren, and Yurov. Add Sennecke to the mix and it’s a recipe for success. Would fit perfectly alongside Stramel as well.
14Logo of the San Jose SharksLogo of the Pittsburgh PenguinsI believe the Sharks get a steal here in Stiga. Yes, I said steal, I believe Stiga is a top 10 player in the draft. Best defensive forward and best skater. The reason he hasn’t gotten any attention is due to size, which doesn’t matter at all given the progression of Benson, Caufield, and DeBrincat. Yes Stiga needs to use his size more but there’s really no holes everywhere else. I see a lot of William Eklund in him: unreal defensively, small, fantastic skater, insane vision, and has a goal-scoring prowess. Don’t sleep on this player, the Sharks will be happy when they see him develop into a stud. Basically this year’s Wyatt Johnston, unproven for many scouts on draft day but will surprise a lot of people in the long run.
15Logo of the Detroit Red Wings-The Red Wings will be stoked to see Catton sitting on the board. He doesn’t address a team need, but he’s way too good to pass up at 15th. Pretty much the same player as Helenius, except Catton has intangibles and a couple of standout attributes in his game whereas Helenius lacks the intangibles and is smart. Catton’s best asset is his playmaking, but he’s such a talented all-around forward who can eat minutes and be bet on in all situations. Defends well using his feet and provides a lot of offense. He has Marco Rossi size, Marner type skill and defense. The center depth for Detroit now looks promising. Danielson-Catton-Kasper down the middle would be threatening for other teams to face.
16Logo of the St. Louis Blues-THIS IS THE SABRES PICK!!! This is the guy that I want Buffalo to get. I like Jiricek better, but injuries haven’t been Buffalo’s best friend. Emery has been a high riser since the U18’s and can provide unreal shutdown ability on the back end. A bit of a reach here, but once again I want Buffalo to take this player. Levi and Luukkonen would be getting more goal support, something that Buffalo has lacked throughout the years. Emery has been unreal defensively and shown that he can control the puck well. Though the goals aren’t coming his way, but the Sabres are mostly drafting him for the PK and eating big minutes on the blue line.
17Logo of the Washington Capitals-I feel like MBN doesn’t fall past Washington. He’s one of the more safer picks in the draft, the question is, how much offense can he bring? The best Norwegian prospect out there now. Also is this year’s Ryan Leonard, and we all know how good of a pick that was for Washington. Here the Capitals get secondary grit and a solid all-around winger to pair up perfectly with Leonard and Miro.
18Logo of the New York Islanders-The Islanders haven’t had a first round pick since drafting Holmstrom, but I feel like they get a huge steal in Connelly. He has top 5 talent all over, but because of the lack of maturity in his game he will fall quite a bit. But Connelly has apologized for his actions and owned it every step of the way, expect Connelly to be drafted higher than expected. He basically does everything in terms of offense and skates extremely well. Super smart pickup by the Islanders, Connelly will instantly become their top prospect. The Islanders have had to play Jack Hughes a lot throughout the years, here they get a similar breed of player with this pick.
19Logo of the Vegas Golden Knights-The Golden Knights take the biggest reach of the draft in drafting Burrows. Even though the Golden Knights have traded away their first-round picks, I feel like Burrows is a guy that fits their system well. He’s the kid I compare most to Mark Stone. Two-way winger who often goes hard nosed to the net and is more than willing to muck it up in the corners. Really no glaring holes in his game, but he is a high schooler, so he does need to play against higher competition before making the NHL. He did already have a small amount of USHL games and did well, so the future is looking promising for Burrows.
20Logo of the Chicago BlackhawksLogo of the Tampa Bay LightningAfter Vegas makes their pick, the Blackhawks do the Jones and Huberdeau trade (see above). After shocking the world, the Blackhawks draft a nice complimentary piece in Greentree. Given Huberdeau’s playmaking and Bedard’s goal-scoring, the Blackhawks top line screams power forward. Greentree is that type of player and has the Juraj Slafkovsky mold. Power forward that plays a well-rounded offensive game. Plays size and works really hard on the forecheck. Though Greentree’s backchecking isn’t great and skating needs improvement. Overall, his effort in his own end isn’t great. He will take 1-2 years, but the Blackhawks are rebuilding, so it will all be worth it once Greentree gets to the top 6 for the Blackhawks.
21Logo of the Los Angeles Kings-The Kings get their second version of Toffoli with this pick. I see a lot of Tyler Toffoli in Parascak’s game, and we all know how good of a player Toffoli became with LA. Parascak is a rough skater, but is productive, can score goals and make unreal plays. Super great player that is added to a group that is blossoming with young talent.
