Jack Campbell Trade History

Feb 5, 2020
Los Angeles Kings Acquire:
Los Angeles Kings
Trevor Moore · $775,000$775,000$750,000
2020 3rd round pick (CBJ - #83 - Alex Laferriere)
2021 conditional 3rd round pick* (TOR)
*Conditions: The 2021 3rd round pick upgrades to a 2nd round pick if either Kyle Clifford re-signs with Toronto OR if the Leafs make the 2019-20 playoffs and Jack Campbell wins 6 regular season games.

Updated conditions: Due the the shortened season, the NHL ruled that the 2021 3rd rounds pick upgrades to a 2021 2nd round pick if the Leafs win their qualifying round series and Jack Campbell gets 2 or more wins OR if Kyle Clifford re-signs with Toronto.

Result: LA Kings will receive the 2021 3rd round pick.
Sum: $775,000$775,000$750,000
Change: -$700,000-$700,000+$750,000
Toronto Maple Leafs Acquire:
Toronto Maple Leafs
Jack Campbell · $675,000$675,000$700,000
Kyle Clifford ($800,000 retained - 50%) · $800,000$800,000$0
Sum: $1,475,000$1,475,000$0
Change: +$700,000+$700,000-$92,400,000
Jun 25, 2016
Dallas Stars Acquire:
Dallas Stars
Nick Ebert · $0$691,666$70,000 (AHL/JR)
Sum: $0$691,666$70,000
Change: -$612,500+$79,166-$505,000
Los Angeles Kings Acquire:
Los Angeles Kings
Jack Campbell · $612,500$612,500$575,000
Sum: $612,500$612,500$575,000
Change: +$612,500-$79,166+$505,000
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