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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.
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Elvis MerzlikinsLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsG291 of 177 1BThe Blue Jackets aren't an easy team to tend net for on any given night, but Merzlikins has room for more consistent contribution. Big body. Athletic. Good feet. Butterfly style. Active in the crease at times. Rebound control ranges. He battles to make second, sometimes third stops, but pucks have been bounding off him into scoring areas. Competes. Doesn't quit on pucks. Gets caught too deep in his crease when defending against a speed rush, which opens up too much room for shooters. Through his first 10 starts this season he has a record of 4W - 6L - .899 save % and 3.28 GAA Struggles with some inconsistency.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Spencer MartinLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsG281 of 168 2BLow end #2 / Leaning Minor League starter Journeyman. Good size. Butterfly style. Nothing high end stands out about his game. Competes to the best of his ability. Generally keeps his team in the game but rarely steals a win based off his own play. His first 6 starts produced 1W - 5L - 3.37 GAA / .898 save %Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Jake BeanLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD251 of 170 P3Bean has proven he can run a PP at the minor league level and produce offense. On occasion he will surprise goalies with his release from the top of the circle / walking to middle of ice to direct pucks on net. Average plus distributor at the NHL level. Better timing required / needs to move puck quicker and not expose himself physically / turn over the play in key areas of the ice. Generally light player. Not much in the way of physical push back. Average plus skater. 2-way 'D' - Averaging 15:19 TOI - 14:33 ES to start the year. Low end of average defensively.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
David JiricekLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD195 of 576 P2Being used in a somewhat sheltered role at the NHL level through the first 15GP this season Big body. Right shot. Can be elusive on the offensive blue line. Shoots the puck a ton. Can beat goalies clean from distance. Rangy. Not overly physical in NHL games. Picks his spots gapping up. Work in progress defensively. Learning on the job. Averages 13:55 TOI - 13:48 ES - is not being used on PP or PK Future PP QB / 2nd pairing 'D' on projection.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Patrik LaineLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW253 of 373 L1A first line scoring forward when he is competing to the best of his ability. Elite shooter. Ability to beat NHL goalies from range. Needs to utilize his stature and reach as more of a weapon in high danger areas in the offensive zone. When he isn't moving his feet / working to empty the tank / he becomes a stationary liability defensively. Easily defined overall. Capable of scoring north of 30 goals. Averaging 16:40 TOI - 13:20 ES - 3:20 PP - does not PK - Only produced 3G - 1A in first 10GP Has battled injury the last couple seasons.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Alexandre TexierLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC241 of 175 L4Texier skates as a 3F for CBJ. He is more likely a 4F on most NHL teams. Averages 16:26 TOI - 13:14 ES - 0:47 PP - 2:25 PK Fronts the play well on the PK. Active stick. Disrupts the flow for the opponent. Contributes some secondary scoring. Surprisingly quick catch and release in the offensive zone. Not a ton of bump to his game. Role player Unusual stride but he arrives on time.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Cole SillingerLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW201 of 171 L4Sillinger is a young, still developing, forward for CBJ His first year in the league was his most productive offensively Since that time he has struggled to produce offense and his defensive detail has ranged. Through his first 20GP he has averaged 13:42 TOI - 11:20 ES - 0:32 PP - 1:49 PK When gets a chance to direct pucks on net he takes advantage. His 'routes' defending opponents / containing / keeping them to perimeter in his zone has room to improve. Skating is average for the NHL. 1G - 7A / 19 hits - 20 shot blocks (43% in face-off circleNov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Johnny GaudreauLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW303 of 375 L1To say Gaudreau has struggled to start the season is a gross understatement. He's averaging 19:17 TOI - 15:39 ES - 3:38 PP but only scored 2G - 6A through his first 20GP Gaudreau is obviously a better player than his stats suggest, but his compete and detail have not been to his standard. The team needs more out of him and he's capable of providing more. Dynamic, undersize, play maker when he's going. Had a decent first year in Columbus last year. Capable of more.