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Note: Reports prior to Sept 2023 were originally graded out of ten, and also included additional categories that have been merged into the current categories.
This likely results in the overall ratings prior to 2023 being decreased in comparison to reports since Sept 2023.

For an `Apples to Apples` comparison between players, we recommend only comparing reports before, or after, Sept 2023.
Results will average out accordingly as more data is accumulated.

Most Recent Report Summary

Talent Type: Amateur
Position scouted: Left Defense
Age when scouted: 18
Projection: Third Pair
Trending: Future Prospect
Birthday: Nov. 27, 2005
Height: 6' 3 | 191 cm
Weight: 183 lbs | 83 kg


Report #1

Mar. 3, 2024 (Updated Jun. 10, 2024)
Position scouted: Left Defense
Age when scouted: 18
Projection: Third Pair
Trending: Future Prospect
Played games at the J20 and men's pro level for Malmo in Sweden.
Coveted right shot.
Upright skating stride with limited knee bend but plenty of quickness and open ice separation.
2-way 'D' with transitional element.
Reads the ice. Recognizes when to join offense as an extra layer off the puck or retreat to defend his net.
Active. Competitive. Energetic.
Hockey sense and skill to be used in a variety of roles.
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2023-24Malmö RedhawksSHL33134-96
2023-24Czech Republic U20 (all)International-Jr3000-0
2023-24Malmö Redhawks J20J20 Nationell1721113839
2022-23Czech Republic U18 (all)International-Jr20077-14
2022-23Czech Republic U185-Ntn Zuchwil401130
2022-23Czech Republic U18Hlinka Gretzky Cup5022-4
2022-23Jokerit U20U20 SM-sarja43521261316
2021-22Pirati Chomutov U17Czechia U17291243554840
2021-22Czech Republic U17 (all)International-Jr13224-512
2021-22Pirati ChomutovCzechia4321364
2021-22Pirati Chomutov U20Czechia U20181910-1520
  • Compete/Consistency: 92
  • Defensive Zone Starts: 80
  • Hockey IQ: 88
  • Offensive Zone Starts: 80
  • Penalty Kill: 85
  • Power Play: 85
  • Physicality: 59
  • Puck Moving/Passing: 89
  • Shot: 79
  • Skating: 93
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency, Hockey IQ, Skating
  • 12%: Puck Moving/Passing
  • 8%: Shot
  • 4%: Defensive Zone Starts, Offensive Zone Starts, Penalty Kill, Power Play, Physicality