Jack Berglund Scouting Report

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Created: May 5, 2024
Updated: Jun. 10, 2024
Talent Type: Amateur
Position scouted: Centre
Age when scouted: 18
Projection: Third Line
Trending: Future Prospect
Birthday: Apr. 10, 2006
Height: 6' 3 | 191 cm
Weight: 209 lbs | 95 kg
Power forward who can plays the middle and the wing.
Huge frame.
Better than average puck touch.
Up to speed he is difficult to defend skating downhill on zone entries.
Sneaky puck skill. Some deception that opens up shooting lanes.
Best work comes off the cycle in the offensive zone.
Not physically punishing for stature.
Average plus skater.
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2023-24Färjestad BKSHL810110
2023-24Färjestad BK J18J18 Nationell120200
2023-24Sweden U18 (all)International-Jr237714-110
2023-24Färjestad BK J18J18 Region3011-0
2023-24Färjestad BK J20J20 Nationell41151934420
2023-24Sweden U18WJC-187235-10
2023-24Färjestad BKChampions HL100000
2023-24Sweden U18WJAC-196213-6
2022-23Sweden U17 (all)International-Jr8134-2
2022-23Färjestad BK J18J18 Region2281018-30
2022-23Färjestad BK J20J20 Nationell101110
2022-23Färjestad BK J18J18 Nationell151012221333
2021-22Färjestad BK J18J18 Region7426-0
2021-22Färjestad BK U16U16 SM3033-0
2021-22Färjestad BK U16U16 Region22152641-16
2021-22Färjestad BK J18J18 Nationell11224-733
  • Compete/Consistency: 88
  • Defensive Zone Starts: 79
  • Hockey IQ: 86
  • Offensive Zone Starts: 89
  • Penalty Kill: 59
  • Power Play: 85
  • Physicality: 79
  • Puck Moving/Passing: 75
  • Shot: 88
  • Skating: 78
  • 20%: Compete/Consistency, Hockey IQ, Skating
  • 12%: Puck Moving/Passing
  • 8%: Shot
  • 4%: Defensive Zone Starts, Offensive Zone Starts, Penalty Kill, Power Play, Physicality