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Erik GudbransonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD312 of 277 P3A big body 'D' who plays with an edge Averages 19:32 TOI - 16:22 ES - 0:02 PP - 3:08 PK - Matches up against middle six opponents at home and top six opponents on the road Average distributor. When gets time and space he has a heavy shot from distance in the offensive zone. Rangy. Long. Closes on opponents. Never backs down from a challenge. Credited with 15 hits and 51 shot blocks through the first 20GP scored 2G - 6A in the segmentNov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Jack RoslovicLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC261 of 182 L2Through his first 14GP he scored 2G - 6A before going down with a fractured ankle Averaged 16:30 TOI - 14:03 ES - 1:37 PP - 0:49 PK Credited with 5 hits and 12 shot blocks Stocky. Strong. Good pace off the rush. Ability to get the edge and take the play to the net. Crafty decision maker in tight quarters. Creative offensively. Room for more detail and commitment defensively - on and off the puck. Lands somewhere in between 2F and 3F. Provides better than secondary scoring.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Damon SeversonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD291 of 186 P2One of the more consistent players for CBJ over his first 19GP Averages 20:54 TOI - 18:22 ES - 1:09 - PP - 1:22 PK Not overly physical. Credited with 6 hits and 35 shot blocks Shoots the puck a ton. Can beat NHL goalies from range. Outlets are generally crisp and on time. Solid skater on straight lines. Quick out of the gate. Edges are sound. Crossovers are a bit delayed but not an issue overall. 2-way 'D' who has played to his identity so far this season.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Justin DanforthLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC301 of 180 L4A mostly career minor league player who has arrived at the NHL level the past two seasons. Undersize. Stocky. Quick to space. Competes. Doesn't shy away from battle areas and getting open in high danger areas in the slot and around the crease. Better than average on the PK. Jumps to get into shooting lanes and disrupt the play. Provides secondary layer / depth scoring. Through his first 20GP he's averaged 13:26 TOI - 11:36 ES - 0:41 PP - 1:06 PK - scoring 5G - 3A - credited with 35 hits and 14 shot blocksNov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Sean KuralyLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC301 of 177 L4Kuraly has played to his identity for CBJ He splits time as a 3F and 4F - averaging 13:45 TOI - 11:16 ES - 0:03 PP - 2:25 PK Big body. High end compete. Finishes his checks. Shields pucks along the wall to extend plays. Not the most fluid skater, but he gets all he can out of his stride. Competes the full 200 ft. Character team mate. Part of the leadership group. Wears an 'A' Credited with 35 hits and 14 shot blocks in first 20GPNov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Dmitri VoronkovLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW232 of 273 L3After a solid training camp he earned a recall from the AHL Through his first 14 GP he scored 3G- 6A - Averaged 12:35 TOI - 10:30 ES - 2:04 PP Huge frame. Hard to move off the play around the crease. Battles along the wall to extend plays. Skating will need to continue to evolve and should improve with more volume of games / NHL experience. Provides secondary layer of offense. Credited with 12 hits and 7 shot blocks. Does not PKNov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC197 of 788 FPFirst 20 game segment of his NHL career has produced 4G - 6A Averages 15:41 TOI - 12:50 ES - 2:50 PP Has not been deployed on the PK, despite being capable in the role. Playing to his strengths overall. Competes. Pushes the pace. Quick to space. A threat off the rush. The team around him has struggled but he has been showing up and pushing himself on a nightly basis. More offense in time as support around him improves.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Kirill MarchenkoLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW231 of 181 L2Marchenko's game is on the rise overall. He's a tall, rangy, skilled forward who skates well in open ice and has quick burst to loose pucks in open space. Overall he leans shooter more than distributor. Not overly physical, but involved enough to extend plays and chip pucks from his defensive zone. Averaging 16:01 TOI - 12:52 ES - 3:08 PP - Does not PK In his first 18GP he scored 5G - 6A Credited with 6 hits and 12 shot blocksNov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Ivan ProvorovLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD263 of 385 P1Provorov has been one of the positive stories to start the season in CBJ Averages 23:15 TOI - 17:41 ES - 2:21 PP - 3:12 PK Engaged. Picks his spots physically but plenty strong along the wall and out front his net. Strong skater. Doesn't look like he's moving exceptionally fast but he has the legs to separate at times and escape pressure in his zone. Credited with 13 hits and 42 shot blocks over the 20 game segment. A big part of the reason why CBJ has one of the top PK units in the NHL.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Boone JennerLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW301 of 185 L2Pure pro. Plays the game the right way. Prepares. Competes. Through the first 20 game segment to start the year he has already scored 10 goals - and chipped in with 3 assists - On pace for, potentially his biggest goal scoring year of his career Averages 19:40 TOI - 14:58 ES - 3:28 PP - 1:13 PK Credited with 25 hits and 25 shot blocks Wins over 58% of his draws. Has never been a burner in open ice. Efficient skater. Never backs down from a challenge. Leads by example. Solid second line center who isn't an elite scorer but produces better than secondary offense.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Zachary WerenskiLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD261 of 189 P1Bouncing back from injury and off to a great start in 23/24 One of the bright spots for CBJ. Leading scorer through first 18GP - 1G - 14A Averages 23:23 TOI - 18:39 ES - 3:18 PP - 1:25 PK Excellent skater. Closes on opponents effectively. Not overly physical. Blocks shots. Credited with 4 hits and 25 block shots in segment. Top pairing D who can be used in all situations.Nov. 22, 2023Nov. 24, 2023
