2018 Professional Tryouts (36)

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Auger, JustinLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYRW24Unsigned Sep. 21
Austin, BradyLogo of the Columbus Blue Jackets CBJLD25Unsigned Sep. 24
Bass, CodyLogo of the Colorado Avalanche COLC31Unsigned Sep. 27
Betker, BenLogo of the Vancouver Canucks VANLD23Unsigned Sep. 18
Brodeur, JeremyLogo of the New York Rangers NYRG19Unsigned Sep. 18
Brule, GilbertLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYC31Unsigned Sep. 26
Cajkovsky, MichalLogo of the Carolina Hurricanes CARD26Signed Sep. 27 ($650,000)
Chiasson, AlexLogo of the Edmonton Oilers EDMRW27Signed Oct. 2 ($650,000)
Davidson, BrandonLogo of the Chicago Blackhawks CHILD27Signed Sep. 27 ($650,000)
Despres, SimonLogo of the Montreal Canadiens MTLRD27Unsigned Oct. 1
Esposito, LukeLogo of the Edmonton Oilers EDMC, LW24Unsigned Sep. 18
Etem, EmersonLogo of the Los Angeles Kings LAKLW, RW26Unsigned Oct. 1
Falk, JustinLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYLD29Unsigned Sep. 26
Fayne, MarkLogo of the Boston Bruins BOSRD31Unsigned Sep. 19
Garrison, JasonLogo of the Edmonton Oilers EDMLD33Signed Oct. 2 ($650,000)
Gionta, StephenLogo of the New York Islanders NYIC, RW34Signed Oct. 13 ($650,000)
Glass, JeffLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYG32Unsigned Sep. 26
Jokinen, JussiLogo of the Detroit Red Wings DETLW, RW35Unsigned Sep. 30
Letestu, MarkLogo of the Florida Panthers FLAC, RW33Unsigned Sep. 24
Noebels, MarcelLogo of the Boston Bruins BOSLW26Unsigned Sep. 19
Sabourin, ScottLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYRW26Unsigned Sep. 21
Samuelsson, PhilipLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYLD27Unsigned Sep. 26
Sbisa, LucaLogo of the New York Islanders NYILD28Signed Sep. 24 ($1,500,000)
Seidenberg, DennisLogo of the New York Islanders NYIRD37Unsigned Sep. 30
Shaw, LoganLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYC, RW25Unsigned Sep. 26
Siemens, DuncanLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYLD25Unsigned Sep. 26
Skille, JackLogo of the Ottawa Senators OTTRW31Unsigned Sep. 22
Sproul, RyanLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYRD25Unsigned Sep. 26
Stafford, DrewLogo of the New Jersey Devils NJDRW, LW32Signed Oct. 5 ($810,000)
Stempniak, LeeLogo of the Boston Bruins BOSRW35Unsigned Feb. 14
Suter, PiusLogo of the New York Islanders NYIC, LW22Unsigned Sep. 22
Svedberg, ViktorLogo of the Calgary Flames CGYLD27Unsigned Sep. 26
Upshall, ScottieLogo of the Edmonton Oilers EDMLW34Unsigned Sep. 24
Vogelhuber, TrentLogo of the Columbus Blue Jackets CBJRW, LW30Unsigned Sep. 24
Ward, JoelLogo of the Montreal Canadiens MTLRW37Unsigned Sep. 25
Winnik, DanielLogo of the Boston Bruins BOSC33Unsigned Oct. 2