Ryan Donato Trade History

Oct 5, 2020
Minnesota Wild Acquire:
Minnesota Wild
2021 3rd round pick (PIT)
Sum: $0$0$0
Change: -$1,900,000-$1,900,000-$2,150,000
San Jose Sharks Acquire:
San Jose Sharks
Ryan Donato · $1,900,000$1,900,000$2,150,000
Sum: $1,900,000$1,900,000$2,150,000
Change: +$1,900,000+$1,900,000+$2,150,000
Feb 20, 2019
Boston Bruins Acquire:
Boston Bruins
Charlie Coyle · $3,200,000$3,200,000$3,750,000
Sum: $3,200,000$3,200,000$3,750,000
Change: +$3,200,000+$2,300,000+$3,750,000
Minnesota Wild Acquire:
Minnesota Wild
Ryan Donato · $0$900,000$70,000 (AHL/JR)
2019 conditional 4th round pick* (NYR - #99 - Cade Webber)
*Conditions: Bruins initially traded their 2019 5th round pick, with the condition that it will upgrade to a 2019 4th round pick (NYR) if they advance to the second round of the playoffs.

Result: Boston advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs, upgrading the 5th round pick to the 4th round pick (NYR)
Sum: $0$900,000$70,000
Change: -$3,200,000-$2,300,000+$70,000
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