Johnny GaudreauLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW302 of 375 L1The Blue Jackets are struggling to find a 'team identity' and Gaudreau is struggling to find the back of the net offensively. Through the first 17GP he has averaged 19:08 TOI - 15:43 ES - 3:24 PP. Much has been made about his recent third period benching, but the fact of the matter is he has been given ample opportunity to get his game in gear. He simply hasn't played to his identity. Making matters worse is the fact he hasn't been involved extending plays, battling, or pushing the play the way he is capable. He's scored (1G -5A). He's a (-7). In his last 5GP he only has 1assist - 4 shots on goal - 0 hits - 1 shot block Monitor how he reacts to recent benching and if he competes in the trenches, even if he isn't scoring.Nov. 16, 2023Nov. 18, 2023
Luca PinelliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC183 of 377 RLPlaying to his identity to start the OHL season in Ottawa. Continues to score the majority of his goals on the PP. In and out overall. More quick than fast. At the OHL level he gets most places, at least, on time / ahead of opponents. Defensive commitment / detail ranges. Element is offense / goal scoring. Leans power-play specialist / depth prospect who could provide offense at the pro level is he adds more strength and open ice speed. Oct. 27, 2023Oct. 31, 2023
Tyler PeddleLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW181 of 169 RLHas an offensive element but lacks consistent impact shift to shift Impact is significant on the PP Has good size Average plus skater At this stage of his development he has not shown the willingness to elevate his game when games / situations get hard Defensive commitment is erraticSep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Mikael PyyhtiäLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW211 of 162 DFMoves fine Average skill Light Doesn't have an element that projects an NHL player at this time.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Stanislav SvozilLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD201 of 179 P32-way/Transitional 'D' who can be deployed at ES and PP Leans distributor more than shooter Good feet. Tracks well. Not a physical defender. Relies on closing on plays ahead of opponents with his skating ability A proven scorer at the WHL level (Regina). Has also produced on the world stage at the WJC Not likely to PK at the NHL level. Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Corson CeulemansLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD202 of 276 P2Entering his first full year of pro hockey. 2-way 'D' who can be used in a variety of roles. Defensive detail ranges. Has proven he can play RD or LD. Leans distributor more than shooter when deployed on the PP. When time and space allows he has the ability to lead the rush on his own. Good size. Not punishing but also not shy about engaging.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Jordan DumaisLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW191 of 179 L3Pure offense. At the 2023 rookie tournament, in Traverse City, he scored 4G-4A in 2GP. When a play driver establishes zone entries - he has the hockey IQ to find open space. When the puck ends up on his stick he goes to work - playing to his strengths - Extra gear required for NHL game. He will be tested physically as he graduates to the pro game. Has established himself at the QMJHL level. Ready for a new challenge but required to go back to junior for one more season.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Martin RysavyLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW201 of 167 DFDepth NHL prospect Good size. Not punishing. Not shy. He ventures into traffic to try to win pucks. Average skater. Average skill. Competes. At the rookie tournament in Traverse City, to start the 23/24 season he worked the full 200ft. Didn't cut corners. Needs time at the AHL level to define if he has NHL upside.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
James MalatestaLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW201 of 175 RLCompact frame. Sturdy/Strong. Quick to space in small areas. Better than average battle along the boards in the offensive zone. Doesn't require a lot of time or space to get pucks to the net. Leans shooter. Has historically produced at a high level in the QMJHL. Potential to be used on the PP and skate in a top six role in the AHL as he trends towards developing into an NHL player.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Luca Del Bel BelluzLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC192 of 277 L3Evolving. A lean looking prospect who moves well, sees the ice, and has offensive upside. Lacks physical presence. Plays a relatively light game overall. Craves the puck in the offensive zone. Leans shooter more than distributor. Defensive detail will need to improve as he matures. Has time to round out his game. Already a 40 goal scorer at the OHL level.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Samuel KnazkoLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD211 of 175 MLa 2-way 'D' who moves well and has decent size and strength. Not a punishing player physically. A 'bumper' at most. Good stick. Outlets well. Leans passer more than shooter. Has the skill set to be used on the second PP unit if required. Defensive detail, body positioning, and overall commitment defensively has room to improve.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
David JiricekLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD194 of 583 P2Continues to project as a middle pairing 'D' who has a chance to reach first pairing in time. Has the hockey IQ to be deployed in all situations. Big body. Long reach. Competes. Shoots the puck hard and accurately from range. At times his posture has him leaning over his toes too much, impeding his ability to defend against transition rush via neutral zone turnovers. Projects to be a player who can log a ton of minutes, in time, at the NHL level.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Luca PinelliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC182 of 376 RLA young prospect who has time on his side to continue to develop. Top six / Top line scorer at the OHL level. Excellent mitts. Skating will need to go to another level before he turns pro. Has historically scored almost half his goals on the power-play. Defensive detail will have to improve as he matures. Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Hunter McKownLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC211 of 177 RLMoves well. Has above average puck touch. Leans shooter more than distributor. Sneaky 1vs1 skill set. When he gets a sniff in the offensive zone his first instinct is to direct pucks on net. Decent size. Capable battle. Not a prospect who will PK at the NHL level. Could end up topping out as a 3F/4F who can slide into PP #2 if required.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Cameron ButlerLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW211 of 176 RLBig body. Power forward frame. Competes. Finishes his checks as F1 on the forecheck. Not shy about battling for space around the crease. Tracks back the full 200ft. Not elite in any one category. A worker with above average finish and the size to disrupt the play. Involved. Noticeable. Potential minor league recall.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC186 of 793 FPIn his first taste of pro hockey Fantilli was outstanding at the Traverse City rookie tournament. He scored 3G-4A in 2GP. A massive threat off the rush. He backs opponents off in transition, opening up space for his line mates arriving late in support. Extends plays along the boards with his quickness and zone reads. Hockey IQ to be used in all situations. Top line / franchise player on projections. Empties the tank every shift.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Dmitri VoronkovLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW231 of 276 L3A consistent competitor who has played both center and the wing while developing in the KHL. Huge frame. Average plus skater. Not the kind of forward who will be a threat off the rush. Extends plays along the wall. Sets up screens / net front on the PP. An honest 2-way power forward on projection. Potential 3F at even strength. Slides into one of the PP units as a distraction.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Denton MateychukLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD192 of 281 P2Mateychuk continues to play to his identity as a 2-way / Transitional defenceman. He has the ability to escape pressure with the puck on his stick and either outlet or skate pucks out of his zone on his own. Fantastic vision. Sees the ice exceptionally well in the offensive zone. Finds passing lanes that other prospects fail to identify. Speaks to his hockey sense. Defensively his detail can range at times when defending against pro level players. Has room to improve containing opponents and bumping the play to the perimeter. Projects as a middle pairing 'D' who can QB a PP unit. Needs to be paired with a 'safe' D partner.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Nolan LalondeLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsG191 of 164 #3At the preseason rookie tournament in Traverse City, before the start of the 23/24 season, he struggled to get comfortable and never found a confident groove. His lateral tracking needs to improve. Nolan requires more lateral push and his reads need to be better overall. A butterfly goalie who has decent size. His foundation is average plus overall. Average gloves, rebound control, positioning (etc) at this stage of his development. Needs time. Needs more quickness overall.Sep. 17, 2023Sep. 19, 2023