22Logo of the Nashville Predators-After the Duchene buyout and Johansen departure, its clear that the Predators need a young center. Trotz loves defensive players, he gets one here in Boisvert. Smart two-way center who has the skill and traits of a top 15 player, but Boisvert has had a roller coaster season. There are stretches of unreal play where Boisvert is the best player on the ice, but then there’s other stretches where he’s completely invisible and the effort isn’t there. So finding consistency in his offense is an area of improvement. He’s also not the best skater, so it will take a couple of years for Boisvert to even make the NHL, but a 1-2 punch down the middle of Tomasino and Boisvert would be tantalizing for Trotz and company.
23Logo of the Toronto Maple Leafs-After losing Marner, the Maple Leafs get their guy in Elick. Another reach, but this one isn’t as big as Cowan. Plus they took a big gamble on Cowan and that’s paid off. Toronto has been great at finding late round gems, the offensive upside of Elick isn’t worth drafting in the first round, but defensively its quite the opposite. Elick is unreal defensively, if only he put up more offense he would be a top 10 player. The Leafs get their shutdown machine on the back end that could help them during the playoffs. Elick has the Dylan DeMelo mold: pure defensive defenseman with size and unreal defensive plays.
24Logo of the Anaheim DucksLogo of the Edmonton OilersAfter getting their guy in Helenius, the Ducks go for a more safe pick in Sahlin Wallenius. I think Pavel Mintyukov as a reasonable comparable, imagine Wallenius on the 2nd pair with Luneau, that would be dynamo and help out Gibson and Dostal. Wallenius is a reliable two-way defender with puck skills, fluid skating, and defensive smarts. Many view him as an offensive defender, but he’s been great defensively. Just his shot power needs work, while it has a ton of accuracy, Wallenius’s shot isn’t powerful by any means.
25Logo of the Colorado Avalanche-After the Newhook departure and the future of Mittelstadt being unknown, the Avalanche need a young 2C for the future. Bednarik is a super underrated player and just feels like an Avalanche. I see Rantanen type offense but a Danault type defensive game. Bednarik’s playmaking and speed are the two major standouts in his game, but he can buy in during defensive scenarios. Even though the playmaking is there, Bednarik does tend to be selfish with the puck, sometimes becoming shy of shooting the puck even when the opportunity is there. But with Bednarik fitting the Avs system very well, I see him as a solid mid 2C at the NHL.
26Logo of the Ottawa SenatorsLogo of the Boston BruinsAfter addressing a need of getting Parekh, the Senators double down on RD. They take Jiricek, who has clear top 10 talent. He just goes this low because of his injury that costed him most of his season. Scouts and insiders wouldn’t have much knowledge on him, so he falls as a result. Ottawa, who still needs RD even after adding Parekh, would be more than willing to grab him. Jiricek clearly has talent. Big kid, booming shot, decent skater, and dynamic defensive smarts. He has the Darnell Nurse mold.
27Logo of the Montreal CanadiensLogo of the Winnipeg JetsTHIS IS THE HURRICANES PICK!!! We all know how lucky Carolina has gotten with high schoolers. They hit with Nadeau last year, here they take another one in Letourneau. Towering center, comparable to Tage Thompson. Big, mean, goal-scorer. Just playing more games against high competition will be a priority for Letourneau. If he does pan out, he will be a mainstay at the 2C role for Carolina.
28Logo of the Carolina Hurricanes-Back-to-back picks! After going for a project, Carolina goes for a much safer bet in Basha. They just played Artemi Panarin in the playoffs not too long ago, with Basha they are getting a similar breed of player. Pure offense, with playmaking being a major standout. Can score goals as well and possesses vision. Basha just needs to work on his defensive play as he can be a liability in his own end.
29Logo of the Calgary FlamesLogo of the Vancouver CanucksThe Flames here take a guy that fits their system extremely well in Hemming. He’s the safest bet at this spot, and I see a lot of Elias Lindholm in him. Given his defensive game, I could see Hemming going higher than this. Offensively he looks promising but he needs to work on his puck skills. A 1-2 punch down the middle of Zary and Hemming would look nasty for the future.
30Logo of the Philadelphia FlyersLogo of the Florida PanthersAfter getting a high-end prospect in Dickinson, the Flyers land the biggest steal of the draft in Chernyshov. This is such great value at 30th and gives the Flyers that power forward that would replace Gauthier. I see Pierre-Luc Dubois in him, except without the attitude issues. Chernyshov has size, can make plays, and uses speed to get around defenders. Finding consistency in terms of offense is an area of improvement. But Chernyshov did have the pedigree of being a top 10 pick in the draft coming into the season, the fact that the Flyers get him at 30th is a big W for them.
31Logo of the Dallas Stars-Dallas goes BPA.
32Logo of the New York Rangers-Rangers got BPA.
May 22 at 4:30 p.m.
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Hoping that’s a typo because why would Ottawa trade down and give philly a 2nd to do so lmao
Beargold and Boodin liked this.
May 22 at 5:21 p.m.
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There's about a 0% chance the Sharks take an undersized left winger at 14. Especially if Catton or Nygård are available

