Player Status Updates

Date Range
Hughes, Jack
Lower bodyNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 30, 2019Day to day
Rooney, KevinHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 30, 2019-
Vatanen, SamiHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 18, 2019-
Rooney, Kevin
Upper BodyNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 14, 2019Day to day
Bratt, JesperHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 8, 2019-
Vatanen, Sami
FaceNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 8, 2019Day to day
Bratt, Jesper
UndisclosedNew Jersey Devils NJDNov 2, 2019Day to day
Butcher, WillHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 29, 2019-
Carrick, Connor
FingerNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 28, 20195 Weeks
Hischier, NicoHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 25, 2019-
Carrick, Connor
HandNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 24, 2019Unknown
Blackwood, MackenzieHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 24, 2019-
Blackwood, Mackenzie
UnknownNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 21, 2019Day to day
Greene, AndyHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 19, 2019-
Butcher, Will
Upper BodyNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 18, 2019Day to day
Hischier, Nico
Upper BodyNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 14, 2019Day to day
Greene, Andy
Upper BodyNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 10, 2019Day to day
Schneider, CoryHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 5, 2019-
Schneider, Cory
Lower bodyNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 4, 2019Unknown
Strait, Brian
UndisclosedNew Jersey Devils NJDOct 2, 2019Unknown
Vatanen, SamiHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 30, 2019-
Vatanen, Sami
UnknownNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 27, 2019Day to day
Palmieri, KyleHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 24, 2019-
Palmieri, Kyle
Lower bodyNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 23, 2019Day to day
Zetterlund, FabianHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 21, 2019-
Simmonds, WayneHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 18, 2019-
Simmonds, Wayne
Lower bodyNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 16, 2019Day to day
Smith, TyHealthy/ClearedNew Jersey Devils NJDSep 16, 2019-
Smith, Ty
New Jersey Devils NJDSep 15, 2019Day to day
Zetterlund, Fabian
(Recovering from offseason surgery)
New Jersey Devils NJDSep 14, 2019Day to day
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