Andrew StrathmannLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD181 of 167 D7Leans 2-way Transitional 'D' on projection Used in all situations at the USHL level - produced offense Some bump to his game defensively. Not tall. Compact. Strong. Aggressive making quick decisions with the puck in the offensive zone. Distributes and directs pucks towards goal equally. Skating has another level to go too. Average plus at this stage of his development. On the PK he jumps out to front the play and is willing to block shots. Needs 3 years college.May 13, 2023Jun. 27, 2023
William WhitelawLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW181 of 157 L4Undersize skill forward who leans shooter more than distributor Has the ability to come off the flank and rip pucks from tight angles - quick release - shoots the puck hard and accurately Relishes the opportunity to go on offense - his defensive zone commitment and detail ranges Not the kind of player who a coach can utilize in key d-zone scenarios or on the PK Best work comes at ES and on the PP More quick than fast in open ice - element is offenseMay 19, 2023Jun. 14, 2023
Luca PinelliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC171 of 360 RLSkill forward who does his best work on the power-play Excellent hands - quick catch and release - sets up on his weak side flank / opening up the ice in front of him to either direct pucks on net or distribute Skating is average plus for his stature and will need to go to another level for the NHL game He lurks in all three zones - waiting to pounce on pucks and opportunities 10 of his 29 goals came on the PP - He cuts some corners but produces offenseApr. 2, 2023Jun. 13, 2023
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC185 of 784 T3Top scorer in NCAA hockey in freshman season. Play driver. Used in all situations. Plays quick, fast, skilled game. Relentless compete. Wants to make a difference. Not shy about playing physical and extending plays in the trenches. Natural center who can also play the wing. Top line NHL upside. Elite prospect. Ready for NHL in 2024 if he chooses.Apr. 6, 2023May 3, 2023
Gavin BrindleyLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW183 of 374 M6Elevated his game in the back half of 2023. Massive step forward in point production. Scored at ES and PP. Used in all situations at Michigan. Undersize. Quick. Fast. Energetic. Relentless competitor. Never goes away. Despite his stature he has the ability to leverage around the crease, get under checks, and slip down the boards when contested. Has the ability to be a play driver. Willing to sacrifice his body on the penalty kill. Team first player. Infectious. When not producing offense he contributes in other areas of the game that benefit his team. - defensively - energy - detail - etc.Apr. 6, 2023May 3, 2023
David JiricekLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD193 of 571 P2Projects as a middle pairing 'D' at the NHL level - but one who could possibly take shifts in top pairing in time Used in all situations at AHL Cleveland. Straight line skating is sound. Small areas quickness and agility is NHL worthy - although he is a bit chopping looking at times and his posture has room to improve when skating backwards and defending against speed rush Front the play defensively, competes, willing to block shots - huge asset on the PP as distributor and shooter - has a heavy/hard/accurate shot from distance - 2-way D / All situations in NHLApr. 2, 2023Apr. 3, 2023
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC184 of 784 T3Continues to impress in his freshman year at Michigan Persevered at the WJC playing for Canada - being used in a variety of roles out of position - In a recent ten game segment upon returning to Michigan he scored 7g-13a while averaging 18 minutes TOI per game. Has shown he can be used in all situations. Continues to play quick - fast - skilled - and physical when required Elite talent - top line NHL upsideFeb. 3, 2023Feb. 7, 2023
Gavin BrindleyLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW182 of 374 M6After a strong showing at the WJC representing Team USA - Brindley has taken his game to another level offensively upon returning to Michigan In a recent 10 game segment he scored 5g-7a while being used in all situations A threat off the rush - he has been driving play and directing more pucks on net Hard to contain in small areas - high end compete - quick and fast - undersize energizer - infectious playerFeb. 3, 2023Feb. 7, 2023
Gavin BrindleyLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW181 of 367 M6Playing to his identity at the WJC for Team USA Middle of the lineup energy provider who is very competitive Jumps to space quickly when he doesn't have the puck / creates turnovers Off the rush he's willing to take puck to the net Ability to slip under checks along the boards A versatile player who can be used in a variety of roles up and down the lineupDec. 26, 2022-
David JiricekLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD182 of 571 P2Good size. Right Shot. Sound IQ in all three zones. Shoots the puck very well and can score goals from range. Although he is very long he has the ability to make puck plays in tight quarters. Rotates well to open space in the offensive zone. Skating needs to come another 15% for the NHL game. He can get by now but his agility will be tested on a nightly basis. Cup of coffee, early in the season with CBJ showed he is somewhere between AHL / NHL at this stage. Producing offense / his identity in AHLNov. 18, 2022Nov. 20, 2022