Most likely scenario if Buium AND Parekh fall that low, I'd bet a lot of money that they trade up to get one of them
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May 22 at 5:39 p.m.
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After watching Huburdeau for the last two seasons in Calgary, there is no chance I touch that deal if I’m calling the shots for the Hawks. People like to piss all over the Seth Jones contract, well I got news for you, Huburdeau’s is worse, arguably the worst in the league.

Also, two major areas of focus for the Hawks in recent drafts are skating ability and compete level which are probably the two biggest question marks for Greentree.
May 22 at 5:53 p.m.
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Quoting: AStovetop
There's about a 0% chance the Sharks take an undersized left winger at 14. Especially if Catton or Nygård are available

Most likely scenario if Buium AND Parekh fall that low, I'd bet a lot of money that they trade up to get one of them

May 22 at 7:06 p.m.
I hate the caps
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Thats a lot to give up for Necas imo
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May 22 at 7:08 p.m.
Am Yisrael Chai
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Rangers getting Kiviharju or Artamonov at #32 would be delightful.
May 22 at 7:10 p.m.
I hate the caps
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Great mock and analists, I'm always looking aroung for your post cause of how well done they are.

You work hard and put a lot of time and effort into these and it shows. Thanks man
May 22 at 7:18 p.m.
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and just who exactly is playing centre on the caufield-slaf-demi line?
drambui liked this.
May 22 at 7:22 p.m.
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Well fitzy is an idiot so. Holtz was better than Mercer this year. Maybe now with Keefe Holtz will show the clown GM he is stupid. But NJ is ran but an idiot who shouldnt be talkign when everything he yaps about is nothing good or smart its all BS. Big mistake in giving up on holtz after one nhl season. time to give up on Clarke and Foote NO see what i mean NJ has a bad GM.
May 22 at 7:33 p.m.
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I'm sure the Blues would pay a 25 2nd to flip #11 for Ottawa's #7 if Dickinson is still available.
May 22 at 7:52 p.m.
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free ville
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Quoting: BigBadBurke
and just who exactly is playing centre on the caufield-slaf-demi line?

Demidov can play center and wing.
May 22 at 7:53 p.m.
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free ville
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Quoting: Stanley_Cup_To_Manhattan
Rangers getting Kiviharju or Artamonov at #32 would be delightful.

the rangers will get a good player at 32
May 22 at 8:45 p.m.
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Historically Francis doesn't draft Russians. Probably opts for Buium or Parekh ahead of Silayev.
May 22 at 10:50 p.m.
Am Yisrael Chai
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Quoting: Z0ra
the rangers will get a good player at 32

Need one, our pool is paper thin and draft capital is league-worst with only 4 picks in the first three rounds still 2026.
May 22 at 11:04 p.m.
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Jets won't take that Marner contract when he is going to ask for a raise next year which will throw the Jets cap out of whack just as it has done to the Leafs. That contract is so onerous that the Leafs will not get value. Marner is an $8 million player making 40% more than that. Jets too smart to make this mistake.
May 23 at 10:55 a.m.
Bobby Baccala
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Quoting: AStovetop
There's about a 0% chance the Sharks take an undersized left winger at 14. Especially if Catton or Nygård are available

Most likely scenario if Buium AND Parekh fall that low, I'd bet a lot of money that they trade up to get one of them

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