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC183 of 782 T3His skill has been on full display early on in his freshman year at Michigan On pace for over 70 points. Element is offense but he is capable of being used in a variety of roles. Continues to play quick and fast. He's very competitive and wants to be a difference maker. Pressures the play / creates turnovers with his speed and determination. Equal parts goal scorer / playmaker. Top 3 forward at NHL level on projection. Elite talent overall.Oct. 29, 2022Oct. 31, 2022
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC172 of 778 T3Skilled forward who plays quick and fast. Could be the fastest skater in the 2023 draft class. Good size. Plenty strong. High end compete. Wants to make a difference every shift. Has the ability to be used in all situations. Up ice, pressuring the play without the puck. he creates turnovers with his speed and determination. Equal parts goal scorer / playmaker. At times he could slow his approach down and allow more time for plays to develop. Top line NHL upside.Oct. 1, 2022Oct. 4, 2022
Kent JohnsonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC193 of 369 T6Thinks the game at an elite level offensively Hard to defend against in tight quarters. Makes plays in small areas. Leans distributor more than shooter. A playmaker who can pick apart opponents on the PP. Sneaky quick. Added strength will bring more open ice separation. Will need to increase his three zone detail and consistent 200ft energy for the NHL game. Not likely to be used in key defensive zone scenarios or on the PK.Aug. 17, 2022Sep. 10, 2022
Erik GudbransonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD301 of 262 P3Had a nice bounce back year in Calgary in 21/22 Middle pairing / Bottom pairing 'D' who plays physical. Finishes his checks. Gaps up with enthusiasm. Willing to drop the gloves when required. Average puck skill. Doesn't possess 'soft touch' with the puck. Has the legs to escape pressure and get pucks deep in offensive zone. At his best when he keeps his game simple. Used mostly ES and PKMar. 3, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Johnny GaudreauLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLW281 of 382 FPTook his game to another level in 2021-2022 scoring a career high 40g-75a-115pts Earned the trust of his coaches to be used in all situations when required Much improved off the puck detail and back tracking effort Elite offensive talent who is a threat off the rush and in small areas Equal parts distributor and finisherMar. 3, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Patrik LaineLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW231 of 355 T6A perplexing player who has elite scoring ability and produces when fully engaged and competing. The issue, year over year, has been the fact he is wildly inconsistent Shooter more than distributor. Despite stature he is not overly physical. He has the skill set to surprise 1/1 in transition but cannot be described as an open ice burner His three zone detail is erratic Cannot be trusted in key defensive scenarios.Jan. 30, 2022Jul. 12, 2022
Kirill DolzhenkovLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW181 of 161 M6A massive forward who plays his off-wing. Kirill has sound skating mechanics. He will need to improve his first 3 steps out of the gate and get more explosive as he develops. In open ice he is efficient on straight lines and moving east west off the attack. Plays the back door flank on the PP and goes to the net looking for tips and rebounds. He's difficult to defend along the wall and around the crease. Hard to knock off pucks. He extends plays with his reach. Intriguing prospect. Has a good stick and offensive tools. Defensive detail (NIApr. 23, 2022Jul. 4, 2022
Luca Del Bel BelluzLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC181 of 269 T6Luca is a good size prospect with room for much more strength. He's quick out of the gate and has separation in open ice. Up ice on the PK he has the speed to create turnovers. He can also lead the PP breakout with zone entries. He has a good feel for the game and sees the ice. Luca scored 12 of his 30 goals on the PP. When he adds more weight he will have more impact in the hard areas. He's not shy about getting involved and plays with some crafty push back. Provides more than just offenseFeb. 2, 2022Jul. 2, 2022
David JiricekLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD181 of 571 P2A tall, lean, right shot 'D' who has sound IQ in all three zones and very good vision with the puck on his stick. He has the ability to elude pressure and skate pucks up ice. Makes accurate outlets to his forwards in motion. Small area game is also strong. For a big body with a long reach he makes pocket plays naturally.. On the PP Jiriicek is equal parts distributor and shooter. He's a reliable defender who can PK. Skating stride is a bit upright. His balance / backward pivots have room to improve. Recovered from in season injuries. Trending up.May 8, 2022Jun. 23, 2022
Adam FantilliLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC171 of 771 T3Skilled forward who is arguably the quickest and fastest in his draft class for 2023 Good size. Competes. Want to be a difference maker every shift. At times less would be more in terms of his overall detail. He tries to make the 'hard' play instead of taking the easy alternative ... which does lead to some questionable detail and turnovers at times. Has potential to challenge for top 5 draft slot after next seasonApr. 23, 2022May 2, 2022
Ivan ProvorovLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD252 of 367 P1It has been a tough year in Philly and he has been part of the problem more than the solution this season. Having said that he is only 25 and likely to put this season behind him. AVG TOI (24:44) is on par with what he has historically logged. Used in all situations. Moves fine. Can play a heavy style.. His offensive stats, this year, aren't far off what they were last season. The biggest issue has been his overall detail, execution, and at times body language. Outlets, decisions in all three zones, defending detail, everything has been off this year.Apr. 9, 2022Apr. 12, 2022
Kent JohnsonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC192 of 364 T6Element is his scoring upside. Sees the ice. Thinks the game very well in the offensive zone. He makes plays. So far he has been more of a distributor than shooter. Ability to pick opponents apart on the (PP). Sneaky quick and fast but doesn't play at top speed at all tines. In fact, he does disappear for stretches at (5vs5). More consistency required at the next level. Also room to add strength to his frame. A gifted prospect who has chance to contribute in a top 6 role at the NHL level.Mar. 19, 2022Apr. 11, 2022
Denton MateychukLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD171 of 273 P2Leader. Takes charge. Competes. Involved. Active. Always around the play. This player contributes in all areas of the game. Battles opponents in his zone. Wins pucks. Doesn't back down. Jumps to open space as an extra layer offensively. Moves well. No holes in his game. Size is not an issue. Coaches love these kinds of players. Reliable. Trustworthy.Feb. 2, 2022Mar. 25, 2022
Ivan ProvorovLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD251 of 368 P1AVG TOI (25:00) His season has fallen short of expectation. He's a much better player than his body of work this year. An absolute horse who is used in all situations. Battles. Competes. Heavy in the trenches. Can shoot / score from range. He is literally used at ES, PK, PP, 4/4, 3/3. This year is a mulligan. Only 25 years old.Mar. 13, 2022Mar. 17, 2022
Patrik LaineLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRW232 of 360 T3His game has been trending positively for several weeks. Playing to his identity / element. Elite shooter who is feeling confident and producing. His AVG TOI for the year is (18:33) but he has had games recently that have hit the (23:00) mark. All of his ice comes at ES, 4/4, OT, and on the PP. He doesn't PK. There are going to be nights that coaches want more from his game. He, at times, won't provide the three zone effort the team is looking for ... but ... average on the defensive side is good enough when he is producing offensivelyMar. 7, 2022Mar. 8, 2022
Nick BlankenburgLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD231 of 164 RLUndersize defender who is used in all situations at the college level Transitions pucks effectively Good vision Outlets and decision making is sound A capable defender despite his stature A threat to create and score on the PP Leans transitional 'D' with PP upside. His PK contribution is average.Dec. 10, 2021Jan. 4, 2022
Kent JohnsonLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsC191 of 361 T6Highly skilled player who flies under the radar for stretches when playing 5/5 Room for much more strength which should add more explosiveness Elite thinker in the offensive zone Sees the ice and makes plays His IQ offensively cannot be taught. He is naturally gifted. Play away from the puck and in his zone could use more compete and detail at times. Element is clearly offensive upside.Nov. 27, 2021Jan. 2, 2022
Corson CeulemansLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsRD181 of 262 P2Playing significant minutes at Wisconsin. Plays a 2-way / Transitional game. Primarily used RS and on the PP. He has the IQ to kill penalties if required. Retrieves pucks and isn't shy about leading the rush when he sees open ice in front of him. Appears equally comfortable playing RD or on his weak side LD Opens up as LD on the PP where he can be a threat to direct pucks to the net but leans more of a distributor / playmaker on the PP Defensive detail is slightly above average but not a red flag. Solid NHL prospect.Nov. 27, 2021Jan. 2, 2022
Aidan HreschukLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD181 of 154 D7Mostly bottom pairing role to start his college career. Moves well. Straight lines and agility are solid. Low risk approach. Capable of more as he settles in. Used mostly RS and PK. Competes. Gets involved. A bumper physically but he does play with energy. Nothing stands out positive or negatively at this stage of his development.Oct. 30, 2021Jan. 1, 2022
Guillaume RichardLogo of the Columbus Blue JacketsLD181 of 151 RLOff to a nice start at Providence in his Freshman season Good size prospect who is a better than average skater Competes / plays consistently hard At times his game gets a bit hectic / he needs to slow down and take stock of his surrounding with and without the puck Has struggled at times identifying proper coverage responsibility down low in his zone Overall he is earning his ice time and should improve his detail as he maturesOct. 24, 2021Jan. 1, 2022